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At the Foot of the Cross

Updated on November 29, 2009

Sitting at the foot of the cross, you have a view of the world that is so expansive and narrow at the same time. We see so much of the wonders of the Father yet we do not see tomorrow or what it will bring. The pain and sickness that afflicts those around us is painful to our very core, for no other reason than the compassion we feel, one for another. When we sit at the foot of the cross we are flooded with the compassion of the Father which fills us with love for all of His creation.

We are helpless in the face of illness and pain for no matter how much we feel we have no power to heal or relieve the suffering of others. Our only recourse is prayer, and that one thing is more powerful than we could imagine. Prayer along with the faith we place in the Father can accomplish great things, miracles still happen, when we place our trust in the Father.

We see the joy when the Father blesses and we feel those blessings as well. We are warmed by the majesty of the love the Father extends to each of us. When we place our trust in Him we know that even though things sometimes get rocky, we will come out on top because we are His Children.

We have no need for Knowlege of the future, we only need to know that the Father loves and protects us. No matter what trials we face, or joys we are blessed with, we only need to put our trust in him. When we do that we will be at peace as we rest in His protective and loving arms. Take a deep breath, lean back and let Him fill you with peace at the foot of the cross.



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