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Astrology Moon Horoscope for 2015: Astrology Moon Horoscopes for All Signs of The Zodiac 2015

Updated on November 27, 2014
Astrology Moon Horoscope 2015
Astrology Moon Horoscope 2015 | Source

Moon Signs Horoscope

In Egyptian Astrology the moon rules over our moods, feelings and temperament whilst the sun is the ruler of the soul in all it states. Moon, or lunar astrology, was very important in ancient Egypt and a lot of focus was placed on moon predictions. Both ancient Egyptian astronomers and astrologers spent a lot of time casting and creating lunar predictions.

Many believe only the sun was worshiped in ancient Egypt but as a matter of fact the moon was just as important, and the Goddess of Isis was often referred to as the Queen of the Moon. In Egyptian astrology the Moon Signs were, and still are today, seen as more important than Sun Signs.

Moon Signs horoscopes have been cast since ancient times, and the ancient Egyptians believed the Moon could affect your personality. According to the hieroglyphs on the Astrological Calendar at Luxor temple, your Moon Sign is defined by the moon's position in a sign at the time of your birth. The ancient Egyptians seemed to have worked at that the moon stayed in each sign for a bit longer than two days.

Aries Moon Astrology Horoscope 2015
Aries Moon Astrology Horoscope 2015 | Source

Aries 2015 Astrology Horoscope Moon Sign Prediction

Aries – your astrology moon horoscope for 2015 seems to point to better times ahead.

I am not promising everything will be plain sailing during 2015 but life is certainly going to be less of a struggle.

Last year you were not able to buy all the things you felt you needed. Okay, this is not going to be a “ I can have it all years” but there is no reason why you should not be able to contemplate a new car purchase or perhaps a move on the home front. You may even have the opportunity to travel.

All of this can be achieved because you are finally putting some effort into your life, and approaching your tasks with a great deal more positivity than normal.

If you are in business, you will see that your business will prosper and become more profitable as long as you keep that smile on your face. You may even start to approach your business from a much more positive angle, and all of this is down to your positive mental attitude.

If you are a student you will notice you are able to achieve better and improved results. All of this is again down to a more positive attitude, and the power of your mind.

Taurus Astrology Moon Horoscope 2015
Taurus Astrology Moon Horoscope 2015 | Source

Taurus 2015 Astrology Moon Sign Prediction

Taurus – 2015 will see you cope better with tasks which have been given to you, and a more determined mind set will be your gift from the Queen of the Moon this year.

I am not going to promise you that your income during 2015 will be great but I can promise you that you will receive recognition, perhaps even an award for your hard work.

Being told that your income may not be the best during 2015 is not the best of news but this year you will learn the value of happiness. Happiness, and feeling happy, can sometimes be more important than all the money in the world.

There is a very loyal side to you. This loyal side will be clearly reflected in all your relationships throughout 2015. Your family, and partner, will benefit more from this than others in your life but family should always come first. Staying true to the one you love is more important than all the money in the world, and you will experience your share of pure bliss throughout 2015.

If you are in business or a student of science , you may experience some unexpected results of your business dealings or science experiments which can lead to a more comfortable financial status.

Gemini Astrology Moon Horoscope 2015
Gemini Astrology Moon Horoscope 2015 | Source

Gemini 2015 Astrology Horoscope Moon Sign Prediction

Hello Gemini, love is in the air during 2015! As I mentioned in the start of this article, the moon influences our moods and feelings. During 2015 you will be in a romantic mood which will lead to new love interests or rekindle old love. As a matter of fact, you will stay in a romantic mood throughout 2015 so make sure you have enough money put by to spend on roses.

Your romantic mood will lead to some impulsive actions, and you really want to be a bit careful. Try to control your impulses so you don't go off and do something reckless.

This is just on year out of life, and whilst you should enjoy feelings of romance, do not let them lead you into temptation, or even temptations.

You may find you will have a tough time concentrating at work as feelings of love seem to go to your head a little bit. Perhaps you should try to leave your Cupid's bow and arrows at the entrance so you can focus on your work.

