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Heaven and Hell Astrology Signs

Updated on November 19, 2013

Well now, neither of these places actually exist. At least not as the tangible settings depicted in the literature that is the Bible or in any number of derived religious traditions which try to keep everybody in line with their creed.

There is no heaven or hell independent from the earthly realm. Certainly the sensations that we have been conditioned to expect from each place can be experienced in full while living out our terms here on the planet. Everybody is familiar with raw anguish...many have even been burnt...even alive at the stake, incidentally by religious folk. Seems some fanatical people that believe in hell aren't satisfied seeing their deterrents suffer an eternity under such extremes, they also like to bask in...oh I don't know...thirty more seconds or so of it leading in.

Likewise everybody is familiar with moments of ecstasy, liberation, and bliss, albeit as brief as the other things. The notion and desire for perpetuation might be enough to validate these inventions in the eyes of the believer. For better or worse, it's gonna last forever, so you better make the church people happy.

Even as conceptual things, the notion of heaven and hell do carry some weight. Not only are they based on worldly experiences, but the imagined settings contain elements which are actual known products of the modern world, and we can also accurately determine the disposition of those who are the proponents of such things.

That's really the point of this little exercise when it comes right down to it. Not to convince or worry anybody, or propagate any mystical beliefs that these places are waiting for anybody on the other side, but rather to gain insight into who the most likely candidates are to subscribe to such ideas in their fictional netherworld, and why it is so.

The rapture sounds much like the physical properties of evaporation...water dissipating into air, things disappearing. Does sound very Pisces-Aquarian
The rapture sounds much like the physical properties of evaporation...water dissipating into air, things disappearing. Does sound very Pisces-Aquarian | Source


Before we get to hell, let's start with heaven. Much to the credit of sensational religious thinkers, the concepts of heaven and hell, each respectively, have few predominant astrological influences in common which starkly distinguishes the two concepts and what components factor in with each one. For heaven's sake only, I start with the consecutive influences of Pisces and Aquarius.

Well, clouds for one. Apparently heaven contains these, and many other tangible items from the physical world even though it allegedly comprises the spiritual realm. Clouds, here on Earth, are an atmospheric phenomenon which embody the interplay between air and precipitation. Mutable Water, where it is applicable, exists in part to offer one answer to Fixed Air's mantra of "Is it gonna rain finally or not?" Whether it rains or not, clouds are piscean.

The notion of floating through existence, in the physical or metaphysical realm, in a state of rapture and tranquility also likens a correspondence to Pisces if not Aquarius to some extent as well. A state of serenity and detachment is also highly aquarian, even more so than it is piscean, whereas Pisces natives are likely to dilute their senses and to wallow in whatever currents are at play by surrendering to them. It doesn't bode well for what we have been told about heaven that this kind of disparity exists among what are clearly its common elements. Makes it sound like a very Earth-like mixed bag in the end.

If there turns out to be an inter-dimensional aspect to heaven, something which is a product of an increasingly synthetic or virtualized world, then that too likes its correspondence to the microcosm that is Aquarius and Pisces here on Earth.

If this all seems so great, and it's how people want to spend forever, why isn't it anybody's hobby?
If this all seems so great, and it's how people want to spend forever, why isn't it anybody's hobby? | Source


Like the two above, also consecutive Fixed and Mutable signs, which comprise similarly inclined months if we were to only consider the north and south orientation of the Sun with respect to the equator and not the solstices as being seasonal marking points in the Tropical format of doing things.

That explains why, like the signs above, these two have far more to do with the concept of heaven than they do hell. Not that they have a lot to do even with that. Really, these two are perhaps the least likely to buy into or adhere to any fantastical concepts. Let's keep in mind that Taurus draws the greatest correspondence to the natural world and physical reality. Generally, those with their hearts set on the afterlife are the least adjusted to everyday hard realities, which means that for them, these two signs have to be majorly de-emphasized.

Allowing the supposition that the notion of heaven does invoke some correspondence to a very real inter-dimensional reality, or trans-personal realm, which although isn't visible necessarily, does factor in, then it is subject to physical laws and at least partly comprised of physical properties. Especially where there are musical instruments, like harps. I mean, come on!

The reason I really wanted to include these two signs is because descriptions of heaven typically sound mundane and boring and those experiences correspond the most with the aforementioned astrological signs. Gemini, especially, has the highest capacity for boredom. All boredom is relative to it. The classic duplicity noted by Mark Twain is therefore also its by-product. That is how people try to get to heaven, and yet it contains nothing that anybody wants here on Earth. How many people reserve their weekends for singing hymns and basking in the glow of the eternal light of angels?

If the purest of the devout can't go without rolling their eyes at their Sunday mass, how the hell are they going to cope with heaven for all eternity?


These aren't consecutive signs like the others, but comprise a common axis by being in polarity. It seems very apparent that the element the concept of heaven is fundamentally lacking in is Fire. Right? Fire is the main ingredient of hell. Well unless we consider the disguised fire that God's all encompassing luminescent light would have to be. That kind of thing could only come from something, if not combustible, then very radiant. Yet, we all know that hell is supposedly comprised of fire is its rawest, scorchingest, and most combustible form. Nothing that can be confused with anything in heaven.

