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Astrology: Its Taurus Season!!!

Updated on April 21, 2014
Taurus Lounging
Taurus Lounging | Source
Taurus Bonatti
Taurus Bonatti | Source

From April 20th to May 20th the sun is in the astrological sign of Taurus. As the second sign of the zodiac, the first among the three Earth Signs, Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus (Venus is the ruling planet of two zodiac signs, Libra and Taurus).

Venus represents the planet of love, relationships with people. Venus was the goddess of love, in mythology, so go figure. It is of all the beautiful things in life. It’s of pleasure, art and beauty; of refined and often expensive tastes.

The Casa di Venus, Pompei.
The Casa di Venus, Pompei. | Source
Taurus Glyph
Taurus Glyph | Source

Taurus rules over the second house and its phrase is “I have”. The second house in astrology is the house of possessions and value. It is what we own in life. What we work hard to obtain in life. It is what we consider as value and the values of our life. It’s a way of life it’s how we spend money, what we spend it on. It’s our security and it’s also how we save money and what debts we incur due to our money habits.

As stated the second house is the values in our life. Not just physical tangible values but intangible ones too. Someone that spends money freely, openly, and a bit recklessly can be seen as someone who is a bit reckless, open and free in life. Someone that has a cautious and careful approach with money, can take on a careful and cautious approach in life. The second house is a reflection of your values through money and possessions.


Taurus is an earth element, of fixed quality and who rules over beauty and pleasure. Taurus beauty is earthy, physically appealing, of curves and sensuality. As an Earth sign Taurus is grounded, stable and practical. Taurus as an individual sign is slow-moving, slow-tempered and stubborn.

Taurus’s glyph or symbol is the Bull. Bulls are slow moving, slow to anger. Taurus is a very patient, deliberate and calm sign. Don’t mistake this for weakness though because when finally angered Taurus have explosive temper. A bull is of the species of cattle so they are related to cows. You know those big slow things that hang on the side of the road, eating grass and staring at cars as they pass by. Even so, Taurus’s symbol is a bull, not a cow and they have horns so when they do get mad they get mad. Nostrils flaring, eyes bulging out, and kicking their heels back they will charge. Even so once they run their horns on the walls a couple of times they will calm down and get back to their common cow-like selves.

Taurus’s phrase is “I have”, which refers to acquiring pleasure through possessions, Taurus is also a very materialistic sign (interpret that however you like). Taurus is also very inflexible with a flavor for expensive tastes and living. Though slow-moving calculating and driven sign, driven mostly by money and pleasure though don’t mistake this sign will get to its goals eventually. Taurus is hard-working sign (when they do decide to work hard) and once this sign has its mind set on something they will follow through with it.


Venus rules Taurus (and Libra). Venus is the goddess of love and pleasure. Venus is the other side of Taurus, the lazy, pleasure seeking part. So Taurus is all about love and pleasure. They want to be happy and comfortable in their lives and they want to loved and experience the best of worldly pleasures. Taurus wants these things and will go after them. Taurus don’t want drama, inner crisis, and people that are going to take the pleasure out of life. Taurus wants the good life, the good food, good friends, nice clothes, a comfortable and luscious living space and people that will love them (like a family).

Taurus are traditional (they are an earth sign after all). They don’t do the whole rebellious, edgy, and outrageous thing (unless Uranus is prominent somewhere in their natal chart). They are the generally stable, well-dressed, and mild-mannered.


Taurus’s main principle in life is devoted to security and pleasure, taking after its ruling planet of Venus. This security is through money and wealth. Corporeal experiences, savory food, expensive brands and distinguished company; it’s all about the finer things in life.

So Happy Taurus Season!!! Happy Birthday to ALL THE TAURUS’S OF THE WORLD. THIS IS YOUR ENERGY AND YOUR TIME!!! Thank You

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    • profile image

      Monisha 3 years ago

      good points, ed! you diltneiefy have better viewing of this event the farther north you live. in principle, you can see the event from deep in the southern hemisphere, but venus sets just before the sun a rises a bit afterwards, so you risk the danger of looking too closely to the sun to see venus. dont look at, or near, the sun!! thanks!

    • profile image

      Katherine 3 years ago

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    • deecoleworld profile image

      deecoleworld 4 years ago from USA

      Big UP to all my Tauruses!!!!!!!!!!!