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Astrology is Satan's 'Cast'.....

Updated on March 23, 2018

What is astrology, ultimately? Does its knowledge eventually enhance or limit our existence?

I was reflecting on the Bible's condemnation of astrology and divination recently. However, I feel hypocritical at times because I am knowledgeable and practice such things.

I am an honest person, so at times it's hard for me to reconcile all of this. I have been led down this path, or journey, for a reason. I know that and feel God's love returned to me everyday because of proceeding on this path.

But, many people, with conventional Christian beliefs, have accused me of going in the wrong direction because of these Bible passages.

I had a friend from college for many years. In 2014, we got together for our birthdays, which are both in the month of September. She confronted me in the restaurant that I was 'on a path of destruction' doing psychic readings, and it was not in harmony with the Bible.

I was so outraged, that I stormed out of the restaurant, and let her pay for the meal I had promised to cover as my gift to her.

Am I ashamed of how I handled this incident? Yes! Have I learned from it, absolutely. But, it also gives me some perspectives on the angles of truth in her argument, and how it could have been incorporated into my own observations.

At that time, I had been a professional reader for a year and a half. Not a lot of time had passed. My own views of astrology had been formed at a time when my flexibility of thought was in a much more rigid state.

Since participating in my 'body recovery journey' that was inspired in the beginning of 2016 by a series of Tarot spreads, I have found that gradually, I am able to tolerate differences of opinion a lot more easily. My defensiveness reactions in my body that I used to feel (getting trembly, polarized, the desire to lash out at being challenged) have greatly diminished.

I have struggled all my life with hair-trigger passion and reactivity. I found that I carry a genetic disease called hemochromatosis. My version of the disease shuttles iron up to my brain tissue (H63D).

When dealing with the nutritional approaches to this disease, I learned about iron chelators such as alpha-lipoic acid, melatonin, turmeric, and green tea, that are able to cross the blood-brain barrier. Using these four substances, I was able to gain a more rational, less reactive response, over time.

Now, getting to the argument on astrology being 'Satan's cast'.

I have been inspired to come up with this analogy due to the discourse in the Biblical book of Job. Paraphrasing this discussion, God says to Satan each time Satan apporaches God: 'What have you been doing, Satan?' Satan replies, 'Oh, just hanging around the earth and controlling it'.

Does God prevent Satan from doing anything to Job? No, he doesn't. He has the ability to see all things therefore Satan's wrongs are turned into a right.

I believe, after seeing thousands of astrological charts, that Satan does a similar thing when we are born, and that's what becomes our astrology chart.

Our personality is shaped by the 'Prince of this World'. But, what does astrology ultimately do for us? Is it ultimately something that inspires us to become our best self? Or does it ultimately limit us?

I believe the latter, after going through my channeled funnel of ascension, by choosing to participate in God's plan to restore my own health.

I say this because I was one of those people who would get paranoid and often suffer during Mercury retrogrades. It was like a self-fulfilling prophecy occurring.

When I channeled up the ascension funnel, choosing not to look at my astrology map as a curse of fate, never to be transcended, or that God's providence couldn't protect me from what was 'written in the stars', I noticed that I could more easily resist a Grand Cross (which I am experiencing right now with the Sun in Aries, Mars in Capricorn causing a cross with my natal Moon in Cancer and Pluto/Mercury in Libra).

Four years ago, the Cardinal Grand Cross of April 23rd, 2014, hit me really heavy. I had a similar incident telling a recovering pharmacist's husband that I would never talk to them again. This woman's husband had said some profanities to me out of a need to confront me for leaving my son behind at a different time than he would have wished.

Again, I could have handled the situation better, but my vibration was so low that I chose to shout out back, punish both him AND my friend for allowing such a behavior to happen, like it was all 'their fault'.

Where was my part in fighting the urge and inspiring both of them out of it? I could have responded differently.

So, here's my conclusion.

Satan's lies always have an element of truth in them. Take note of this fact, it will help decode all of Satan's lies around you.

The same is true with astrology. I feel, after doing thousands of charts, that it is Satan's 'cast', surrounding us like a cast on a broken limb. It helps to stabilize the limb while it is healing. But, does it help achieve the full potential OF that limb?

No. It functions like a restriction.

I feel for people who are weak in their ultimate spiritual foundation, or *weaker*, as a relative term, that astrology can be used as a means of control. Any form of control, is in the realm of the Evil One, for control is the opposite vibration of Love, as defined in 1 Corinthians 13.

Does that mean that a strong person in faith must completely renounce the knowledge of astrology? Not necessarily, because a strong person knows the methods and devices of the Evil One, but ultimately knows what the better path is. That path, that leads to Source, one's Higher Power, Ultimate Strength.....

Jesus was tempted in the desert for 40 days. At the end of that temptation, Satan offered Jesus the kingdoms of the world. Did Jesus throw a lightning bolt at those kingdoms because they were inherently evil, and destroy them? Did he come to destroy all nations on the spot and throw the world into anarchy? No.

Even though, it has been said in angelic literature and folklore, that Satan assigns his demonic archangels to rule over entire countries. This is often why it is said in Scripture, 'We battle not against flesh and blood but principalities and nations'.....

Honoring God as a being of all-creative power, entails opening one's mind to the possibilities that God's power, providence and dominion exceeds what we can understand or comprehend. It also involves embracing creativity and imagination that does not attempt to define, or indoctrinate our ideas, but yet leaves solutions unsaid.

The point being, God can really work through anything we consider to be 'evil' in our relative narrow-minded thinking, and work it out into a Good.


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    • sparkster profile image

      Marc Hubs 

      18 months ago from United Kingdom

      Demonic Archangels? Surely, you mean Archdemons, or Archons for short?


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