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Astrology: The Fifth House

Updated on February 25, 2012

The astrological Fifth House is what I like to call the Fun House. This is the part of your birth chart that indicates creativity, spontaneity (and other aspects of how we react to our environment), personal interactions of a romantic nature, favorite activities and also our children. This is a house of learning through experimentation, getting to know the world around us in manner similar to the way a child would as they progressed through developmental stages. To find out more, please continue on!


Your inner Romeo or Juliet comes out to play via the 5th house. This aspects influence the way you relate and interact with those you are romantically, or just physically, attracted to. The desire to share a bond like this will be affected by whatever placements you've got here. For example, someone with a prominent Capricorn placement might be very cautious when entering into any sort of romantic entanglement, whereas someone with a strong Aries placement might just run head-first into the breach and ask questions much, much later -- if ever!



A passion for the arts, whether it be fine art or theatrical (or any variation thereof) is going to be influenced by aspects of you natal chart. Do you enjoy art? Do you enjoy making it, or just looking it? Do you find it utterly boring? No matter the answer, your astrological chart will have a say in your opinions of such things. This aspect can also mean personal style and how you present yourself. Do you dress like a wild, carefree person? Or are you traditional? All of this will depend on your chart.

Parenting / Childrearing

How you relate to your children is defined here. The skills you acquire will depend on other placements, but the way you put them to use is determined here, in the fifth house. Are you a playful parent, or someone whose style is traditional or very strict? All of that will be affected by your planetary influences in this house. The way your own children progress through life and their own personal achievements can also be reflected in this area.


Your ability to feel as though you're fulfilled is also part of the fifth house. Are you able to tap directly into your own bliss? Are you restrictive of self, disallowing yourself to feel happiness on the deepest level? These are all lessons dealt to us by this house, and no matter where you are now, you still have time to overcome these internal obstacles and reach an area of personal happiness.


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