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Astrology: Born During a New Moon

Updated on February 26, 2012

If you were born during a New Moon, this lunar cycle will have an influence over who you are and who you grow to be. This information is not shown in an ordinary natal chart, but a professional astrologer could figure it out for you. Or, you could use an online lunar phase calculator to find it yourself, but if you do that be careful, as some of them are highly inaccurate. In this article we will discuss the traits the New Moon bestows upon the individual born under it, and how this will affect them in life.

Aries Energy

Those born under a New Moon will have a great deal of Aries-like energy in their personalities. Not so much that they will appear to be one (unless they actually are one, obviously!) but there will be an underlying drive to act impulsively, and perhaps even rashly in situations that provoke an emotional response. This could be a useful influence, or it could prove to be a conflicting one, if there is a good deal of earth energy already present. For example, a Taurus with this sort of hidden impulsiveness could find themselves having to restrain themselves from making snap decisions, whereas most Taureans would never have to do such a thing. Then again, this might not be a bad thing -- it could lighten some of the more somber signs up a bit!


Lots of Drive, Less Follow-Through

Ideas will be easy to dream up and they will be abundant. That is a typical Aries quality, but with it comes the equally typical Aries loss of interest. Of course, if you're not an actual Aries, you could use this influence to great advantage if you've already got plenty of personal drive elsewhere in your chart. Just imagine the possibilities if you combine the enthusiasm and energy of this moon phase with, say, the Capricorn drive and determination! Anything could be accomplished!

A Bit Self-Centered

Now, this is just the lunar phase you were born under, so this trait that Aries is famous for will not be too strong, but it will be present. It's not self-centeredness in the sense that you're an adult who only cares about yourself -- it's more a childlike mentality where you're not always aware of the needs of those around you because you are too busy going after what you yourself want. Easily tempered by most other signs, but something you may want to keep an eye on if you're actually an Aries or Leo.

Leadership Qualities

This moon phase will also bestow leadership qualities, and unless you've got a very meek and mild personality due to other aspects in your chart, this influence could really help you succeed in life. Take advantage of the natural authority Aries brings to the table and put it to good use in your career! It could also help you forge new relationships of both romantic and business natures, given that you will be fearless in pursuing what you want.


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