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Astrology: Born During a Full Moon

Updated on February 26, 2012

Lots of lore surrounding the Full Moon, and there is certainly quite a lot of astrological energy lent by it to the person born during one. There is a lot of varied energy here, some of the best influences from several signs, all rolled into one. Being born under a Full Moon isn't going to turn you into a werewolf, but it should go far in helping to turn you into a very well-rounded, fair and objective person. To learn more, read on!

Fair Play

If you were born during a Full Moon lunar phase, you will be a highly objective person. Well, unless you've got some conflicting aspects in your chart, but you should feel at least some influence in this direction, regardless. Objectivity will play a key role in how you view situations and how you react to them. Lots of Libra energy here, and it should be very easy for you to step back see both sides of every story. This should also come in very handy during relationship problems you might encounter yourself. Which brings me to the next point...



You will be fascinated by the structure and nature of relationships in all capacities. You will want to see what makes these things tick and what throws a monkey wrench into them. You must be careful, however, not to deliberately provoke any unpleasantness just for the sake of observation the outcome -- at times your objectivity can seem a bit too scientific. You must remember that an integral part of a relationships is actually BEING in them, and not just trying to figure out how or why they work. You will be equally interested in other types of relationships too -- business, best friend, parent/child, etc. Working on and maintaining these will be something of a favorite hobby for you throughout life, much the way some people work on and restore old cars until they function/shine like new.

Keen Intuition

There is a remarkable innate knowledge here of what you need, and what others need as well. Just as Scorpio can see through those around them, so can you, to some degree. But your objectiveness will keep you from manipulating or taking advantage of others when you've figured out what they seek. That said, this influence doesn't necessarily mean you will always go out of your way to help them meet their needs -- but you will be aware of them, nevertheless.


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