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Atheist Are Immoral?

Updated on May 29, 2013

It has been stated, again and again, that atheist don't believe in God because it would make them have to be responsible for their actions, or that atheist just want to do exactly what they want to do, with no consequences from a higher power. Yet when observing people, both atheist and believers, those statements seem completely inaccurate.

Those who think like this have been fed a lie by the charlatan leaders of an irrational and fraudulent belief system. They have painted atheist with one giant, blanketed stroke, and pounded it into the heads of their blind followers. Since pastors are seen as representing God, here on Earth, who is going to question their matter how utterly dishonest? Certainly his sheep(followers)aren't going to press him for irrefutable proof for his charges against atheism. Even the few followers who do muster the courage to question the assertions of certain claims or charges, relent whenever the pastor "explains" what he really meant by his statements. The pastor also reminds his flock that it is the "Holy Spirit" and not him, who is asserting whatever nonsense it is he is asserting.

Since all religions are primitive systems, based on rewards and punishments, charlatans have found this to be quite useful when controlling the masses. They offer rewards for people who, blindly, do what they are told, and punishments for those who question authority, and make their own decisions.

Since many things in the bible are not moral, it is impossible to be a believer and have superior morals. Typical free thinkers, on the other hand, examine all evidence, regardless of the source, before drawing a conclusion, therefore giving them a better vantage point for real analysis.

Take the story of Abraham, who heard the voice of God...which instructed him to sacrifice his son, Isaac. To the Christian believer, Abraham is the paradigm for faith, which translates into his being one of the most important figures in the roots of the Judeo-Christian faith.

The free thinker, after critically examining all the evidence of this story, looks upon Abraham as a raging psychotic. Why else would he be hearing voices--voices that tell him to do bad things? If someone did something similar today, he/she would be arrested, given a psychological examination, and stripped of all parental rights.

So, Is it, then, moral for severe psychotics to be perceived as saints and examples for all to follow? Where is the morality? Why is Andrea Yates not given the same status as Abraham, as it appears the impetus was the same, with the exception that Yates carried out her commands before God could step in and tell her He was just testing her faith.

What could make an otherwise reasonable person believe that it is moral to suppress his own critical thinking, in lieu of blindly following the nonsensical imaginations of our primitive ancestors? True morals should always posit reason as their basis. Any instructions, that doesn't require this, is not moral. Therefore, most free thinkers know that slavery is wrong...and that oppression of women is wrong...and that hating and oppressing homosexuals is wrong...and that killing people who work on the Sabbath is wrong...and that lying, even for Jesus, is immoral.

And speaking of Jesus, why is it that he is beyond reproach? If a leader declares that he is not bound by any of the conditions that he has imposed upon others, does that not make him a hypocritical tyrant? Why is it that Jesus can tell us not to lie, but then turn around and tell whoppers, himself? In mark 11:24 Jesus promises "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." Unless someone is already a believer, and suspends any kind of critical thought, this is blatantly false...just a flat out lie. Oh but Jesus is still perfect...immoral...but perfect?!

Christians can never see Jesus as nothing but perfect, so they will go to considerable lengths to "interpret" what he really meant, eventually rationalizing any, and every, action of Jesus as moral, loving and perfect. Where is the superior morality?

Unfortunately, many fanatical Christians are seriously proposing that prayer be allowed back in school. In fact, some are even proposing that it become mandatory! It just shows that they have their heads stuck inside the delusion of their beliefs. Religion seems to do quite the opposite of what is being said. It has not been shown that forced religion does anything to help develop the moral compass of a child. Morals seem to come from the parents, and the environment in which the child is reared. Plus, it is also apparent that some people are just born with certain dispositions that, genetically, cause them to have a higher propensity toward immorality.

A friend of mine, who lived in the inner city, and was a single mother, had a teenage daughter. She raised her daughter to be a free thinker. The daughter's friends were all Christians. My friend taught her daughter real morals, whereas the parents of these other children just taught them to blindly follow the nonsense they had been taught. Additionally, the other parents never taught their children how to become self sufficient or any other things that would give their children an advantage in this quickly advancing world. They preferred to teach their children that they were victims, and that God would take care of them in the end.

But it seemed that these children's "morals" could not stop them from committing transgressions against humanity. The daughter was constantly running into trouble while hanging out with these children, and the mother, soon, saw that the only way to save her daughter was to move.

Ten years later, and my friend looks back, and sees that the only kid that made anything of herself was her daughter. The rest became exactly what they were taught to be...dropouts...unwed mothers...illiterates...drug other words, the next generation of losers!

The daughter went on to obtain her MBA, and is now gainfully employed, with a husband, a beautiful daughter of her own, and financial independence. She is still an atheist.


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    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 4 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      getitrite, sorry for the typos. I meant prohibitions, not prohobitions. Grievously sorry the error at hand.

    • getitrite profile image

      getitrite 4 years ago


      Most people in society are so brainwashed, that they can do and think nothing but what perceived authority tells them to do and think. Then they adamantly profess that they are FREE!

      Thanks for reading.

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 4 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      Getitrite, what you have elucidated is so true. Many religious people use religion as a security blanket and a parent system. They feel that if they did not have such checkpoints in their lives, they would run amok morally. You see, such peope are outer directed. They have no minds of their own and they need SOMEONE to guide them. They also feel safe because of these religious parameters.

      My mother stated that there are good atheists who are highly successful but people NEED religion to guide them regarding right and wrong. Huh! People who are outside the religious parameters be they Atheists, Agnostics, and other nontraditional spiritual people feel that we, as adults, should be inner directed regarding what is right and wrong. I discover that it is the so-called religious people who commit the most egregious wrongs i.e. Roman Catholic priests and nuns who habitually abuse children and their parents look away, preachers who fleeced their congregation for their own glory, religious parents who disown their children because they are LBGT, and strictly brought up religious girls who become pregnant because of the strict prohobitions regarding premarital sex in their homes(two maternal aunts and 3 maternal cousins), need I say more.

      Conversely, some of the most beautiful, spiritual, and moral people I knew were atheists and other nontraditional spiritualists. Atheism does not preclude one from being spiritual and ethical. Anyone who believes that premise is totally atavistically medieval. Voted up your articles as usual, getitrite. I enjoy your articles for their logical premises.