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Astrology: Why People Believe in it?

Updated on December 1, 2017
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Stella works on Greek Secondary Education. She is a teacher in Greek Language and Sociology. She holds a master's degree in literature.

Is there a meaning in the stars?
Is there a meaning in the stars? | Source

Many people believe in Astrology. Most of them read their horoscope when they are passing through difficult times. They plan their day based on this. "We need not feel ashamed of flirting with the zodiac.The zodiac is well worth flirting with," said D.H. Lawrence, the English poet. Some people often wonder: Do zodiac signs mean anything?

Definition of Astrology

Astrologers associate planet movements with human actions. They believe people with the same date of birth have similar personality attributes.

The zodiac signs
The zodiac signs | Source

Many People Appreciate the Zodiac Signs

The 1/3 of Americans believe in astrology. In the U.S. there are thousands of astrologers. The annual turnover is over 200 million dollars. In Europe, the ¾ of British read daily predictions in the press. The Daily Mail’s horoscope columns have one million readers. Italians spend 5 billion to astrologers. Also, many celebrities trust them e.g., Churchill, Britney Spears, J. K. Rowling, etc. The influential writer Arthur C. Clarke once said: “I don’t believe in astrology; I’m a Sagittarius and we are skeptical.” Why are smart people obsessed with reading horoscopes?

The Future Prediction

The phenomenon of belief in Astrology has deep roots. This form of divination began from the men of Mesopotamia. There was priesthood power. People want to know and dominate their destiny. The seers served this need. Even today, any philosophy which shows the coming events is fascinating. No one stays untouched.

People believe in magic and future prediction
People believe in magic and future prediction | Source

Astrology is Tradition

These theories exist from antiquity. Everybody respects them. Societies believe in old wisdom. They respect the older men’s knowledge. Mankind believed in astrology long before science. It is thus natural for humans to follow a long tradition. They do not question the horoscopes. One cannot separate between people who believe in proverbs from those who believe in astrology.

Metaphysical Explanation

We link Astrology with metaphysics. They provide life explanations. The human fear of the unknown and death created them. People always seek comfort in supreme beings and forces. It is encouraging to know an unknown power exists. This force is the reason for everything that happens on the earth. A supreme power has designed the world. This configures our fortunes. Astrology tells us we can take part in this project. We can foresee our future.

We can control our lives and predict the future. It's an optimistic outlook. This helps unfortunate people. We read the zodiac signs when we face misfortunes. In contrast, when everything is perfect in our lives, we do not read them at all. The man will embrace whatever comforts him even the absurd. People want to control the situations. They also wish to transfer the responsibility in volatile forces.

Metaphysical Questions
Metaphysical Questions | Source

Lack of Knowledge

People often face the difficulty of ignorance. Everybody wants to know something about his future. Even if this knowledge is unreasonable. Many times, the world confuses us. We search for meaning where there is none. This is strange in the modern era of science. Many people are unhappy with their current situation. The future predictions give them hope. The result is a bunch of non-rational theories.

William Shakespeare: "It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves; we are underlings."

Astrologer in the role of Psychoanalyst

Many times, the astrologers have a consultative role. They speak as psychotherapists and give advice about problems. But anyone can become a soothsayer! You can't exercise psychology if you're not a psychologist!

Astrology shows Personal Interest

People are always interested to learn something about their lives. Astrology predictions satisfy our vanity. They give our life enormous value. Each zodiac sign is a personal character description. We are fascinating in astrology as we like the graphology, tarot cards, palmistry, etc. It's nice to feel that astrologers understand us. It is charming someone to recognize our advantages and defects. We may negate their criticism. They are not scientists. If we don’t like their prediction we can disprove it.

Astrology helps human interactions
Astrology helps human interactions | Source

Zodiac Signs help us Make Friends

Zodiac signs help us relate and communicate. The question: "What star sign are you?" starts a discussion. This helps break the ice. The astrology discussion makes people more relaxed and comfortable in a social situation.

Is Astrology Science?

Scientists discovered the planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in the last few centuries. Do these planets have astrological importance? If so, the ancient horoscopes were wrong. Also, how did people realize the astrological influence? They do not see them by their planet names. The astronomers chose them. Astrologers insist planets affect us because we are all connected in the universe.

Francis Bacon: "Dreams, and predictions of astrology....ought to serve but for winter talk by the fireside."

Astrology is not science!
Astrology is not science! | Source

Every astrologer has created its own system of planets. Their evaluations are different. Every time you visit them, they will have different views on you. Astrologers do not think the same. We can characterize astrology as an art. It is not science. The horoscopes are vague enough. They can describe any personality and life. Astrologers say people with the same date of birth have similar qualities. But, there is a great difference in the personality of people with similar astrological map (e.g., twins).

The James Randi Experiment

It is interesting to describe the professor James Randi's experiment. He said to his students that an astrologer had written their horoscopes. Then he gave these to them. Students read them. Almost all of them felt they described their own lives. After that, Randi told them to swap horoscopes. They discovered that all of them had received the same zodiac analysis!

“So few people admit to believing in astrology, but I am yet to meet anyone who doesn't know their star sign,” said P.K. Shaw, the poet and writer. People read their horoscope stems because they are superstitious. Others get an excuse for their negative traits or actions. Some men like to read horoscopes because they are emotional texts. They read them and feel comfortable. Others hope that a positive change will happen in their life. The zodiac predictions make them feel stronger about the future. We admit the astrological predictions are very vague. However, it is harmless to believe in zodiac signs.

Do you believe in astrology?

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    • stelaligizaki profile image

      Stella Aligizaki 4 months ago from Greece

      I agree with you, Sandy. I often read the zodiac signs and sometimes I hope there is some truth in them. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    • gotinfo profile image

      Sandy Carlson 4 months ago from Southern California

      I really enjoyed this article. I do believe astrology has a place in how our world works but I don't allow it to strictly direct me. I believe astrology is part of understanding the secrets of the world and a reminder there is always much more to know.

    • stelaligizaki profile image

      Stella Aligizaki 4 months ago from Greece

      Thanks Kari. I appreciate your comment. Kind Regards!

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 4 months ago from Ohio

      Nice article on why we choose to believe in astrology. I really liked the Randi experiment! I agree, it is an art.