If you run your own business, you will have to be extra careful. Failing to pay proper attention to business matters could lead to a potential disaster, so keep an eye on the on what is going and keep a firm hand on the tiller. Especially keep a firm hand on you check book.

Would you like to know more about astrology visit the cafe on the moon, lunar cafe.

Cancer 2015 Astrology Horoscope Moon Sign Prediction

Cancer – 2015 for you might be life changing. The moon is sending out strong energies you way, and as Cancer is the ruler of the moon, you are especially sensitive to such energies.

This year you seem to feel the need to create something more permanent in your life.

You seem to have a need to put down roots, and create a permanent home base. If you are a single Cancerian, marriage might even be on the cards.

If you are a married Cancerian you may start new projects around the home, and improve your home environment. You have already done so previously but for some reason you feel your home need to be more “grounded”. I cannot tell you what this project will be but it might involve your house or the grounds surrounding in it.

Cancerians in business will be looking for long term and firm business associations. Single orders are okay but long term business relationships would give your business a very firm footing which is what you feel you need right now.

Leo Moon Astrology Horoscope 2015
Leo Moon Astrology Horoscope 2015 | Source

Leo 2015 Astrology Horoscope Moon Sign Prediction

Leo – you are feeling brave this year which is a good thing as 2015 might have a few surprises lined up for you. The first six months might be especially trying when it comes to personal relationships, and you feel have to be brave in order to explore unique solutions to family problems. The rest of the year will be a bit “calmer” but don't think it is all going to be smooth sailing.

You will need to look after your health this year as life will get rather stressful at times.

Your health has always been robust but it might be a good idea to learn a few things about health issues which could cause problems for Leos.

Leos in business will have a busy year, if they remember to hang onto that brave feeling.

Going in the same directions as many other businesses is not always profitable but being brave enough to explore new avenues and directions can lead to an increased bank balance for your business.

Virgo Astrology Moon Horoscope 2015
Virgo Astrology Moon Horoscope 2015 | Source

Virgo 2015 Astrology Horoscope Moon Sign Prediction

Virgo – you are normally quite a serious character but this year you will learn to cherish the feelings of adventure and fun which the moon is encouraging.

Your family and friends will be somewhat surprised to discover your new side but they will love this side of you. Take the time to lead your family on some adventures and really try hard to have some fun at the same time.

For Virgos in business this new adventurous feeling might just lead you into trouble.

Taking risks are not normally part of your make up so why change now. If you have not taken risks before now is certainly not the time to start. Consider all new business propositions before you jump in, and think twice before you join forces with new business partners.

Libra 2015 Astrology Horoscope Moon Sign Prediction

Libra – harmony and balance are important parts of your life. During 2015 the moon will encourage you to bring further harmony into your life. Take a look around and see if there are any personal conflicts with family members which can be resolved to create further harmony in your life. Feelings of balance and harmony will bring you great content during 2015.

The same thing applies if you are a Libra in business but the focus is strongly on your interactions with your business not so much the actual business. You have a habit of spending very long hours at work, and perhaps even time working away from the family home. Try to take stock of the situation and see if you can balance the books better between work and home life.

Harmony and balance will apply to all areas of your life this year, and this also means your health. Your body has not been in harmony with itself of the last few years, and you now really need to focus on this. Explore ideas and try to learn what could possibly balance and harmonize your health.

Scorpio Moon Astrology Horoscope 2015
Scorpio Moon Astrology Horoscope 2015 | Source

Scorpio 2015 Astrology Horoscope Moon Sign prediction

Scorpio – feeling a bit out of sorts maybe the best way to describe your how you feel about life this year. You are not normally a person who has the patience to sit down and explore your feelings but you really need to do so this year.

This applies to personal and business relationships, or rather your relationship with work. You do have a tendency to work too hard and too much. Ask yourself why you feel you need to push yourself in this way? What is driving you?

Have you ever thought you might be spending too much time away from yourself? This might seem like a strange statement or question, but what are you really all about.

Don't be afraid to spend time with yourself, and make room for contemplation and the rest will follow.

