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Astrology: Born During a Waxing Crescent Moon

Updated on February 26, 2012

Those born under a Waxing Crescent Moon will feel some effect from this lunar cycle in the form of their astrological makeup. And what a powerful effect it could be, if you open yourself up to it! Those born under a New Moon have a good deal of Aries energy available to them, and those born under a First Quarter moon have a good deal of Taurus energy at their disposal -- the Waxing Crescent will have a bit of both available, due to the fact you're right smack in the middle, in terms of lunar phases. I'd say that's a winning combination! To learn more, keep reading!


Those born under this lunar phase know they can get the job done, no matter what the job is. Bit of Aries energy there, combined with Taurean determination. There is no mountain too high, nor river too wide. That said, one should take care not to be blinded by such determination, as it could prevent you from catching the smaller details. If you are a Taurus sun, this could make you one of the most successful people on the planet. If you're a Pisces or Cancer, this could be just the influence you need to overcome those dreamer spells that seem to last forever as the world passes you by. Everything is possible, with this aspect!


Karmic Paybacks

While there are certainly some great qualities to this lunar phase, note that the determination bestowed upon you by the Waxing Crescent is there for good reason -- you will be fighting a bit of an uphill battle because you will be dealing with your karmic past. You've got issues to overcome and this lunar phase is going to make sure you get through it. So while you may go through periods that seem too difficult to overcome, be sure to draw on this energy -- you are never given more than you can handle.

A New You, A New Life

This is still somewhat a part of the New Moon phase, so do realize you are being given a chance here to create a new spirituality and existence for yourself. You've got the drive, the energy reserves and the determination to get it done, so don't dawdle. Get down to business and climb that mountain. Once you're up there, you can take your time coming back down to the rest of, and you'll have plenty of time to enjoy the view.


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