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Astrology: The Eighth House

Updated on February 29, 2012

In astrology, the Eighth House is ruled by Scorpio. This means that many of the issues that will be dealt with here will be those that are naturally associated with Scorpio energy. This house deals with things like personal transformation, the cycle of life (both spiritual and physical), interpersonal communications that require going deep within, and money (yours and your significant other's). There are other aspects that will be focused on here, but these are the major themes. To learn more about how the Astrological 8th House affects you, please continue reading!

Interpersonal Relationships

How you relate to others and how they in turn relate to you will be influenced by the energy associated with this house. Negative influences here might indicate that you have a suspicious nature and are unwilling (and possibly unable) to trust those around you. Positive influences could mean that you are able to strike the perfect balance. And of course there are the extremes -- you might sacrifice yourself to the point that others take advantage of you and your own growth is stunted because of it. All of these aspects are dealt with here, as well as how those around you respond to your energy. Are they accepting of you? Do they walk all over you? Do they respect your boundaries? By examining your natal chart, you can find out exactly why you have the relationships that you do.


Personal Regeneration and Rebirth

Most of us are not born with the stars so perfectly aligned that we automatically strike the perfect balance in our personal relationships. We are usually born with an important lesson to learn here, and once you've figured out what it is, you will be able to rise above them and take yourself, and your relationships to the next level. This is a form of personal rebirth, in that you are evolving into a person who no longer overdoes it, or underdoes it, with those around them. If you master the lessons this house brings forth, you will have been essentially reborn in one way or another.

Money, Money, Money

The house of Scorpio has quite a lot of influence over the money in your life. And I'm not just talking about how much you make from your job. This also includes the money you might inherit, tax issues, the money you loan to others and the money that is or is not paid back to you, the money your significant other brings in, and just about anything else you can think of that has to do with money. If you have had money problems throughout life, you may want to delve deeper into your chart to see what lesson the 8th House is trying to teach you.


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