In that fire is lacking, we see a trend where Earth, Water, and Air dispositions are generally comfier with heaven. Cancer natives like to be soothed, nurtured, and being cared for, while Capricorn would feel very at home of Jacob's ladder and being given access to the exclusive club that is God's kingdom. But only if these natives could attain further promotions once there. In leui of all this they could definitely settle for the priesthood here on Earth.

Otherwise all this heaven stuff is too out there even for them.



Now we get to the nitty gritty of what hell is all about. Pretty simple concept. Something conceived by a petulant child with a chemical imbalance. The chemical balance itself would be extremely complex and borrow from many influences, some also common to the concept of heaven, but the fantasy itself is pretty straight forward and not so hard to discern the elements for.

In hell, bad people(well their souls, close enough) burn and fester in a boundless flaming pit for the amount of time it takes teams to play through the Ninth Inning in baseball, and there's this animated character named Satan who...I don't know...makes it worse by being there.

Would you look at this, these two signs cited are a Fixed to Mutable consecutive progression as with two of the sets mentioned for heaven. Fitting since, these ones as a contrast mark the season of the Sun's orientation away from the Earth, the Fall and Winter months. Good vs. Evil is usually symbolized by the interplay between light and dark.

Sagittarius is also a Fire Sign. You have to have those for it to be hell, because hell is described as being a very fiery place. It is also Mutable. That corresponds with the inequity that is said to earn somebody a spot in the fiery pit, and also accurately corresponds with the perpetual nature of not being able to get out of it once you're there.

Sagittarian natives will seem like fun and bubbly people. That's because Fire also equals energy and excitement. People gleefully speak of fireworks. This is why even those who proclaim themselves to be devout and are self-convinced that they have won God's favor and will go to heaven, still find hell, at least as a topic of interest, much more fascinating. It is with a spirit of self-righteousness that people relish the idea that others are going to burn in hell, not in finding order and meaning in the authenticity of their belief, but because of the thrill and excitement that they get out of it. That is very much a Sagittarius influenced phenomenon.

Not that Sagittarius is a mean-spirited sign, however, whereas the old adage that "if you play with fire, you get burned" comes into play and the shadow of Scorpio hangs over it, then yes...some of its natives can become very scorned. The Sagittarian experience for everybody mirrors the sensation one would most expect from hell more than any other. Festivity turned ugly, and the pitfalls of things being blown out of proportion. Just think of the so-called holiday season.

Nobody likes the idea of being devoured by flame, but neither would Scorpio or Sagittarius be well-suited for heaven. They'd like to witness hell without being in the midst of it. No holy person likes to be without it as a cross-reference. Certainly not any of these Sunday School teachers.

People often think of sizzle when they think of Scorpio, but that's its proximity to Sagittarius more than anything. Fixed Water actually means cool your jets. Its place is purgatory. But to some people, some of the time, that is hell. So they are vindictive, and that might be conducive to wanting to see other people "burn in hell" or perhaps even "I'll see you there."

It is the physical body, comprised of a nervous system which allows one to experience the sensation of burning associated with hell, for a short time.
It is the physical body, comprised of a nervous system which allows one to experience the sensation of burning associated with hell, for a short time. | Source
How does a spiritual entity like the soul, depicted here, experience any physical sensations without returning to the physical body, also depicted?
How does a spiritual entity like the soul, depicted here, experience any physical sensations without returning to the physical body, also depicted? | Source


The Fire Sign to end all Fire Signs. The notion of everlasting light is Godlike and definitely corresponds at least in part to Leo as well. So in ancient times we had Sun worship, and Egyption gods who were allegories for the Sun's movements. Yet hell sounds nothing more than like being on the surface of the Sun.

If we are realistic, the idea of hell is merely born out of religious bigotry, bigotry being a Leo theme. The how dare they challenge the throne mentality causing one to flare up and exude unbridled energy. It isn't exactly pleasant to be under Leo's domain for anybody. Other than Sagittarius, no influence mirrors what one would expect to get from a stint in hell quite like this. But then, nothing is as emboldening either. So through that paradox alone we see the failure of all the hell-bearing religious ideologies and their set of good vs. evil idealisms.

The Never in an Eternity Signs:

They are Virgo, Libra, and Aries. Whereas somebody is predominantly influenced by these signs there either is no hell, or it doesn't bother with them. Aries, although a Fire Sign, is less caught up in that element and more on the cardinality of action and going forward. Neither heaven nor hell could keep it confined.

Libra is the same way, only with the distinction of not dealing with Fire at all. However, in its mind if either heaven or hell existed, then the other does too and it would want to navigate between them. It is also the devil's advocate from time to time.

Virgo is the very icon of so many things religious. Reform schools, nuns, going to mass because it's a chore, and how about this...the Virgin Mary! It's better suited in aiding God's mission here on Earth, since that's what it Earth Sign...rather than floating around on clouds for all eternity like Pisces would. Yet, hell isn't somewhere it wants to be either, and many I'm sure, even who are in the service of God, find it unrealistic. Especially the notion of being in a perpetual state for all eternity either way. Virgo emphasizes correction and reform, and always offers a way out for the condemned.


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    • ParadigmEnacted profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Excellent Kukata! I'm pleased.

    • Kukata Kali profile image

      Kukata Kali 

      4 years ago

      This just brought me joy. I was laughing so hard...of course, I am a Leo. Voted up!


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