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Ate M and her golden heart

Updated on June 8, 2010

      She is a janitress in our workplace. In her kind of work, she receives a meager bi-monthly. She has four months to feed every day, to include herself, and there is no husband to warm her nights. They are living in a rented shanty which also rains inside during wet season. There are times where relatives and friends, who comes from the province in order to seek employment in the city, would live with her temporarily and this also means and additional mouth to feed.

       Despite her circumstance in life, this did not prevent her to make others happy. To some, living a frugal life leads them to develop greed and hunger for material things, but not to this person. We call her Ate M.

       Late last year, two days prior to Christmas, Ate M celebrated her 28th birthday. For her, it was her best birthday for she was able to give a simple Christmas party for the children in her neighborhood. She did it in order to let these also children feel the spirit of Christmas, for they too are less fortunate. She just prepared a simple meal and afterwards, she gave them giveaways in form a candies.

      One cannot simply expect that a person like her would do such charitable thing. In the eyes of the children, it was already a very Merry Christmas. When she told me what she did, I was really deeply moved. I was dumbfounded and felt shame because I cannot do hat she did even if I received a better salary than hers.

       Reflecting on what she did, I have learned how to share and give without reservations. I learned to give without expecting in return, especially those who are in need.

       Presently, I am proud to say that she becomes my personal charity, though my help to her and her family is limited because I too have a family to consider. And I dream that someday I or anybody out there can make a difference for her life.


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    • borge_009 profile image

      borge_009 7 years ago from Philippines

      this is so an inspiring story.......I hope there are many people like Ate M