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Astrology: The Ninth House

Updated on February 29, 2012

The Astrological 9th House is all about personal growth and broadening your spiritual horizons. Pursuing a higher level of education, determining what spirituality means to you, examining the religions of the world, learning about other societies and cultures, your personal goals and more are all covered here in the ninth house. It is naturally ruled by Sagittarius and this energy will interact with whatever aspects you've got in this house to present the best lessons possible. The important thing is to keep an open mind. For more information, please continue reading!


Sagittarius likes to know things, so it's only natural that the house ruled by it would have much to do with higher education. However, this doesn't necessarily have to mean going to university and pursuing a PhD in something -- it can mean personal study as well. You can learn plenty on your own with the right level of motivation, and the energy of Sagittarius can really propel you ahead in that regard. So whether you're studying biology or you just want to learn all you can about the Beatles, this thirst for knowledge is covered in the 9th House.


Adventure and Travel

Have you got wanderlust running through your veins? If so, whatever aspects are found in your natal chart are clearly in harmony with the natural ruler of this astrological house. Sagittarius loves to go on big trips, and if you do too, you've got complementary aspects in your astrological makeup. But if you're like me, someone who has no desire to travel at all (even though I have lived in numerous states and countries!), then you've probably got some sort of conflict going on in your chart. This is not necessarily a bad thing and there are always lessons to be learned. For example, even though I am not keen on travel, I have adjusted to living abroad and quite enjoy it. So no matter what issues you've got, you can always overcome them.

Dissemination of Knowledge

Whatever knowledge you acquire, you are meant to share it with others. Seek out the people who could benefit from your education (whatever level it may be and in whatever field) and give back by teaching them what you know. Sagittarius energy is great for this, so make use of the natural ruling element. If you are particularly opposed to sharing your knowledge with others, you should probably take a closer look at your chart to see what element is blocking you and giving rise to such resistance.


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