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Astrology: Moon Nodes

Updated on January 28, 2016
The flow of time is not noticed by our conscious mind, but every event is registered in the subconscious mind
The flow of time is not noticed by our conscious mind, but every event is registered in the subconscious mind

The Markers of the Past and the Future

Falling and raising, weeping and laughing, making mistakes and finding the truth in the dark of the night, we walk under the starry sky...

Moon Nodes are not as sensitive as planets. Unlike planets, they aren't sources of energy and they do not represent any principles. Their role is mostly mediating, they represent particularities of the person's development, one's personal evolution and participation in the evolution of the surrounding environment. Moon Nodes characterize the dependence of the inner experience of one's soul on the history of the nation we belong to and our attitude towards this history, as well as evolutionary tendencies of the both.

Any kind of evolution takes place in the balance of the future and the past. If this balance is disturbed in favour of the future, we tend to burn the bridges behind us too quickly. Thus, we forget about our roots and loose the direction we must follow. If the balance is disturbed in favour of the past, then the evolution stops, and we keep still, and then we cannot move further.

Moon Nodes signify precise circumstances, although less definite than houses. The flow of time and the inner and external evolution are often not perceived by our consciousness, but they are always registered by our subconsciousness. And every event and phenomena evokes the following question: what attitude should we show towards it? Is it something old, familiar, that we can easily place in the usual scheme, or is it something radically new, that has to be accepted as it is, and with time, we can find some names for this event, and classify it?

The first kind of attitude is guided by the descending Moon Node while the second one by the ascending Moon Node. We face the same problem when we switch in the social life. Every external event can be perceived as the revelation of the flow of life usual in the society, or as something completely new that enters social life for the first time.

Our perception of these phenomena and our reactions towards them also differ and they are defined by the position of Moon Nodes in our natal chart.

According to the accent that is placed on one of the Moon Nodes and their balance, we can live in yesterday, today or tomorrow
According to the accent that is placed on one of the Moon Nodes and their balance, we can live in yesterday, today or tomorrow

Mastering Moon Nodes

There are three directions to follow as far as mastering of Moon Nodes is concerned: mastering of the descendant Node, mastering of the ascendant Node, and finding balance between the Nodes. It is better to treat ascendant and descendant Nodes not separately but as two faces of the same object.

Moon Nodes play an important part in our life. According to the level of their mastering and the accent that is placed on one of them a daily routine and a personal worldview are formed. For example, we can live in yesterday, in the present moment or in the coming day. Mastering of each of the Nodes takes place according to two following schemes: a deeper and more detailed perception of a phenomena and the correlation of the external and internal meaning of the Node, that is, the problems of social development and a human. Mastering of Moon Nodes can be on different levels, and each Node can be mastered differently, for example, we can master the ascendant Node on the fourth level and the descendant Node on the second level. And only if we study a life of a concrete person, we are able to judge about mastering of their balance.

Parental frustrations are passed over to the children
Parental frustrations are passed over to the children

On the first level of mastering of Moon Nodes, both our conscious and subconscious minds are in correlation with the social ones, and together with everyone, we can be retrograde or greet progressive ideas, especially when they promise us some fast enrichment. On this level, it is useless to discuss with a person what is new and what is not in the society and how we should treat this or that event. Depending on the mutual accentuation and aspects of the Nodes we can be welcoming or hostile towards the future or the past but our opinion stays stable. It is remarkable that the descendant Node defines one's attitude towards the past as it is preserved in the present, which means traditions, stereotype behaviour in some situations, etc. Also, the ascendant Node defines the attitude towards some new elements of the future that have already taken place in the present and are admitted socially.

The attitude towards the tradition on this level is superficial, although it can be dogmatic. We know the tradition and we have acquired some rules that have become dogmas. However, when the situation calls for it, we can forget about both the tradition and our ancestors and we do what we find comfortable to do in the present moment. Also, we do not feel any difference between our words and actions even if someone tries to explain it to us. The typical attitude towards new tendencies is sceptical, with a hint of indulgence.

The development of the inner reality accomplishes on this level by the accumulation of impressions and experiences. We do not become conscious of our experiences of the past nor do we adapt consciously to a new life of our inner reality. These events are looked upon mistrustfully, just like the news of the social life. The past, the present and the future of the external and internal life seem not to be in relation and their mutual influence is not perceived. External and internal reality seem chaotic and static.

For this level, a strict and dogmatic education of children is usual, and it is important that they follow the rules of society, on the one hand, and attain everything in their life that their parents failed to attain, on the other. Thus, parental frustrations are projected on children, and the succession of generations, relation of ages and Moon Nodes balance are observed on the first level of their mastering.