Sagittarius 2015 Astrology Horoscope Moon Sign Prediction

Sagittarius- feelings of insecurity will be bubbling away just underneath the surface pf every aspect of your life this year. These feelings of insecurity will affect every aspect of your life from your health to personal relationship.

Your insecurity will lead to feelings of being afraid and being hurt. I know that you don't like to show signs of weakness but it is a good idea to talk to your family and friends about your feelings. Perhaps you don't have anything to be insecure, and these feeling are just being imposed on you by the heavens.

If your business, you need to get to the bottom of these feelings very quickly. Being in business and feeling insecure is never a successful combination. It can lead to problems at work, and perhaps even damage commercial relationships. Even worse, it could potentially damage your business.

Capricorn Astrology Moon Horoscope 2015
Capricorn Astrology Moon Horoscope 2015 | Source

Capricorn 2015 Astrology Horoscope Moon Sign Prediction

Capricorn -feeling brainy and smart? The moon will have a very positive influence on your life during 2015. It's energy will make you feel smart and more intelligent so this is the year you want to go ahead with those projections you have consigned to the back of your mind.

It takes both energy and smarts to launch and finish off a new project, and 2015 is most certainly the year for new business starts for all Capricorns.

Try to make the most out of that brainy feeling, and let it guide you towards the right project for you. Your smarts will make sure you make the most out of your new business idea, and by the end of the year you should be able to see some results from all your hard work.

Aquarius 2015 Astrology Horoscope Moon Sign Prediction

Aquarius – stress is also a feeling as well as a physical condition. For some reason you are feeling very stressed, and it seems to be influencing all areas of your life.

In particular your home life is suffering, and your family is beginning to feel it is all their fault. This simply is not true. Your feelings of stress are a direct result of the moon's influence on you, and you need to try to deal with the situation.

Stress will even influence your work or your business so it is really critical that you get to grips with your emotions. The best way forward is to try to help yourself, and consider introducing elements of joy and tranquility in your life.

There are many ways in which you can do that, and one of the best way to deal with stress is to try to relax. Yoga and tai-chi are both two exercise forms which can help you to handle stress.

Also consider adding natural therapies such as aromatherapy massages, and perhaps you should even consider booking a few spa weekends.

Pisces Moon Astrology Horoscope 2015
Pisces Moon Astrology Horoscope 2015 | Source

Pisces 2015 Astrology Horoscope Moon Sign Prediction

Pisces – during 2015 the moon's energy will shower you with feelings of love.

You will be projecting love towards your friends, family and work colleagues.

Be a little bit careful when it comes to your boss. Your colleagues might misinterpret what is going on, and think that you are having an affair with the boss. This could lead to problems for you.

Try to work on new relationships outside your business or place of work. They will become increasingly important throughout the year, and might even lead to unexpected opportunities such as a new job. How long have you been in your old job, Pisces?

Love is a great feeling but to you it often means that you need to nurture or look after other people. How about giving yourself some love? You can't look after other people until you have started to appreciate and love yourself a little bit more. Your health and personal life is just as important as other individuals personal lives and health. Try to look after and love number one a bit more . . . and that is you Pisces.

Try a bit of celestial gardening for relaxation.

Visit the cafe on the moon - No rockets or space ship required to get you there.
Visit the cafe on the moon - No rockets or space ship required to get you there. | Source

Stop for a coffee at the Lunar cafe

Tarot cards and numerology are both interesting concepts which can further guide in your daily life. But where do you find the best advice?

There are numerous web site which offer tarot card readings, and advice on numerology but sometimes they are not always what they claim to be.

A friend of mine, who is a regular user of what I call prediction and advice web sites, has become a bit of an expert on the topic.

My friend Tina is a qualified astrologer and she has reviewed a number of sites. We were having a chat over coffee the other day, and she told me she had recently started to use a site called Lunar Café.

Lunar Café offers easy to use and follow advice on astrology, numerology, tarot cards and the site has learning data base as well. You even test your psychic abilities!

I have checked out the site myself, and I must admit that Tina is right. It is a site which is a little bit different from the average site, and it certainly has a lot to offer.


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