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Astrology: The First House

Updated on February 25, 2012

There are twelve houses to be interpreted in the astrological birth chart. The first house is the very start of the basic blueprint that makes us who we are. Placements here are more commonly known as the rising sign, or the ascendant. Depending on what influences were present in this house at the time of your birth, your personality and character will be reflect these influences in a particular way. To learn more, please continue reading!

The Astrological Mask

The sign that was coming up over the horizon at the time of your birth is your rising sign, or ascendant. It basically serves as a mask, and is one of the most common reasons people walk around thinking their astrological sign is nonsense -- if you seem nothing at all like your sun sign, it probably means your rising sign has a very strong placement. This mask is how others will often perceive you, for better or for worse. To use my own chart as an example, I've got an Aries sun and Gemini ascendant. While I would consider myself to be a classic Aries in most ways, I have some very prominent Gemini traits that are easily seen even at great distances. For example, I am far more talkative and communicative than most Aries. I am not quite so chatty as a classic Gemini, but I can give them a good run for their money!


The First Impression

This is the sign that will often precede you as you go through life. People will often associate you with the energy attached to your rising sign and this will be the first impression you tend to make. Even if you're a classic example of your own sun sign, this will still play a prominent role in how you are perceived by others.

Physical Appearance

This is the sign that governs who you appear to be in terms of physical appearance, as well. How you carry yourself, how you dress, how you define yourself in terms of personal style -- all of these things will reflect on your rising sign to some degree.

Personal Identity

The first house is a reflection of who you see yourself to be, as well. Your own personal identity and how you view your surrounding in relation to self. If you have a strong placement here, as I do, you may even feel highly conflicted at times and feel pulled in two distinct directions between your sun and rising sign. I'm not talking about classic identity issues, mind you. As an example, let's say you're a Pisces Sun and Leo Ascendant. You may feel torn inside as to whether or not you want the world to see you as the quiet, dreamy Piscean, or the majestic Leo who desires to be at center stage at all times.


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