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Astrology Horoscope for All Signs of the Zodiac February 2015: Horoscope for February 2015 All Signs of the Zodiac

Updated on November 26, 2014
Astrology Horoscope for February 2015 All signs of the zodiac
Astrology Horoscope for February 2015 All signs of the zodiac

Astrology Horoscope for all Signs of the Zodiac February 2015

Welcome to my astrology horoscope for February 2015. drop by to find out what is written in the stars for your zodiac sign and get an insight into issues in your life. Perhaps astrology can help, if not you may want to consider Tarot.

Like always each zodiac sign has a different from message from the celestial skies. Pisces, are you looking after yourself properly, not just other people. And Leo, what is going in your life at the moment? My friend Capricorn, how is your health? How are you doing Aquarius?

Once again astrology has so much to offer and teach us. But it is not only astrology which can give us an insight into the future. Have you ever considered having a Tarot card reading? Tarot cards can offer a great deal of guidance as well.

Aries astrology horoscope February 2015 Take some time out Aries
Aries astrology horoscope February 2015 Take some time out Aries

Aries Astrology Horoscope February 2015

February 2015 may not be an easy month for you, Aries. There seems to be some family problems on the horizon. Aries loves his or her family but sometimes Aries can be a bit to head strong, and act more like a bull in a china shop if there is a problem. There are always problems in families, and it is better if they can be resolved amicably. You really need to try to control your temper during February, Aries. I know it is not always easy.

If you are a working Aries you may find someone is trying to test your patience at work as well. There are lots of internal politics going on in your work place at the moment. It would be best if you could try to stay at of them as, they will only test your patience and you have many other things you need to focus on this month as well.

You might suffer from stress a little bit this month, so you need to try to focus on your health. Stress can really affect your health so it might be a good idea to book yourself in for some down time. Try some relaxing massages with essentials oils, and perhaps even some one to one yoga classes.

Love will not feature greatly during the month of February. You will be far too pre occupied to be able to concentrate on love. It is best to leave love on the back burner during February.

Taurus Astrology Horoscope February 2015

Don’t be surprised if February brings you a fair share of health problems. You may feel tired, but will not be in a state of mind to rest. It is nothing to worry about but don’t be surprised if you pick up a long lasting cold or virus. Instead of turning to the drug store you check out some alternative remedies. Maybe even visit a homeopath to see what advice they can help you with.

Be a little bit careful at work. Lots of people are going to want to pick your brains, and take advantage of your skills. If you don’t mind, that is great but never let yourself be taken advantage of. Make sure your colleagues at work are not using you to further their own career.

If you are a married Taurus, or in a long term relationship, you might have to deal with some tension.

Your partner will seem anxious, and you need to take some time out to deal with what is bothering him or her. The problem is not a result of anything which has happened within your relationship. Outside factors are causing problems for your partner, and you need to be supportive.

Gemini Astrology Horoscope February 2015

You are in for a lot of pleasant surprises and opportunities during February 2015. You should try to make the most of them, and capitalize on them for the future. Be prepared to work a bit harder to achieve some of the opportunities presented to you. There is really no pressure on you to achieve anything in particular, this is just something which you feel you need to do.

If you are interested in making plans for the future, now is a good time to do so. Make sure the plans you start to make during this month are concrete plans. They don’t need to be set in stone, and should be somewhat flexible, but they should not be whimsical. But then again you are not in a whimsical mood this month. Your thoughts are more substantial than other months, and you feel you want to lay down good foundations.

Good foundations apply to your health as well. Until now you have not really focused on your health in 2015 but now you feel it is time to do so. You would like to make some serious changes to your lifestyle, and not only start to feel healthier. For once, you actually would like to be healthier as well.

You feel your diet could do with an overhaul, and you would even like to change your exercise and keep fit regime. You are looking for lasting changes, not just quick fixes. This especially applies to dads with young children.

Cancer Astrology Horoscope February 2015

Expect work to dominate your life this month. This applies to all people born under this sign. Even if you are not in employment, there will be numerous tasks for you to complete. There is a strong focus on home, so it could mean that you have home repairs piling up and other matters associated to the home which you need to deal with.

If you are working, or have your own business, you need to be prepared to spend many hours at work.

Especially if you are a person in charge you can expect to be really busy. A lot of the tasks will involve problem solving and also helping others. You may find there are some younger members of your team who might need some extra help in completing tasks. If you are a business owner, it could be worth your while to take a look at your in-house training programs. You could be missing out on business opportunities, do you really want that?

If you are married you need to get your family onboard. Make sure they don’t feel left out, and just explain that you will be very busy this month.

Leo Astrology Horoscope February 2015
Leo Astrology Horoscope February 2015

Leo Astrology Horoscope February 2015

When it comes to work there could be a good chance of promotion for you, or some kind of recognition for you. Don’t let it go to your head, you like to be the leader but sometimes it is better to lead from the side lines until a really good opportunity arises.

