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Relationships seen from a Libra perspective

Updated on September 23, 2011

Circle of seasons

Every season represents a specific energy in the planet and therefore the need to focus human experience in a particular direction.
Every season represents a specific energy in the planet and therefore the need to focus human experience in a particular direction.

The Sun transiting Libra

Astrological birth signs are not applicable only to your birth date. Every year when the Sun transits each constellation (geocentric perspective), the characteristics of the birth sign are highlighted. In the case of the Sun in Libra we are called to reflect on relationships and harmony in everything surrounding us. The Sun enters Libra when the Autumn (Northern hemisphere)/ Spring Equinox (Southern Hemisphere) take place. During these events, both day light and night time reach a perfect balance. The message in the stars is actually all around us: find harmony and balance between the opposites.

Libra speaks of balance and harmony between the opposites and reminds us that they exist together and depend on each other. The transition in the seasons from summer to autumn and from winter to spring are a manifestation of this truth.

Libra is often associated with meaningful relationships. For instance a partner or spouse, but it also refers to our relationship with the external world, the way we relate to others and how we find balance between our ego and what other people perceive us to be. During the month of Libra (September 23 to October 22) the message for everyone is to find balance and to become aware of the need to find inner peace to promote peace beyond our individual space. Only in the extend we learn to relate with our individuality we are able to relate to others.

How to see relationships through Libra

With the abundance of messages about harmony and balance it is likely that imbalance and lack of harmony get just as highlighted. Opposites attract and it is impossible to expect harmony without acknowledging the existence of chaos. In spite of the quick conclusion that Libra is just about love and harmony, it often allows couples to unfold the truth about their relationship and leads into a phase of self awareness that pushes relationships to grow and mature.

This is why it is important to keep in mind the principles of love (see below) during this month and understand that people from Libra, far from being balanced and harmonious all the time, may actually experience a higher level of uncertainty in their interaction with the external world. In their aspiration to find harmony and promote a balance that only exists in the world of ideas, they either try to please others and forget their own rights, or sacrifice individual choices in their attempts to achieve common agreement.

The Principles of True Love

  • Love to the self above all: only when you love yourself you will be in a position to love someone else.
  • Requirements to achieve love: you need humble self-sufficiency, self-esteem and responsible freedom.
  • Pursuit of freedom: No relationship will provide you with the happiness you don't build yourself. Walk away from relationships of co-dependence and cherish your natural talent to be joyful.
  • Love solitude: isolation and silence will allow you to appreciate your own space and learn to share with others when the opportunity arises.
  • Fantasy versus reality: to pretend that your partner should make you happy and fill your expectations in only a fantasy that leads to frustration.
  • Self esteem and maturity: the day you can tell your partner "I love you but I will be fine without you", you will be prepared to live with someone.
  • Share love: two people can only be happy in a relationship when they are together to share their happiness, not to make each other happy.


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