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Astrology: The Eleventh House

Updated on February 29, 2012

The Astrological 11th House is all about experiencing life outside of the box. This house is ruled by Aquarius, so it's no wonder the events found here will have to do with your own personal hopes and dreams, as well as things like idealism, exploring the world through new relationships and things of that nature. The way you interpret these issues will depend on the aspects found in your birth chart, so take a good look at yours and then please continue reading below!


The 11th House has much to do with altruistic tendencies, or a lack thereof. There is an ethical and moral code to be explored here in some way, shape or form. If you've got an innate desire to travel the world inch by inch and help each culture and society improve and flourish, you probably have some complementary aspects that gel with the natural Aquarius energy here. If you're the total opposite, then you've got some issues that need dealing with! Most of us, however, will be somewhere in the middle and your own particular chart will determine to what degree and how it manifests.


The Path to Success

Aquarius energy will often lead to pursuing a goal in a unique and original way. If you are someone who is able to approach an old problem with a new and imaginative approach, then the stars have been kind to you with this house. If you are unable to think outside of the box and need rigid rules and regulations to accomplish anything, then your chart probably wants you to learn something here. Not because rules and regulations are bad things, but because all of our major dislikes are there to teach a lesson of some kind.


Aquarians usually have a highly diverse group of friends from all backgrounds and walks of life. They enjoy meeting new people and learning new things from them. Complementary aspects here will make it easy for you to join new groups and get on well with those in them, and without having to change yourself in any way. Negatives, conflicting aspects might mean that you are unable to interact well with those outside of your culture or specific group of people you feel comfortable with, and that probably means you're meant to learn how to do so! Discomfort is always a sign of something to be overcome, instead of just avoided and ignored.


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