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Attention "Devas": Christian Dance and Hindu Influence

Updated on June 4, 2013

Knowing How To Serve is as Important as Knowing Who You Serve

By the Holy Spirit of My Lord and Savior Jesus The Christ Amen who guides me. By the Powerful Shed Blood of Jesus The Christ Amen your eyes are now opened Amen:

I am a self-taught Etymologist. Etymologists are interested in the history of words. I trace words to their origin in order to shed light on their present usage. American women, especially African Americans are quite fond of the word "Deva". Every religion has remnants of "paganism", even Christianity but you have to be discerning enough to choose wisely who and how you serve God. It is written that the road to Hell is "paved with good intentions". What is the origin of this word Deva and how and when did it enter our reality?

Deva comes from the Hindu word for the goddess Tara Devi. This is a woman's god-ess. Devi just happens to be the root for "devil' as well. The Hindu "devas" are also called Suras. Suras in the Islamic holy book Koran are like Bible verses. In the old religion of Persia Zoroastrianism, devas were called "noxious creatures". Defined, noxious creatures are morally corrupt,pernicious, able to spread dissension, unwholesome, harmful to the mind or morals, slaughter and death.

These female devotees were "temple dancers". The trend of modern Christian dance or Praise Dance and white faced mime is now a tradition, a staple in many Sunday morning praise and worship ministries. But where did this tradition begin and is it Biblical? The Biblical idea of dancing is worship. It comes from a heart of worship. It is spontaneous, not rehearsed. Modern praise dance on the other hand is interpretive choreography. It is an "art form". Modern praise dancers are closer to Hindu devas than spirit-filled worshipers of Jesus Christ.

The modern world has adapted much of the ancient. The Bible in Ecclesiastes 1:9 says - What has been will be again;there is nothing new under the sun.

Hailed as "a deva for all times" Etta Moten was the first known American deva. White American women don't appear to be affected by the demonic of Deva at the same level as many African American women. I wonder why this is so. Upon meeting Etta Moten, the pioneer Black actor Sidney Poitier was smitten by,"...the most incredible, amazing,voluptuous, dignified and sensual actress to grace the Broadway stage...". A true deva, she did something unheard of in the 1930s. She divorced her husband, dropped her kids off with her mother and set off for college in Kansas where she earned a degree in theatrical studies. Upon landing on Broadway she easily, it seems landed a part in the 1933 smash hit Gold Diggers and sang "My Forgotten Man". She died in 2003 at 102 years old.

These goddess worshippers can be traced back to Biblical times in the worship of Asarte or Asherah the pole dancer. These poles were erected on "high places" where these lewd dancers could be seen from great distances. These half naked or many times completely naked nymphs would lead orgies in worship to the goddess of fertility. Modern strip clubs with its pole dancers are a hold over from ancient times.

The Bible says God is seeking those who will worship him in spirit and truth. But what does that mean exactly? I believe it means that we are to worship God purely from our hearts as the Spirit prompts not as a rehearsed portion of a series or program. Believers must stop ascribing to things blindly without asking the Holy Spirit for Discernment. Be very careful what you speak into existence. By calling yourselves and your daughters devas you are giving the enemy a foothold into your family. By adopting ways without studying is to unwittingly invite the demonic into your life. God has defined you in His Word but you have chosen to paint your nails and face like the people of the world. Like the ancient Israelites we constantly choose other "gods" over the one true God by the way we live. Many seasoned Christian women enter Church dressed dress like the "sluts" of the world. You offer praise but to what god? I declare in the name of Jesus Christ Amen that your devas are destroyed. Now embrace the Holy Woman in you that is your Holy Gift from God our Father Jesus, and in His Awesome Mighty Name, it is done Amen...

I have added a Youtube Dance of The Devas on my Facebook wall and a photo of Kali the Deva. Also I will post links to Christian Deva church congregations.

In His Service


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    • bethperry profile image

      Beth Perry 6 years ago from Tennesee

      Interesting perspective.