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Astrology - Are Your Star Signs Compatible?

Updated on September 3, 2013

Astrology and Horoscopes

A compatibility horoscope can be helpful to those embarking on a new romantic relationship or indeed a business relationship. It can be very helpful to understand the character of an intended partner; whether they are quick-tempered or prone to moods, and the areas in which you are likely to clash. Astrology has been consulted for many years; in fact since ancient times, and today it is fast gaining in popularity.



Compatibility Horoscope

Compatibility horoscope reports can be found that will describe a person's character in detail, based upon the time and date of birth, as well as location, and can be incredibly accurate; some might say spookily so.

The Sun reflects the personality, temper and drive of an individual, and a compatibility horoscope will compare the two individuals and their readings, to predict the level of compatibility between the two. It is unlikely that two star signs will ever be found to be totally incompatible, as understanding the differences will help to recognise areas in which compromise and understanding will be helpful. Studying a partner’s personality in their horoscope can help us to understand better and to define areas where we must use tact and understanding in order to avoid clashes. Opposite signs can live in harmony; for instance an air sign like Aquarius will match well with the fire of Aries, as fire needs air to survive and air is warmed by fire. It is often believe that two people of the same star sign will not be compatible, but this is not at all the case; primarily because personalities in the stars are different for males and females, i.e. a female Leo and a male Leo will not necessarily have the same traits, and the same goes for two females (we must remember that not all couples are heterosexual) who have totally different birth dates; one right at the beginning of the sign and the other towards the end; they may be very different in character, with differing likes and dislikes.

As an example, we look at two individuals both born under Aries; you may think that two fire signs may be explosive, and you will possibly be right, but explosive does not necessarily mean negative, the explosions may be extremely positive.

Aries The Ram
Aries The Ram


Aries, like any fire sign, can be opinionated and dominating, so it is important to understand that both parties have the same qualities, so should therefore try to be more tolerant of each other, and try to avoid a clashing of egos that can create antagonism and arguments.

They will both be impulsive and spontaneous, and extremely creative, so this can be a very exciting dynamic and if the couple join forces and use their energies together, they can become a driving force and an inspirational couple.

Once the couple have learned each other's hopes and dreams, as well as their capabilities and limitations, they can help one another to achieve their goals, and this double driving force will not only result in those dreams being achieved, but in both individuals excelling in their chosen fields. When they share the same dreams or work in the same industry, they are likely to end up dominating the industry and if they decide to start their own business they are sure to succeed.

If the matching fiery personalities do not take the time to respect and understand each other however, this can have the opposite effect and could be disastrous. Of course a double fiery relationship will need a lot of work, and much care and understanding, as failing to do so will lead to negative explosions that will soon burn so bright as to burn themselves out and the relationship will crumble.

The intimate side of the relationship will be exciting and dynamic, passionate and loving. The matching star signs will mean that the couple are very good friends as well as lovers, so that they have a very strong base indeed for their relationship.

This may not be the easiest relationship to nurture and that will thrive, but when the right formula is achieved, it will be a partnership that will endure and easily withstand any problems.

Zodiac Signs

A compatibility horoscope is intended to help the couple understand each other's personalities and character traits, in order to make allowances and build a stronger relationship, but it is impossible to predict whether two people will have a relationship that will last a long time or possibly forever, as this is up to each individual and their willingness and capability to love the other person along with "warts and all".


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    • whatswhatnow profile image

      whatswhatnow 4 years ago from Spain

      Thanks dianew for reading and commenting. The stars fascinate me too.

    • dianew profile image

      dianew 4 years ago from Spain

      Great hub! I really enjoyed reading this and I'm going to look into it further. Thanks whatswhatnow, voted up and interesting.