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Astrology: Ascendant/Rising Explained, Part 2

Updated on April 27, 2014

This hub is a continuation of my previous hub, titled, “Astrology/Rising Explained, Part One. I will post the link below. In my previous hub, I wrote about the Ascendant/Rising in astrology.

The Ascendant/Rising in astrology is the sign the whole thinks you are and perceive you as. I explained the basics of the ascendant also known as the rising sign, and briefly talked about the four elements and three qualities in relation to the ascendant. In this hub, I will explain other factors that can affect your ascendant and color someone’s vision of you.



Decans/Denates is a thing to also consider when discussing ascendant/rising. Decanates is a system that divides the same sign into three equal parts (decans) based on 0-30 degrees scale. A thing to note the zodiac wheel is 360 degrees in total (30 degrees, per sign, 12 signs = 360). It makes a full circle. Usually decans apply to sun signs but they can apply to the other planets and the houses. Decans depend on each specific zodiac sign and the order of the element that specific zodiac sign is in. There are a total of 36 decans.

First Decan is from 0-10 degrees, and it is usually the strongest, purest expression of the sign’s energy. This is because its ruler is in the ruling planet of the sign.

Example: First Decan Aries is ruled by Mars, First Decan Taurus is ruled by Venus, etc. So if your rising sign is Aries and in the first decan of Aries, your rising sign planetary ruler is Mars.

Second 20 degrees is from 10-20 degrees and this decan is ruled by the next planet in the next sign of the same element. Remember first fire sign is Aries, next Leo, after Sagittarius. Confusing right, but its actually simple when you put your mind to it.

Example: Second Decan Aries is ruled by the Sun (who rules over Leo). Second Decan Pisces is ruled by the Moon (who rules over Cancer). Yes I switched it up a bit, don’t be alarmed. So if you have a rising sign is in Aries, in the second decan of Aries, it will be ruled by the Sun.

Third Decan is from 20-30 degrees and again this decan is ruled by the next planet in the next sign of the same element. So Third Decan Aries is ruled by Jupiter, Third Decan Taurus is ruled by Saturn. You may have to think about it a bit, but you will get the hang of it. Remember there are a total of 36 decans combinations

Lucy Lawless has her Ascendant (AS) in 5°58' Aries, making her a first decan, Mars ruled Aries Ascendant
Lucy Lawless has her Ascendant (AS) in 5°58' Aries, making her a first decan, Mars ruled Aries Ascendant | Source

How do Decanates apply to your Rising sign?

Decanates are a way to divide, and see how strong of an influence a specific zodiac sign’s energy is. It can apply to your rising sign, along with your other planets and the signs that rule over your twelve houses.

In relation to your rising sign, a third Decan Scorpio rising, may act and appear significantly different than a first decan Scorpio rising.

Pluto, if you see this on your Ascendant, you have Pluto on your ascendant
Pluto, if you see this on your Ascendant, you have Pluto on your ascendant | Source

Planets on your ascendant

Another thing to consider with your rising/ascendant sign are the planet that sits on it. Pluto on a Gemini ascendant can give a darker, secretive, and more complex nature to an otherwise lighter, open and talkative Gemini ascendant. While as Jupiter on a Capricorn ascendant may make an otherwise serious and cynical Capricorn ascendant, a bit more optimistic and happy go lucky.

Conjunction Symbol
Conjunction Symbol | Source

Aspects on your ascendant

Lastly is your aspects I won’t get into much detail into this now, but I would mention some of the basics. Aspects in astrology are planets relationship to other planets in your natal charts. There are pleasure-able, positive aspects (Conjunctions, Trines) and less pleasure-able, negative aspects (Squares, Oppositions). These can also have an effect on your ascendant and you have to consider this factor too.

All of these concepts and ideas can apply to your 10 planets (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Pluto), and your astrological houses (Houses 1-12).


Overall, the ascendant/rising sign is how you appear and come across to others in the world. It is how you dress, speak/communicate, and to the people around you. It is the zodiac sign other see and perceive you as. Factors like elements, qualities, decans/decantes, planets, and aspects to your rising can affect your rising sign. To find out your rising sign, Google natal chart, link on a website of your choice and fill in the data and it will give you your rising sign (make sure you have your time of birth). Thank you and let me know your rising/ascendant sign!

What is your Ascendant/Rising sign?

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    • deecoleworld profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from USA

      I agree!!! Astrology is worth looking into and studying, because we are more than our sun signs. Thank you for reading and commenting!!

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 

      6 years ago

      Well done; so many people think of just sun signs for astrology, no wonder they think it's hit or miss. A full chart shows us to be the product of so many varying influences, it's so complex but the only way to get a more precise analysis. Excellent resource, this hub.


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