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Astrology: The Twelfth House

Updated on October 21, 2012

The Astrological 12th House often gets a bad rap, but I am of the opinion that magical things can be found here. In fact, I would argue that is could very well be the most important house of the entire lot! Why? Because this house deals with who we are, deep down inside, at our best and worst. While it's interesting to learn about how we relate to the world around us through other houses, we are really here to learn how to evolve at deeper, more spiritual level. Yes, part of that comes from the interactions and other issues found in the other houses, but the 12th House is like a magic wand that can either block our progress, or give us a leg up -- and it's a wand we can actually learn to wave with our own hands. Faith and belief in self are the keys to such abilities, and we all have ample supplies of both if we look deep enough within ourselves.


Dark, Hidden Places

The deepest, darkest corners of your soul, the place you go when you feel depressed and unable to go on, are located here in the 12th House. It's a place where no one enjoys spending time, and a place that few people can avoid at will. But this is precisely where we belong in certain moments, as the lessons involved in facing our deepest darkest fears (of self, of those around us, etc) are paramount to our development. Only by staring our true selves in the face can we learn who we really are, and who we were meant to be. So while the deep, dark depths of your soul might be frightening, they also hold the most potential for growth and personal happiness.


We are all born with the ability to become a psychic, but many of us block ourselves from that possibility from a young age because we learn early on that society generally believes such abilities to be nonsense and this filters through to impressionable young minds. If you have always known you were psychic, and if you've mastered your skills, you've probably got highly complementary aspects in the 12th House. If you can't even fathom the idea of being psychic, then that is quite the combination of self-doubt, which is governed by this house and psychism, which is the birthright of Pisces, who rules this house! If you would like to become more psychic than you are now, study your natal chart to determine what aspects are blocking this from happening. Once you've mastered the lesson this blockage is meant to teach you, your psychic abilities should open up. It might require considerable effort to do so, depending on other influences in your chart, but all obstacles all surmountable, as you were born with the strength and aptitude to overcome any challenges set before you. It is simply a matter of believing in yourself.

Psychological Illness

Unfortunately, this house also rules mental illness and mental breakdowns -- particularly those that come about as the direct result of not being able to evolve spiritually. When your soul is ready to move forward, you will be thrust into the situation most useful for getting you from point A to point B. If you resist this (spiritually) tooth and nail, you may find yourself spiraling downward into a depression or other type of illness. Drug abuse and other self-destructive behaviors could result, and are also natural issues ruled by this house. That said, it is imperative to remember that no matter what you are experiencing, it is not more than you can handle. Every life challenge is there to educate you and help you grow spiritually and mentally.


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