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Astrology - How To Get Along - Cancer and Capricorn

Updated on February 24, 2012

Cardinal Signs

How To Get Along – Cancer and Capricorn

The Crab and the Goat

This series on AstroCompatibility will cover all of the potential matchups in the Zodiac. We will continue this series thinking about and commenting on Capricorn and Cancer. You can get new info at Christofer's New BLOG:

Capricorn is Earth and Cardinal. Cancer is Water and Cardinal. Wow, strong cardinality in two serious signs. There is something here that just seems to declare itself immediately. Business, upward mobility, success in the home and just a little bit of emphasis on the dollar. Sounds fun. The cardinal and action-oriented Capricorn partnered up with the cardinal leadership of Cancer. The first thing that pops up is the competition for who will be the boss. If there is an actual company involved, that would be great for the Capricorn. If there is an entrepreneurial home-based effort, that would spell good tidings for the Cancer. But fascinatingly, there is also humor and jokes here. Both of these present bouncy, lively comment; which is not only ironic and truthful, but also, sometimes knee-slapping humor. This is a nice counterbalance to their deeply strong commitment to true enterprise.

Capricorn will not officially and openly disclose it, but they take very kindly to the service and care that a Cancer gives in their homey setting. Capricorn’s elegance and Cancer’s desire to continually pretty up the domestic environment, mean that their budget would always have a category for making way for the finer things. Remember the tale of “Billy Goat Gruff”? The lonely Capricorn, Saturn’s sternness always being gravitationally pushed down into their psyches, wants to actually protect, not scare people. The Moonchild wants to be protected, especially by the animal on the cliff that sports those nice hard horns. This is a pretty good match when you think about the fact that they are both providing for each other. Cancer provides a cozy place for Capricorn to feel comfort, and Capricorn, the protection of a Bearded Bad Guy. The challenge of deciding who is in charge may be a false issue. In actuality, they can divide their lives in compartments. There is not going to be a designated leader in this relationship anyway. Both are serious minded enough, that no one is considered irresponsible or flaky. Leadership and direction are taken care of by both partners, thank you very much.

Positive Postulate: Shy, restrained, efficient and happy to be declaring what they want in their lives, Capricorns are not ones to be emotional or histrionic about their complaints and desires. They will just go straight for what it is they are after. They can often be misunderstood in their self restraint and quiet manner. Positively understood, Cancer is much the same way. They hide so much of their turbulence on the inside, that the Cancer and the Capricorn make a nice polite, laughing and affable pair who don’t go overboard with ego and personality, but make others feel comfortable and at ease. This gentle mature bearing holds them in good stead socially, and gives them a good public reputation.

Romance Recommendation: These two have a respect for love and affection. It is not to be trifled with, or treated carelessly. They are not prudes, but they are committed to the process of communicating their strong loving intentions. They find romance to be a pleasurable resource that nature has provided for them to happily participate in. If there is coldness in Capricorn, romance is the place they can warm up their style. If Cancer has anger or pain, romance is the place they can seek repair.

Conflict Quotient: Capricorn can bring its goat-on-the-mountain demeanor to the battle. It is sharp, logical, cold and organized. It knows how to defend its position, or take things in an offensive mode. Cancer can bring powerful emotions to the fore, especially when they are defending what they value the most. Both of these should take care that they don’t bring too much punishment to the table, lest they harm the relationship permanently.

Peace Parlay: Life in the end is repetitive and mundane, and so is Romance itself. This factor asks the question: "Can we be bored together over the long term?" Capricorn is not as concerned with being entertained as many other signs might be. If they were bored they would see that as a problem that they should solve internally. Cancer might see boredom as a relationship issue, and might want to plan some new things. Capricorn loves art shows and theatre and elegant things. These two would probably not fall prey to the humdrum.

Keep Up The Interest Graph: Just as in the area of boredom, these two have picturesque and vivid internal makings. They are conservative financially, but just so they can afford nice things. Interest could be lost only if they just get too busy trying to control their lives and grow their bottom line.

Seven Year Itchiness: There are some signs that by their nature are more stable in their love interests and family concerns as time goes on. Others are not. Funny 7 year itch jokes would probably be generated by both the Capricorn and Cancer. This partnership would almost always be “under construction” and be subjected to the profitable and effervescent outlook of these two who would highly value their relationship, and not let it be tainted with 7 year itch infidelity.


ASTROCOMPATIBILITY POSSIBILITY RATING: 80% Positive Long Term – 55% Short Term. Yes, these two would probably immediately like each other’s style; but the short term would not be the big draw. The way this match worked in its unique way, would make them happier to be together as time went on. The years would be friendly to Capricorn and the Moonchild.

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    • profile image

      Kelly 5 years ago

      my boyfriend is a capricorn and I'm a cancer ^_^ I do notice he is very reserved about his feelings, he won't express them if he feels a certain way he won't say what's on his mind instead he takes action to fix it or handle it me however am emotional and I have to get it off my chest! so I did find your theory accurate I love reading about zodiac signs and this was a good read :)