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Astrology: The Second House

Updated on February 25, 2012

Our astrological charts are comprised of twelve houses and each plays an important role in defining who we are at our core. The Second House represents what sort of material possessions you've got, how you got them in the first place, and how well you manage to hold onto them. It also influences your views and prioritization of things like family and self. It rules a number of other aspects of self as well, which we'll get to in a moment. For the most part, this is the house that reveals how well your own personal house is order.

Personal Values

Depending on the astrological placements in your chart, this is the house that determines what you value most. What does money mean to you? Is it more important to surround yourself with quality possessions, or quality friends? How hard are you willing to work to acquire them, and what would you sacrifice in order to make sure you get to keep them? These are all important issues this house will bring forth for you to explore and deal with.


Personal Finances

How easy is it for you to draw money into your life? The influences in your second house will have much to say about that, because it will play a big part in whether or not your subconscious feels that you deserve to be rich or not. If you've got issues with money, the second house is trying to teach you a lesson. Once you overcome those issues, the universe will turn full circle and those problems will cease to exist.

Family Values

Family is likely to be very important to anyone with a strong placement here, but as with anything, other aspects can lead to complications. This house will determine how well you interact with your family, your friends and anyone else you hold dear. Do you put them before your job? Before your own personal gains? Are you willing to give up your own personal comforts in order to see them happy? Much of that will be decided by influences here.

Care of Self

This house can also have a strong influence on how you look after yourself. Physically, I mean. Do you eat well, sleep well, keep yourself in decent shape? Or do you spend too much time focusing on less important things and sacrifice yourself in the process? It's important to realize that, while security is important to everyone, a financially secure environment cannot be enjoyed if you run yourself into the ground trying to acquire it.


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