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AtellPsychicTarot: Common Customer Complaints and How to Avoid Them

Updated on December 22, 2015

The client experience is the backbone for returning sales and bookings and this has never been more true than in the psychic or spiritual industry. Any tarot reader or psychic will, over time, run into situations where complaints come up, or are posted online, in an attempt to either settle a score or as a disgruntled customer's way of being heard. Occasionally, negative reviews may even be posted as part of an elaborate online extortion ring or as a competitor's way of ruining your reputation.

At Atell Psychic Tarot, customer complaints are taken very seriously and this is why we do our utmost to ensure that each and every client has the best experience possible. The best way to deal with complaints or negative reviews is firstly to ensure that the client is happy and receives service of the highest level and quality. Let's explore some of the practical ways you can cut down on customer complaints as a psychic business owner.

Deliver what They Pay For

This is a very important point, and it's true not only from the perspective of delivering the reading, but doing it well. Customers complaining about not getting what they paid for, or expected, is one of the most common complaints after psychic readings. First, ensure the client gets the time he or she is paying you for, even if this means spending an extra few minutes on the phone.

If your terms and conditions state that you deliver readings within X amount of time, always ensure that the responses are sent out in a timely fashion, and if there is a delay for whatever reason, always contact the client to keep them updated on what's going on. Keeping them in the loop makes them feel as though you care about them and their experience, which you do.

Also double check that you fully understand the question asked, particularly if you're doing email readings where input from the client is limited. Rather ask for clarification than doing a broad reading that misses the mark entirely.

Considering Client Needs and Expectations

Another of the most common psychic customer complaints stem from unrealistic or unreasonable expectations. One of the quickest ways to resolve this is to be very clear on your website or business leaflets about what you can and cannot offer them.

If you do not do predictions, health readings, or spells, state so clearly in the FAQ section or find ways to highlight the services you do deliver and ways you are able to help (should you not be able to fulfill a particular request).

Likewise, many clients will not be educated or informed enough to realize that free will affects outcomes or that time frames can shift or change, so prepare them for the possibility by letting them know and always affirm their own free will. This not only educates them but also empowers them so they feel they are able to do something about their circumstances.

Technological Failures or Problems

This is something online psychics, tarot readers, and spiritual advisors all experience from time to time. It's not always possible to prevent technological failures, or equipment from malfunctioning or breaking, but keeping the computers and peripherals you use for online readings in tip top shape will help.

Always run a good antivirus program, and have good maintenance practices when it comes to the computer you use. For example, compacting email folders, defragging, clearing cookies, and malware or spyware protection helps ensure that your computer will run as its' meant to.

Bandwidth and internet quality is another important factor, especially if you are doing readings on cam or via VOIP calls. You'll need a fast internet connection and ensure that sufficient bandwidth is available at the time of the call so that both you and the client get a call with good sound quality.

Encourage Customer Feedback

Lastly, encouraging customer feedback is another way to ensure your clients have the best experience possible. When finishing an email reading, invite them to ask for clarification if they need it, or after a phone reading, email them to ask whether there was anything they'd like to ask or suggestions they'd like to make.

This gives a dissatisfied client the opportunity to speak to you personally instead of, or before, going to an online complaints site to post their grievances. Usually a little clarification goes a long way and if a client takes the time to ask, most issues can be resolved quickly and painlessly via email.


The last resort is to offer a refund if a service is truly not up to standard. It should never be the first course of action, but now and then, refunding a service prevents the potential negativity that comes from a disgruntled and tech-savvy client.

Providing superb customer service is one of the best ways to fight negative publicity and complaints online, and should be the first line of defense for any online entrepeneur. For psychics or spiritual advisors, this rings even more true since so much of the business is done through word-of-mouth referrals.

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