We understand how important it is to preserve the fundamental part of traditions
We understand how important it is to preserve the fundamental part of traditions

On the second level of mastering of Moon Nodes we are sometimes able to form an opinion about this or that event in their relation with the past or the future, and this opinion is not just a social stamp. However, the mastering takes place here not by overcoming of a social stamp but by studying deeper the tradition and realizing this tradition. The ascendant Node is mastered by a more attentive observation of new social phenomena, searching for their roots and problems that brought them to life.

On the whole, we still follow social subconsciousness, but we can distinguish in a tradition its dead part, and the fundamental part that has to be preserved, although this fundamental part is not enough and needs to be ameliorated. When it comes to new social tendencies, we admit that we may misunderstand something as far as problems of the growing generation are concerned, and we need to evolve to understand them. This attitude is much more constructive, and we adapt more easily to the new phenomena of the social life that are totally ignored or take us unawares on the first level of mastering of the Nodes.

As for the evolution of the inner reality, we admit the possibility and even the necessity of the inner evolution, but we are not able to manage it yet. We can, however, track it partially, but we believe with difficulty in the fact that we change, even when it is evident to the people surrounding us. However, the thought of coordination of the inner evolution with that of the society does not occur to us so far, as well as the idea of the mutual relationship of stability and change in the general evolution of a person and the society on the whole. The inner and outer reality seem to evolve, but to see this evolution entirely, and not just by small fragments, is an unmanageable task.

On this level of mastering of Moon Nodes parents allow some freedom as far as education of their children is concerned, and they admit that their children can choose their own destiny, but their behaviour is still thought to be within the same social group. The balance of the Nodes is viewed as the establishment of balanced relationships between children and parents, as children have the same traits of character as their parents did when they were young.

We can observe the social life as a side observer would
We can observe the social life as a side observer would

On the third level of mastering of Moon Nodes we significantly diverge from the social stamps of perception of tradition and new social trends. We have our own opinions considering this or that phenomenon and we can consider rational what is considered positive and necessary in our environment. Meanwhile, we can admit new trends that our contemporaries may deny. But the essential thing is, on this level the individual attitude towards any social trend is being formed. These trends are now distinguished not in accordance with the social stamps of new and old, but as the personal intuition tells. This means that we observe the social life as a side observer would do. This is the level of talented publicists, fashionable writers with a loud reputation, sometimes important social agents. These people can perceive many relations between the past, the present and the future. And they are rarely taken unawares by the future.

In inner life, the third level means that we can clearly see the tendencies of its evolution. We understand what subconscious programs can be considered dead, and what new programs are vital for the future and, in some way, learn how to regulate the psyche.

On this level, one circumstance, before unnoticed, is revealed: the connexion between the difficulties of personal and social development. To understand the first one, it is important to examine the second one, and vice versa. So, we start to understand the duality in a very important aspect - that of a personal and social evolution. Now we can see relations that connect the past, the present and the future of our soul with social events. This makes our inner evolution and our social life conscious, and we start searching consciously our place in the process of evolution.

We observe children as close souls but still, treat them as independent on us, that we have been entrusted with to educate them. And their freedom of destiny choice is perceived as natural. We see our function as educator as mostly spiritual and higher, and we try to transmit our aspirations of a higher level to our children.

We can remember the experience of previous incarnations
We can remember the experience of previous incarnations

On the fourth level of mastering of Moon Nodes we can see the social karma very well. And we have an access to the secret sens of the events and phenomena that take place in the society. These are national prophets and spiritual teachers, sometimes religious, social and political doers. On this level we can influence social processes. Descendant Node signifies tradition that has to be overcome partially, and partially preserved, and be relied upon. Ascendant Node signifies new trends where a rational grain can be distinguished, and we must grow this grain, taking care of the separation of the wheat from the chaff. For this, it is important not to be personally interested and to be extremely honest with ourselves.

There is a quality change that takes place on this level of mastering of Moon Nodes. We start to feel the experience of the previous incarnations of our soul. Sometimes concrete memories come to us. We can foresee our future, even quite exactly. The relation and the unity of the destiny become evident, although the feeling of the complete harmony is not yet attained. On this level, the necessity of the inner work if we want to be successful in the external one is evident, as well as the relation between inner and external problems. Moreover, the latter can be successfully solved if we work on the inner ones.

As far as the education of the children is concerned, the major accent is placed on the possibility of the revelation of their soul. Children feel this attitude and their creativity is then much higher. On this level we can perceive the everyday meaning of trifles, and we can put on them some insignificant limitations. The education will be transmission of spiritual aspiration regardless of the social context.

The situation of Moon Nodes is when old ladies discuss a young generation comparing it to theirs
The situation of Moon Nodes is when old ladies discuss a young generation comparing it to theirs

Moon Nodes Situations

Moon Nodes situation is typical for discussing social development problems in any possible context - it can be two old ladies conversing on degradation of the growing generation compared to the prosperous and fruitful generation of their own, or it can be a magazine article with a polemics on the right to existence of a new style of dance.

