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Attachment and Detachment

Updated on May 22, 2016

One sight is enough to get attached and one defining moment is enough to make you detach from all that thing which you thought really mattered to you the most. This process of attachment and detachment goes on forever no matter how heartless a person is. The process of detachment can be really painful but it can be overcome by self control , wise thinking and far sightedness.

Self control

Once you start thinking about consequences and stop being helpless to all your desires and lust. the one thing you will gain from it is immense will power and self control. the main thinking that will help you achieve self control from attachment is "What will i do when this particular thing i am so selfishly pursuing runs out ? Will i be able to detach myself or not ? Is this really that much worthy of my time or not ?"

once you get answers to these questions you will be one at peace with you soul and mind and the attachment process finally gets easy and so does detachment.

Wise thinking

the only things we get attached to are the things we think are good for us. when we are selfish to something or someone , we try our best to keep it closer than anything else and that's exactly where the attachment process begins.

Thinking twice or thrice before taking any major step can save us from a lot of pain in the future. After all It's always the "better safe than sorry" side which keeps you on the safer side of the story you are about to build out of your life.

Far sightedness

After one ,two or take ten years later when you are on a different chapter of your life with a different mindset. Will this decision take you to where you expected to be or wanted to be right now ? if no ,then it means you just looked past you desire for self-fullfillment .

Note to the readers

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      Fahad Hasan 16 months ago

      Nice content, keep it up bro! Although it's a start for you, way to go buddy!