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Astrology: Born During a Waning Gibbous Moon

Updated on February 26, 2012

People born under a Waning Gibbous Moon have access to highly motivational energy. This the classic type of energy that propels people along as they face great adversity, because at their core they know they are doing it in service to all mankind. They happily put themselves out there in the firing line in order to share what they know, what they've learned, what they think will benefit everyone else -- because they have already learned how strongly the same things have benefited them and those close to them. If you were born under this influence, please keep reading!

Service to Mankind

As I've already mentioned, these people want to help everyone. They want to elevate those around them above whatever situation they were born into. They want to change the world, they want to make it a better place. They are, in part, idealists, but they are also pragmatists, because they know that their ideas are capable of working -- as opposed to simply being a lovely theory. These are not philosophers, these are movers and shakers motivated by personal experience. Someone has lit a spiritual fire under their backsides and no amount of water can snuff it out once it gets going.


Spiritual Engineers

People born under a Waning Gibbous Moon will be able to see, in their mind's eye, exactly which pieces of the puzzle are missing from, what could be, a utopia of some kind. Granted, it's unlikely that they will be able to fix every problem and live to see some sort of utopia manifest here on Earth -- but they know there is no harm in trying. They also know that every little step forward counts far more than we know, so they are relentless in their task. They are bound and determined to elevate us all, spiritually speaking. And they just might succeed, who knows?

A Sense of Duty

In every aspect of life, these folks are compelled by duty. This is a fantastic energy to have if you're also an Aries or Sagittarius sun, or perhaps a Gemini or Aquarius, as this sort of motivation could really be the grounding energy that Fire and Air signs often lack. If you are already a Taurus or Capricorn, watch out world -- that is some serious combination of determination and personal values. This is not to say that everyone born under this sign will experience the pull to service to the same degree, but it's there and completely accessible once you're ready to utilize it.


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