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Astrology: The Third House

Updated on February 25, 2012

The astrological Third House is all about you and your own personal style of communication. Placements here will determine how easy it is for you to express yourself, and your preferred methods of doing so. Individual education will play a part in this as well, as well as your personal attitude toward it. Travel and transportation are also part of this house, though not quite to the same extent as communication. To learn more, please see below!


Though not quite the same level of influence as communication, we'll start with this because it does lay a foundation. This aspect will play a role in your childhood education, which will then in turn have a significant influence on how your communication style develops. Are you a talker? A writer? Do you prefer to communicate by using non-verbal methods? All of these things are learned as children and much of it via our peers. Of course, other things will influence communication style, but this needs to be mentioned because it lays the basic foundation.



The 3rd house is the primary ruler of your communicative style. Gemini is the natural ruler of this sign, and Geminis have the gift of gab. Gemini's can also appear quite differently to different people, and this influence may lend you those same qualities. For example, you may develop a particular communication style with your friends, but seem to be the polar opposite to your colleagues. Then again, you may be exactly the same across the board! It all depends on what aspects are at play. But whatever they are, they will go far in determining how you communicate.


The Third House rules analysis and the personal variety is part of that. Aspects here will see to it that you are either very good at analyzing yourself, as many Geminis are, or they will virtually barricade you from doing so! Or something in-between, as I reckon most people tend to be. As someone with a Gemini ascendant, I am very self-analytical, so it's hard for me to imagine being anything less than extreme in that respect!

Analysis and Problem Solving

General analysis and problem solving can be found here as well. Strong influences could create a virtual computer mind that even a robot would envy! This is the house that will help or hinder one from figuring out the world around them, as well as aiding them in spreading that information around to those who are still in the dark about it.

Personal Style

Not quite so strong an influence as the rest, but an influence nonetheless. Those who may otherwise have difficulty expressing their inner self might, with a prominent placement here, be a prime example of those you see walking around with brightly colored hair or wacky clothes. That may very well be their only line to self-expression at the innermost level, whereas other types of aspects might manifest in someone who fully blends in with the crowd. You never know!


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