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If you love a Scorpio-Do They Love You? Remember there are Four Intriguing Sub-Types - Doves, Eagles, Scorpio, Lizard.

Updated on March 10, 2020
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Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

The Four Scorpio Sub Types - Interested? Time for Explanations:

Think of this Fall Symbol as Having a Mission -- a Plan, and they Feel Commitment to that Plan. There is an Abiding Seriousness to what they do. .

The Dove is a Symbol. Noah's Ark got greeted by a Dove. Singular creature. Fly High. Look long. Altitude Gives an Advantage!

The Eagle, Gen.George Patton, Wias a Warrior having control of the Battle/War..

The Scorpio is the Classical one. The Lizard is one tough Character with Resolve.

Scorpio is a WATER Sign. Not the Kind getting Sun on the Beach. Look in the Depths.

Scorpio and Scorpio together would have the ability to marshal their forces, creative, forceful, planning and executing goals.

All of these things are possible when two Scorpios are pushing their weight forward and making new things happen, or regenerating old things. They both should SHARE Common HOPE..

The Dove? The Eagle? The Scorpion? The Lizard? Don't Reject. Don't Accept. Give Time!

How To Get Along – Scorpio and Scorpio

How about that Astro Theory that there are several different creatures that fall within the "Larger Scorpion" - Dove, Eagle, Scorpion, Lizard

We will continue this series thinking about and commenting on Scorpio a nd Scorpio. Now don't think all Scorpios as complex and too

Scorpio is Water and Fixed. Since Scorpio is highly complex and full of inwardly felt power, and since they tend to embody what other astrologers call eagles and doves, and Scorpions and Lizards. (See Callout).

They are, how would one say it? Complicated. Immediately, one would suggest that they find out about their individual charts. Scorpio can vary greatly and the two of these together might actually make each other different. As with other signs that are bound up with the same sign, they should ask just how attracted they are to each other. Did they get together because they both said:

“Wow, you are a Scorpio? I am a Scorpio too!”

That can lead down wonderful roads of self exploration and wild curiosity. “How are we alike?” “How are we not alike?” “Why do you think we are not alike in this way?” All the time, as they are comparing notes, they are both aware of each others’ unstated and unleashed sense of inner power. It is as if they are both Clark Kent, and they both know they are both Clark Kent. This could almost be maddening, but if it works.

Their memory and their great ability to seek payment from someone who has harmed them make them foes that you would not want to have. Again the issue becomes, how much will they turn these qualities on each other? How much will they forgive and forget each other? How much will they hold “forgive and forget” over each other?

The Image of the PHOENIX

While you are asking yourselves these questions you should also see Pluto’s power in the both of you. The image of the Phoenix is a strong one. It means you have the power not only to create, but the power to create from burnt ashes. That is quite an image, and it is one that should animate you to do great things together.

Beginning something, taking over something that was about to fail. Taking something that is almost at a crescendo and making it culminate in a wonderful climax.

The big issue will be how unified and allied their spirits are. Potential is a big word. And that’s what this reading is about – potential. The potential for vicious recrimination and a very angry vendetta is also in the cards. So, the two Scorpios should come to a “melding” of the minds so that large surprises won’t be happening at the worst times.

Positive Postulate:

Scorpio times two would look they were on a mission. Even when socializing, they will appear to be on the “qui vive” – a phrase that means – really alive. These are a pair that, besides being in the middle of a business or party, controlling and exercising influence, they would look like they were in control. As long as they were not poisoning each other and staring down perceived enemies and potential competitors, their “game faces” would reveal a united front – two smiling, but really serious scorpions feeling the security of each others’ company and the aura of people who know that they are headed for high achievement, or just the exact accomplishment of their goals.

Romance Recommendation:

Creation of romantic harmony would be a project. Knowing that on the opposite side is another Scorpio would mean that they would be careful not to sting each other as they became close to each other. They would be as serious about romance as anything else, but they would know that romance is at the crux of creativity and soul connection. This would give them a sense of reverence.

Conflict Quotient:

In the Cold War there was a phrase called “mutually assured destruction”. Not to be overly serious, but two Scorpios in an official combat with one another would not predict harmony and conflict resolution. These two assets would be good for each other when they did not harm each other. A “walk on the mild side” is what they would want to do on a regular basis. This challenge would be a continual one

Peace Parlay:

Life in the end is repetitive and mundane, and so is Romance itself. This factor asks the question: "Can we be bored together over the long term?" Scorpio hardly ever really gets any complete rest. Boredom, the kind that lets people just look into each other’s eyes with nothing to say or think, could be ideal.

Keep Up The Interest Graph:

Scorpio and Scorpio can hatch Neptunian ideas based upon their strong imaginations and willingness not to be bound by normal convention.

Seven Year Itchiness:

There are some signs that by their nature are more stable in their love interests and family concerns as time goes on. Others are not. Earthquakes happen, not usually on 7 year cycles. So a Scorpion earthquake would happen when and if it happened. 7 years would not be in their head, but they could be aware of others, just because the radiation from their eyes is always heat seeking.


ASTROCOMPATIBILITY POSSIBILITY RATING: 75% Positive Long Term - 60% Short Term. The Scorpion and the Scorpion would definitely enjoy meeting and coming to know each other initially. After they got over that “You’re a Scorpio too!” thing, they could try to see if the attraction was magnetic and long lasting, or whether it was poisonous and repelling.


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