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Astrology - How To Get Along - Cancer and Sagittarius

Updated on February 15, 2012

Arrows to the Moon

How To Get Along – Cancer and Sagittarius

The Moonchild and the Archer (the Centaur)

This series on AstroCompatibility will cover all of the potential matchups in the Zodiac. We will continue this series thinking about and commenting on Sagittarius and Cancer. You can get a BOOK with all 12 matchups of any sun sign at Get new info sexual relationships, couples compatibility and human interchange at Christofer's New Website:

Cancer - Sagittarius

Sagittarius is Fire and Mutable. Cancer is Water and Cardinal. Sagittarius is playful, idealistic, full of too much unsolicited opinion and loves to administer its own kind of justice. Cancer is executive and hard working, little nonsense and purposefully directed. They are acutely aware of nuanced meaning and people’s real intent. Is there anything in common here? We will see if that matters. Sagittarius is suddenly innocently offensive. If a Crab and a Centaur develop a relationship, the Crab will soon discover the wildly shot arrows from the indiscriminate bow of the Centaur. The Crab can take offense at the truth, falsehoods, well intended questions, or rightly, at insults. Sagittarius can generate truth and / or offense from the decks of the Battleship Archer, apologizing hardly at all, they live in a boundless world of movement and comment and vitality. Cancer can easily hurt by the Centaur. Is this a curse for the relationship? Depending upon their individual charts, and their true attraction and liking for one another, it could be either an obstacle to be dealt with or an impediment to love.

Lending theatrical energy to optimism, dreams seem to be originated by Sagittarius, spawning plans and schemes. Cancer is also a Dreamer. Sometimes more of a fearful dreamer, they take their assets and their worries, bundle them up for safekeeping and make sure the things and the aspirations are woven together. In this sense, the Crab hordes and makes sure the dreamed of can become a physical reality. This combination then, makes a wonderful kind of sense. Barring hurt feelings and conversations that may not be harmonic half the time, the basic partnership would seem to work. The Centaur provides the dynamic energy of hope, and Cancer makes the practicality of hope a reality. Cancer’s interior look at judicious sensitivity has a counterpart in the Sagittarian quest for justice and fairness. Sagittarian is at once so alive, the voltage jumps from their lips, and yet so “out of it”, it is amazing. They burn through money like a forest on fire, and Cancer grabs the scorched coins from the black smokey dirt.

Positive Postulate: The positive view is very appealing. Cancer can forget about the Centaur’s trampling on feelings, if it can just understand that its tolerance of Sagittarius means that it can really lead the relationship. Inside the Centaur, they know they are a bit out of control, and they also know they are special. Cancer can take both of those things and use them for the grander purpose of the couples’ enterprise. This is the perfect role for Cancer; letting damaged feelings and strange conduct get into the back seat, while in the front seat, the Crab can be the driver, while the Centaur rides “shotgun”.

Romance Recommendation: Romping through the landscape, and having its own big “encounter group”, the Centaur can sometimes forget who its mate is. The Crab is not one to be forgotten. The fully alive Archer can be sequestered for Cancerian romance. This can work. It really can. It’s just a matter of sensitivity training. Jupiterian grandiosity is often misplaced in the area of romance. Cancer can sweetly declare the rules and make a wonderful environment for comforting love. Ultimatums can have a positive effect, if generated within an overall plan.

Conflict Quotient: Conflict can often be generated in the mouth of the Sagittarian and planted in the heart of the Crab. It’s not that the Centaur is wrong, often it is not. It’s not that the Crab is too touchy, but often it is. They will both have to work at this. It appears to be unworkable, but it is also a combination that could bring outstanding spiritual and psychological growth to both. Consciousness and objectivity is required.

Peace Parlay: Life in the end is repetitive and mundane, and so is Romance itself. This factor asks the question: "Can we be bored together over the long term?" The Sagittarius will not permit things to get boring. Boredom could however, something to be sought. A “nervous breakdown” is what they used to call it. The active Centaur and Crab could happily and productively wear themselves out. “Sameness” might be a better term. They would both want to break up their schedules, so that refreshing variety could be tossed into the tumbling activity like a “freshness sheet”. Cancer is exactly the one to bring healing and solace, and chicken soup and comfort food of the heart and soul to the worn out union.

Keep Up The Interest Graph: Unless they were fighting all the time, this couple would get interest from the Centaur point of view and interest from the Cancerian point of view. They could hardly ask for more. Cancer, given to seeking more predictability would probably need to be sensitive to making sure things stayed new and interesting. The Sagittarian would probably go for anything at least once.

Seven Year Itchiness: There are some signs that by their nature are more stable in their love interests and family concerns as time goes on. Others are not. The Centaur would not know that the 7th year was upon it. The horsey wandering eye however, does not care what year it is. “Jumping over the fence” is always a temptation, but after the fun left its eye, it would seek out its loving Cancer. Cancer wakes up worrying about such things, so it would have on its mind the prevention of untoward results.


ASTROCOMPATIBILITY POSSIBILITY RATING: 70% Positive Long Term - 55% Short Term. Sagittarius would welcome a short term relationship with a warm and cuddly Cancer. The “Long term” would probably largely be determined by the Cancer. Once established, it could be a fun and productive relationship. There is true dynamism in this combination, if it could be stabilized and free of excess trouble. There is great potential harmony here, with great lesson learning thrown in for soul growth.

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    • Christofers Flow profile image

      Christofer French 5 years ago from Denver

      Yes. If you have done your charts, that adds much detail. Blessings to you, and keep your conscious control and your wonderful love and acceptance.

    • profile image

      cherry 5 years ago

      im barely getting into astrology and so far it has been spot on. i have been with my boyfriend for almost 6 years now. i am a cancer and he is a sagittarius. honestly this relationship took a lot of hard work, especially to build up all of the trust. it is a lot of sacrifice i think in order to make the other feel happy. i had to learn a lot of new ways to control my emotions while he had to control his mouth. haha but if me and him are able to last this long, then i take it as a sign that we were made for each other, we definitely complete each other. i am truly blessed that our charts matched up.

    • profile image

      michelle 6 years ago

      i jst met my cancerian man n he like to have a long term,i was jst wondering if it will work.Now iv read the article i think it will,jst to add we met on valentines dae i love him am a sag

    • profile image

      jade 7 years ago

      I think y'all hit every thing rite on the nose especially about my sag man.jeesh! I mean he's wild lol not in a bad way but I'm a cancer and be feeling like I have 2 keep up wit him sometimes.he's 3yrs older than me so he's pretty selttled dwn rite now he has his moments but thank u I needed that and know we will work