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5 Ridiculous Things I've Heard As An Atheist.

Updated on November 7, 2015

1. What keeps you from raping and murdering innocent people?

Well good golly gosh, look at this one.

Yeah. I'm not kidding. Questions about the morality of an individual who doesn't subscribe to a religious text is actually not even frowned upon in our society. This is treated as a legitimate question, and that's probably the worst part about it.

Having no belief in a higher power does not have anything to do with an individual's morality. Atheists, humanists, and agnostics all abide by and live by the same rules as everybody else. Have you ever woken up and thought "Well, today I sure do want to go on a massacre, good thing I believe in God so I actually can't do that!"

No. You have not. When I open my eyes each morning I slap around at my alarm clock in frustration just like every other person. I stretch, groan, and get on with my day. No homocidal urges to be kept away.

Religious or not, you should be aware that humans have programmed morality. We are kind to one another because we are able to understand and empathize the paon and suffering our actions could have on somebody else.

If you really want we could talk about the morals presented during the Spanish Inquisition and modern day Islamic Theocracies. No? Okay, good.

2. So I've heard you're a devil worshipper..

Oh come on guys. Really? Have you heard that?

Please don't do this. Atheism isn't a religion, and it's most certainly not the worship of a demonic evil being.

By definition I don't believe in ANY OF THESE THINGS. That's the thing, I don't believe in any of it and none of it applies to me at all. Not to be offense or mock, but the devil is about as relevant to me as an atheist as Voldemort is.

3. It must be so hard to live like that.

To live like..what? It's not hard to see what they're trying to insinuate here with this one. A lot of the less open-minded religious people tend to lump the entirety of their life's purpose into their belief in a higher power. Which is actually just fine, until they decide that someone who doesn't have religion must be a hollow shell of a person just surviving to die and burn in hell for eternity.

I have a wonderful family that supports me. I have fantastic siblings that I look to inspire some day with my accomplishments. I have a beautiful girlfriend that I adore. I have friends to game with and just relax when I have time.

I want to change the world someday, that's my goal. So I don't really like to be told my existence is futile without God. I don't think that's a fair statement at all.

4. What if you're wrong?

Now this is a bit more legitimate than the others, so I'm going to just hop right into the facts here. This notion in itself is known as Pascal's Wager. This basically means that because the punishment of eternal damnation outweighs any possible positive that could come from not believing in God, one should just believe and obey, just in case.

The logic is there...HOWEVER, a flaw I pick out of this is interesting. If you abide by this wager and believe in a god...what if you're worshipping the wrong one? What if each time you pray to this wrong God, you are making the true one more and more angry.

In this case, it was better for the atheist to have just never believed at all, because he hasn't stepped on any omnipotent toes. Think about it!

5. If you don't believe, you are going to burn in hell!

Okay. I'm not sure if people understand the concept of "I don't believe in that."

The fact that I don't believe in your God in the first place sort of nullifies the whole "eternal damnation" thing. That's like telling me if I'm not good this year Santa isn't going to come.

I know it's not true and so the statement means absolutely nothing to me. Like, Zero.

I know it's basically your job to peddle this stuff to me...but please calm down. Threats are not the way to go about this. Not at all.


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      2 years ago

      God, I've gotten these so many times. It's ridiculous that they think these things, especially number one. It makes me worry about them a little bit, like, if you didn't happen to believe in this deity you would murder and rape and so you are concerned about me doing it? Creepy...I believe in treating others with respect and doing the right thing because it's the right thing, not because I'm afraid of what said deity will do to me. I could go on and on, but I won't haha. Thank you for this nice post :)


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