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Astrology - How To Get Along - Pisces and Pisces

Updated on March 2, 2012

Piscarian Duality Times Two

Pisces and Pisces

This duo might be easier than one might think.  Pisces differ quite a bit on the inside, and yes, even the ouside.  There is nothing so confusing for the "professional" as seeing a Pisces manifest itself in its various settings.  For this reason, when the two fish observe each other, they probably are not looking at a version of themselves that is highly similar.

If they are entertained by each other, then that probably portends a physical and spiritual harmony, but not necessarily strong obvious similarities.  Remember fish come in all sizes and all temperaments.  They are not simple in their biographies or fact sheets.  Since Pisces are so Nepturnian, and so cosmic, they don't tend to be boringly similar.

The two of you have a great chance to be positive and happy, as long as you don't both enjoy the local bar too much.  As long as you are not depressed at the same time.  As long as you both don't wander off into your inscrutable depths at the same time, you might have a good time.

Conflict Quotient:

Fight?  Not unless you have strong Aries placements.   You might ignore each other as punishment, or drift into other company, just to show the other what for.

Chances for Long Term?

Once you get used to the uniqueness of each other, you can fall into each other's arms and decide that you can enjoy this unusual match.   If you make it through the short term, it could be long term.   But, the liklihood, and easy happening is that you will drift from each other.  There is not a lot of worldly dynamism here probably.  Usually Pisces are looking for strong other types to help them through this world.

Spiritual Types?

If you are so spiritual, and or religious, you might start a church, or a commune, or a new kind of small business emphasizing pleasure and diversion.   This is one in which you can probably tell right away if you have a special match.  

Get Your Charts Done

This is a match where I would recommend getting a TRIAD COUPLES ANALYSIS, so that you could really determine your Moon sign, and Rising Sign.  These differences will really decide much for the long term, and for your daily relationship. 

Go to and see how you to match up.

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