Many types of social leisure are related to the shameless exploiting of the Moon Nodes: these are the discussions about fashion and education of children within feminine circles, and conversations about candidates in the elections or political news in the masculine circles. Memories of older times, customs and habits, as well as evaluations of the past by the criteria of the present and future perspectives from the viewpoint of the present are also topics for discussion.

The situation of Moon Nodes of the lower octave is normally that of unbalanced Moon Nodes, that is, one of the Nodes is more stressed than the other. In this case, any discussions are useless, and can be limited to a kind of time-spending, which is not inoffensive, because the idea itself of evolution of the society is being profaned, or the idea of a separate personality that can influence this society. On the other hand, there are no situations of only one of the Nodes, and the theme of the other knot is always present like a background.

The global situation of the Nodes is, for example, the acceptation by the nation of a new religion, or some foreign tradition, when many of old social customs and rituals get new contents. Depending on how balanced Moon Nodes are, these situations can be harmonious or destructive.

In inner life, the situation of Moon Nodes takes place with an accent on one of them: either the evolution of a person is being slowed down by the inert part of the psyche, or new programs integrate in the subconscious mind too rapidly, while the psyche is not yet ready. In any case, the situation of Moon Nodes here must be balanced by refusing to sacrifice new things for the sake of old ones and vice versa.

Strong Moon Nodes give a person who wants to be in the core of all the events
Strong Moon Nodes give a person who wants to be in the core of all the events

Moon Nodes Person

When the descendant Moon Node is stressed, we are tradition-oriented. We would then search with joy the traces of the past in the present, and sometimes we will find something that has been unnoticed by the others. This kind of people are destined to be the guards of the social fundamental traditions, and to be responsible for this ever growing part of society. In extreme case, these people can become retrograde and conservative who would stick to any tradition just because it's a tradition and deny anything new. If worked through, the stressed descendant Moon Node gives a person who can put all the cracks in the basement of the social building, thus keeping it safe and stable, and who will observe, with a side eye-sight, the tendencies of the future development to have them for a reference point.

In inner life, when the descendant Moon Node is stressed, we are inclined to think that we are doing fine, and our psyche only needs some small changes and repairing.

Someone with the stressed ascendant Moon Node is more likely to be interested in new social movements, with good perspectives. In extreme situation, this person is too influenced by new tendencies and fashion, superficially looking at them, rather than following the deeper tendencies that they might reflect. If worked through, this Node gives a person who can shrewdly see the present, and evaluating the sprouts of the future in detail, helps to develop them, considering the particularities of their root system that must grow through the present to the future and establish itself firmly in the deeper layers of the past, which is being observed also.

In inner life, the stressed ascendant Moon Node makes us aspire something new, whatever it might be. We can be bored with ourselves and have a sharp need for new friends, place of work or new activities. On a higher level of mastering of this Node, we will try to work on some qualities that we can develop, even though we have a vague idea if they will correlate with other parts of our psyche. If better work is done, this teaches us how to be wise and not to hurry the events, and learn how to balance our new qualities with old ones, without hurting ourselves. However, the idea that older subconscious programs can be mended, repaired and renewed, stays alien for a long time, for when the ascendant Node is stressed, it seems much easier to throw the old stuff away rather than repair it.

Strong Nodes would make a person who needs to be in the core of all the events. The past and the future make us then very restless. Old traditions need to be renewed, and new tendencies have to be considered and merged with old ones. When worked through, this gives a person who is able to penetrate to the core of social events and then the idea is born of the necessity to find the synthesis of tradition and new trends and show concrete ways of social development, which corresponds exactly to the karma of Moon Nodes.


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    • avorodisa profile imageAUTHOR

      Anna Sidorova 

      7 years ago from Russia

      Hello Jean Bakula, thanks for your feedback. Glad to bring something new to you.

      tammyswallow, thanks for the compliment.

    • tammyswallow profile image


      7 years ago from North Carolina

      Deep astrology.. Excellent!

    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 

      7 years ago from New Jersey

      Hello avorodisa,

      This was a fascinating hub. In all my years of astrological work, I was not aware of moon knots (and I'm a Cancerian)! Your work is always different, exciting and well written. Thanks for a great piece of work, I was recognizing people, and myself, as I was reading this!

    • avorodisa profile imageAUTHOR

      Anna Sidorova 

      7 years ago from Russia

      Thank you! I will try to write more on astrology in the future!

    • Keith Matyi profile image

      Keith Matyi 

      7 years ago from Denton, TX

      WOW! What a great Hub! I am going to read more of your hubs. Keep up the good work!


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