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Spending Habits of Each Astrological Sun Sign

Updated on August 4, 2017
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Of course upbringing does have some effect on how we deal with our money. For instance, being raised in a penny pinching family could make you be a bargain hunter while being raised in a spend thrift environment could teach you to never save for a rainy day. However, the traits of the astrological sign that you are born under will create a thumb print on the relationship that you have with money.

Aries - I Forgot my Wallet

Aries is the sign that will gladly let someone else pick up the tab. The problem is that because they are considered the "baby" of the zodiac, other signs instinctively want to take care of them. This sign has a tendency of jumping from job to job which causes them to never really have a bank account that isn't down to the last dollar on payday. When they do have money, it all goes out to bills. This sign usually lives on credit which gives them a dangerously high credit rating with no liquid assets.

Taurus - It's Good to be King

Taurus has the ability to make a lot of money. They will work hard at what they do for a living and are always well paid for it. They love to throw money around and appear like they are better off than they really are. Luxury is important to them so they will buy the best there is. "Bigger is better" is the motto that they live by. Their credit rating may not be the best because they do like to live above their means. On the flip side, they have an uncanny way of saving money if it is for something extravagant or a pleasure trip. This sign will cash in their 401k for a diamond if they think that it will impress their friends. Taurus has a hard time being able to retire because of not saving enough for their retirement age.

Gemini - Home Shopping Club VIP

Geminis are the impulse buyer of the zodiac. Not much thought is put into if they can afford it or not. They love to shop and are never "just looking". Geminis are a retail sales person's dream. If the sales person is not good at their job, they will still get a sale out of a Gemini. They are very generous with their money and like to give gifts to the people that they love. Geminis are shrewd business people but they are not very good at handling their personal finances. Making them a bankruptcy risk.

Cancer - Early Bird Special

Cancers are a bit cheap. They are not the sign that you will find paying full price for anything. If they can find it used, they will buy it and tell their friends that it was a fabulous antique find. They don't have a problem with spending money when it comes to travel. Travel is what Cancers love most and will do it as often as possible. Cancers are hard workers and save most of what they make. Their credit rating is often very good because they never max out their credit cards (or should I say credit card). Cancers won't have more credit lines than they absolutely need because the thought of paying fees or interest makes them want to go and hide into their shells.

Leo - I'm so Pretty. Oh so Pretty

Leos like to adorn themselves with shiny things. They have no problem spending money at the spa and they have a line of credit at every jewelry store in town. This sign will want to have the biggest house in the neighborhood whether they can afford it or not. It is all about surrounding themselves with beauty. Leos are good leaders and managers so they find themselves in the highest paying job in the company. They are fair at managing their money and don't have a problem with saving for a rainy day. However, if they feel the need to spoil themselves, they will do it and not care if it is on sale or not.

Virgo - Pocket Paralysis

Virgos are not really cheap as much as they are tight. This is not the sign that will buy something on a whim. They will research a potential purchase for so long that it isn't made anymore by the time they are ready to buy. Their bank accounts are always well above the minimum so that they never pay a fee. Excellent savers in a traditional way. Investing in anything risky will never happen. Virgos are very hard workers and tend to stay at the same company for years. They have an amazing credit rating and always pay their bills the same day that they get them.

Libra - I'll Worry About Tomorrow the Day After

Libra is the procrastinator of the zodiac. This means that they rarely get a good deal on anything. They will book their plane tickets the day before for a trip that was planned months ago. Libras rarely save for a rainy day and unless there is a strong Virgo in their chart, they will be broke the day after payday. Budget is a word that hurts their ears. Libras are very good at whatever they decide to do for work, Working where debating or negotiating is necessary would be an excellent fit. They like to spend money on their loved ones and friends and will give their last dollar to someone in need.

Scorpio - My Home is My Castle

Scorpios are all about their security so their home is quite important to them. They will pay for the roof over their head first and foremost no matter what. Scorpios are goal setters and have no problem cutting back on extras to achieve a financial goal. They are very intuitive when it comes to investing and often make money on risks that most people would fear to take. Scorpios have the ability to transform their bank accounts back into the black after a major setback. Being the most secretive sign of the zodiac, it is not uncommon for them to have a secret stash of cash somewhere that only they know about. They will spend money on their family without a second thought but have a hard time spending it on themselves. Their credit ratings are like a roller coaster going from excellent to poor to excellent again. Extremely hard workers and are usually the best at what they do no matter what they have chosen to do for a living.

Sagittarius - The Drinks are on Me

Sagittarius love to entertain. They will throw lavish parties and love to treat their friends when they are out. This sun sign likes to have the finer things in life and loves to share whatever they have. They are good savers when they need to but it usually isn't for long term. Their credit cards are often maxed out due to overspending on fun. They are sharp dressers and like to spend money on how they look. This is the luckiest sign of the zodiac and will win at random games of chance. Excellent sales people because they have the gift of gab and will make good money doing it. Retirement will come easy to them because they will not dip into their 401k before they are ready to retire. Mostly because they simply forgot that they had it.

Capricorn - Who Said That Money Doesn't Grow on Trees

Capricorns can make money out of absolutely nothing. They have the ability to buy something for a dollar and resell it for twenty if they want to. Capricorns like to have money coming in from several different sources and spread it out in many different accounts. They will tell you they are broke when they have thousands in the bank. Not because they are cheap but because they have a natural fear of going broke. Capricorns will work until a ripe old age only because they like to collect money. Their credit rating is always stellar because they don't abuse it. They are wise about their investments and not afraid to take a bit of a risk as long as it is still calculated to some degree.

Aquarius - Hey Brother Can You Spare a Dime?

Aquarius is the humanitarian of the sun signs. They might not give up their money but they are the ones that will go out of their way to bring a homeless person breakfast every morning. Aquarius is shrewd with money. They play it pretty safe and invest is solid ways. This is a sign that is not focused on living lavishly at all. Not that they will live in squaller but they get just as much use out of thrift shop dining table as they would a brand new one. They will even brag about how little they spent when someone compliments their thrifty purchase. Because they are the humanitarian, they are great at work that involves getting donations for the needy. Also they are excellent politicians or lobbyist.

Pisces - As Long as I Have Checks, I Have Money

Pisces and money really don't get along. They are not very good at saving or spending wisely. This sign tends to be overdrawn quite often in their bank account. This is mostly because money is just not that important to them. This is a sign that needs to hire someone to handle their money. They like get rich quick schemes and have no problem starting up a business on a whim and hoping that it all works out. If a Pisces has a savings account, it will only be used to move money over to checking when they need to. Pisces will change careers many times and leave money behind without caring about. They are the sign that tips way more than they should when they go out. Not to show off but because they are very generous with money. They are not big gamblers when it comes to games of chance but when they do gamble they usually win. This is because they are very intuitive and will buy a lottery ticket because it felt right at the time. Unfortunately, anything that they do win will not last long.


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