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Astrology: The Seventh House

Updated on February 25, 2012

The astrological Seventh House is the direct opposite of the First House. The First House is called the ascendant, and as one might expect, the Seventh House is called the descendant. They are polar opposites in the sense that your ascendant is all about you, you, you -- and the descendant is all about you + your significant other. Here you will discover who you are when it comes to real commitment in a romantic relationship in terms of what you can give and what you need in return. This house encompasses more than this, however, as we will see in a few moments.

Love Partnerships

The Seventh House will determine how you enter into a romantic commitment, and how you behave for the duration of it. This does not govern the occasional fling, but rather something with substance that requires a deeper level of emotional commitment. It needn't be proper marriage in the legal sense, but can also include any serious relationship in which two people feel the same sort of connection. Are you a commitment-phobe? If so, it will probably be quite clear in your chart!


All Other Partnerships

The rest of your relationships that require some deeper commitment are reflected in the Seventh House, too. Business partnerships included. How you develop and maintain these relationships will be influenced by positive or negative aspects seen in your natal chart. This could also extend to the best friend, or the mentor / student relationship, if it is one that continues for many years. Other work relationships can be included here as well if they are developed enough.


Sacrifice is something else to be learned in this house. What are you willing to do for your partner, be it your spouse or someone you work with? Are you able to put your own needs aside, step out of self for a moment, and help the other person? Only your chart will tell you how easily this task will come to you, but if you're finding it difficult to do such things, you should take a look at what lessons are being placed before you, so that you can overcome them while there is still enough time to enjoy the benefits of doing so.

Justice / Revenge / Legal Issues

Your sense of justice will be influenced by aspects in this house. Are you someone who seeks justice with a fair sense of play, or someone who simply wants to exact revenge at any given opportunity? Or, are you someone who just lets everyone get away with the worst they can throw your way? All of these personality traits have something to learn here.


Your relationship with your own personal enemies and adversaries will be seen in the Seventh House. Or are you someone who hasn't got any? The latter is doubtful, though the level to which the animosity runs might be far more shallow than most! How do you interact with them? Are you antagonist? Do you enjoy perpetuating the negativity? Do you turn a blind eye? Do you try to improve the situation? The style with which you handle your enemies is greatly influenced by this aspect.


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