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Best Sites for Astrology & Horoscopes

Updated on July 29, 2011

Nothing beats making a visit to a real, honest to goodness psychic to learn your future or a certified hypnotist to help you tap into your past, but these New Age online sites are both fun and informative and, in a lot of cases, eerily accurate. Astrology is more than just coincidence. For example, I met my ex-boyfriend freshman year of college in September 2000. A few months into the relationship, he told me that although he was a skeptic, he had listened to his friend's urging and gone to visit a well-known psychic out in Norristown, PA about a year before we started dating. Among other things, the psychic told him that a female with the letters "J", "C", and "L" in her name would come to play an important role in his life. That spring when his baby niece was born and named Jacie Lynn, he considered the prophecy fulfilled.

Until he met me, and learned that my name was Jaclyn.

"Pronoia is the Antidote of Paranoia" by Rob Breszny, is available at
"Pronoia is the Antidote of Paranoia" by Rob Breszny, is available at -- horoscopes

I have been an avid reader of Rob Breszny's "Free Will Astrology" column, nationally syndicated in city papers throughout the country, for over seven years now. He has an insight that sets him apart from other astrologists, giving guidance and advice by way of metaphors and fables. His committment to optimism, truth and beauty can also be witnessed in his book Pronoia is the Antidote of Paranoia: How the Whole World is Conspiring to Shower You With Blessings. -- dream dictionary

From fairies to fingers and maps to mouths, this site offers an in-depth analysis of what the most common dream symbols mean. Also check out for a more extensive interpretation of common dream themes such as being naked, being chased, flying and falling. -- dream dictionary

Another great dream dictionary, only this one offers a slightly more psychological look at what the symbols mean and the effect they have on one's waking life. -- love horoscopes

Click on your sign to be directed to a comprehensive horoscope reading. Scroll down to find your romantic compatibility with the other zodiac signs, as well as a ton of links detailing your love life forecast. -- tarot card readings

The box on the left side of this page will give you a free 3-card tarot reading. It even lets you type in a few words about the question you need answered. -- find your aura color

I swear by this test, and recommend it highly to anyone, even those who are not usually interested in New Age concepts. I first discovered the complete version of this test when I read the book Life Colors by Pamala Oslie. It's conclusions were incredibly accurate. A friend of mine who read the book and took the test said, "This book helped me learn more about myself in five minutes than my psychiatrist has done in five years." This web version is pretty good, but as soon as you get your results you'll want the actual book because you'll be dying to know more! -- runes reading

Runic rocks have been used to predict the future for over 1500 years. My mother introduced me to them when I was nine-years old, and I immediately felt an affinity with them that I never had with the tarot cards my mom favored. Runes are spread out in different patterns, similar to tarot. The position of each rune holds a different meaning. This site explains more about the positions and gives a very detailed reading. -- numerology

I checked out this site for the first time a few weeks ago. Because I am terrible at math, I never gave much thought to the ancient art of numerology, although it's probably been around the longest. I'm glad I finally gave it a chance, because it's absolutely fascinating! By simply adding up the numbers contained in the day, month and year of your birth you can uncover your destiny number, your life path, your inner dreams and more.


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