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Astrological events between 4 to 20 April 2010

Updated on April 4, 2010

Astrological forecast

These are some of the astrological events between Sunday 4 to Monday 19 April. The Sun is transiting Aries until then and will move to Taurus on 20 April. The energy of Aries speaks about energy, beginnings and drive but there are a few issues to take into consideration during the next two weeks. This list is by no means exhaustive but it is always a good idea to be aware of the energy surrounding you:

  • Sunday 4: Since the beginning of April and until Friday 9 there will be tension between what we want and what we can have. Our internal dialog can make evident whether there are issues about self-esteem and dependence on external acknowledgement.
  • Monday 5: A good moment to identify what we value and whether or not our priorities need to shift. The emotional involvement of the Moon could make it difficult to let go of those structures we know are not useful anymore. The fear to embrace something new can debilitate our energy to move forward.
  • Wednesday 7: depending on how well we evaluate our values and make use of our conclusions to re-formulate our goals, Wednesday can be the beginning of growth or a step back on our path. This will not be seen at first and will develop over a period of months but it is fundamental to our future. What you value and appreciate MUST be within. If you value what is external, it is necessary what is represented by those things you cherish so that your real motivation is clear before going any further.
  • Wednesday 14: the new moon marks beginnings. This is twice as powerful on this day as it is the only new moon of the year happening in the constellation of new beginnings. Make time to become aware of your plans and new projects ahead. Give yourself the opportunity to visualise your future. This day is energetic and emotionally charged but this energy needs to be used wisely and aimed to express your real self.
  • Sunday 18: the connection with the external world becomes disruptive. Communication and access to our sources of information may prove difficult. This is the time to evaluate the process we follow to convey a message and how effective it is. Frustration leads to aggression and disappointment and more often than not assessing the way we communicate does the trick to put everyone at ease.
  • Monday 19: Sunday 18 is not enough to remind us of the importance of communication and community. Monday reinforces the message and possibly leads us to conflicting issues with authority or simply with others who are as frustrated as we are in their attempts to express and explain what's going on. I would think this is a good day for isolation which is more necessary that people care to admit.


Astrology is not about predicting your future.  It is about understanding that we connect with everything surrounding us.  The forecast you read above is to bring about awareness and help you to get in an observant mood.  This in turn should shift your attention towards your inner state of mind and prompt a positive reaction of acknowledgement about your role in this existence.

If everyone of us could make a routine of self observation at least once a day to recognise personal emotions and become aware the steps toward peace and harmony, evolution as humans wouldn't look so distant and impossible.  Whilst the Sun is in Aries, we tend to become more instinctive and impulsive.  This can be good to allow us to remember who we are but if unaware, can become a fertile ground for conflict and territoriality.  It is up to everyone of us to decide the path to follow. Every movement in the stars reflects an internal movement in our consciousness.


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