Love will be a very important factor in your life during February. You may even meet someone really special which you would like to spend some time with. It is nice to find someone special but Leos do have a tendency to overwhelm their love interests. You need to be careful that you don’t do that.

Watch your finances. You may have a cash bonus on the horizon but that does not mean you should rush out to spend it all. Now is a good time to do some planning for the future, and if it is a substantial bonus you make want to see some financial advice.

Your health is good, and you feel strong. Don’t push yourself too much, you could easily burn out if you are not careful. Better try to release some of that Leo energy slowly. Also something about your head or hair, you might be considering a new hairstyle.

Virgo Astrology Horoscope February 2015

You will more than likely find that February will be one of the busiest months during 2015, and you may even feel like your feet don’t touch the ground.

As a matter of fact, you really do need to be on your toes during 2015. There will be a lot of career opportunities for you, and you may even find that you will start climbing up the career once again after a bit of a quiet time. Good for you, but you need to be prepared to work hard to achieve want you want.

If you are a business owner work will be flowing in during this month. Take advantage of all the new contacts you will make during this month as they can help to support your business in the future. A word of advice, don’t take on more than you can handle.

All Virgos do need to focus on their health this month. It will be an extremely hectic month, and you need to make sure you don’t get stressed, or fill your diary with stuff which just isn’t necessary.

Libra Astrology Horoscope February 2015

During February you can expect to be in great demand at work, and you may find everybody would like your help. That is absolutely fine, but make sure you get something out of it as well. At the end of the day you would like acknowledgement for your achievements. Compensation can come to you in monetary terms, or in the way of a promotion with a better salary packaged attached.

At home you will feel like redecorating. Whilst cash is not abundant during this month, your creative side will come to the forefront and you will come up with some unique solutions. Your friends will become impressed by your ideas, and many of them will expect you to help. Only do this if you want to and have the time, you cannot be everything to everybody.

Scorpio Astrology Horoscope February 2015
Scorpio Astrology Horoscope February 2015

Scorpio Astrology Horoscope February 2015

Once again Scorpio you are preoccupied with work. This has been going on for a long time, many years actually, and you don’t seem to be able to get you out of yourself this life style. The only problem is that your home life may suffer from your work rate, and you really do need to stop neglecting your family. Try to have some time off from work, and spend time with your family.

You do need to watch your health as well. It would be a good idea to keep an eye on your diet, but more importantly you need to watch your urinary health. Keep an eye out for urinary tract infections, and bladder infections. If you are a male Scorpio, it might be a good idea to get a PSA check as well.

Sagittarius Astrology Horoscope February 2015

You often expect people to do as you tell them, or expect them but this needs to change during February. For once, you need to listen and adjust not only to people but to your surroundings as well.

You are not always aware what is going on in your surroundings, but now might be a good idea to change your attitude and become more aware.

February is also a good time to make plans for the future. You will notice there are a lot of things going in your local neighborhood which can positively affect your future if you let them. You need to keep an eye on for new property projects near-by, and consider how they can influence the value of your property in years to come. Do you need to make some home improvements to keep your property uptdate?

Capricorn Astrology Horoscope February 2015

You may feel a bit stressed, and perhaps even anxious during February. Things at work seem to be getting on your nerves, and you are bringing your problems home with you. This is not a good thing, and you need to be aware. The best way forward will be to speak up for yourself, and tell people how you feel about things.

If you are a married Capricorn, your family will need some attention as well. Don’t just expect them to drift along, take them out and do something fun.

Your diet is not especially good, and there needs to be some drastic changes. If you don’t start taking a look at your diet, you can expect to have some major health problems in the near future.

Pisces Astrology Horoscope February 2015 Remember to look after yourself
Pisces Astrology Horoscope February 2015 Remember to look after yourself

Aquarius Astrology Horoscope February 2015

For some reason you will start of this month feeling a bit lonely. Whilst you are not really on your own, you will crave extra attention and companionship. At the same time you will also have some feeling on insecurity. There is only one way to deal with this: take a good look at yourself and find out what is going. You may be surprised at the answer you come up with. Perhaps the limelight is already strongly focused on you, and you need to perhaps spend more time thinking about others.

Also watch your language during February. There could be some problems with how you approach others at work or in your business, and you really need to be aware of this. You can’t have it all your own way, and it is better to learn how to work with others.

Pisces Astrology Horoscope February 2015

You do have a tendency to want to help and look after others. This is not a bad thing but sometimes you overdo it.

During February someone close to you will be experiencing some health problems, and whilst you want to help, you need to make sure you look after your own health as well.

You often forget to look after your own health, and if you don’t pay attention to your own health, you cannot help others. It might be a good idea to lay down some own personal guidelines, and learn when enough is enough.

© 2014 Healthyannie


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