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Astrology: Born During a Third Quarter Moon

Updated on February 26, 2012

If you were born under a Third Quarter moon, then you and I both share this energy. There is some Full Moon energy leftover here, and this phase is preparing for the next one (the Balsamic), so there are various influences zinging around. Generally speaking, however, there are some very clear-cut Third Quarter lunar phase qualities that are available to those born under it. How powerful they are will be determined by other facets of your natal chart, but they will be present nonetheless.

You Know What You Know

People born under the Third Quarter moon know that what they believe is 100% correct and they want to share this knowledge with everyone around them as soon as they possibly can. Of course, they are not always 100% correct and this vision can change rather abruptly. Humility is important, but being open-minded is actually more important here. This person must be open to the possibility that they are NOT necessarily right, and at least develop some sort of control system to check the validity of what they "know". That said, they do tend to be right in many cases, and this is what can drive the ego to believe it's right 100% of the time. If the ego is allowed to run unchecked by peers during childhood, the personality could really take on a snotty, egotist characteristic. It's important to compliment them on their astuteness, but also keep them grounded at the same time.


Wisdom to Know When

There does appear to be an instinctive inner-knowledge of timing that these folks are born with. They seem to know when to move forward and when to step back. This could be difficult if there are Aries, Leo, Scorpio or other elements at play in the chart which promote impulsiveness, but generally speaking it's an impulsive they tend to manage to overcome when necessary. Key phrase being "when necessary" ! If it doesn't seem to be, they may very well just take a leap of faith while telling themselves everything will fall into place by the time they hit the ground.

Ego Issues Revisited

Ego can be a massive issue for this influence. I've mentioned it above, but it's important enough to bring it up again. This sign has the ability to do much advancing, from a spiritual perspective, but the ego needs to be brought into line first. If this person has a Pisces or Cancer sun, that shouldn't be too hard. If this person was born a Leo? Well, I hope you've got plenty of spare time to work on that ego! Same goes for Aries, Scorpio -- take care with how frequently feed your egos, as a little can really go a long way.


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