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Attention! The Stove is Hot! (and other truths which have to be experienced to be known)

Updated on April 21, 2012

When the Truth is Owned, it's Yours


When You Experience the Truth, You'll Own It.

I was recently reading several articles on Steve Beckow's website, The 2012 Scenario, and came across a brief sentence or two about how being told the truth isn't the same as experiencing the truth.

I found myself deeply in thought about this, when one of my cats jumped up on me, and "disturbed my train of thought" in such a way that I felt jolted out of a dream. You know the experience, we've all had it........... someone may have walked by and said something which startled you (like hello...) and then followed with the expression, "Wow, you looked like you were a million miles away from home". Maybe you were......

When I find myself truly examining and expanding on a thought deeply, I sometimes feel far far away, and perhaps that should be an indicator to us, that what we were thinking, has value. (That's what inspired this Hub at any rate, for those who may wonder where a writer's inspiration comes from).

A Drop of Truth Leads to Other Truths


When theTruth Resonates

Don't Touch the Stove, it's Hot!

Yet, we always do......only in my case, it was an iron sitting on top of an ironing board. My mother told me "I'll be right back, don't touch the iron, it's hot". Of course you know what happened next......That's right! I walked right over there to that ironing board and stuck my palm right on that hot shiny silver surface and burned the crap out of it! (I was four years old)...............My mother came back shortly afterwards, tended to my shot nerves and sore hand and said "I told you not to touch it didn't I"? I guess that was the start of my need to experience truth for myself.

Maybe there are children out there who could have simply been told the truth, would have believed it, and never would have touched it. Not me, and I can tell you this, IT RESONATED WITHIN ME and I've never touched another one that was plugged in.....I wonder if that "good child who listened" ever did? And even more thought provoking, if they learned to search for the truth themselves as their life progressed, or continued to accept what others "in authority" told them was the truth, and felt that, that was good enough.

Yes, this is an example of one of life's lessons, but, more to the point, one of those lessons you sometimes have to LEARN the hard way. Did the child who listened, and didn't touch the stove really "learn" anything?

FORGET about the stove for a moment, because there are more important truths out there and the real question is, Are you searching for them?

Our purpose here on Earth is to learn many lessons; to EXPERIENCE and DISCOVER the TRUTH. Others can guide you to it, or tell you what they believe is the truth, but without experiencing it, have you really learned anything?



Break Free of the Flock.......Start Searching.

Change is coming.

There are so many truths out there that have been suppressed, or worse, completely hidden from us and guarded.

Those who currently control the "flock of sheep" which makes up the significant part of our planet's population DO NOT WANT THE TRUTH exposed, much less experienced by the individual.

..................and the most frustrating part for those who are trying to expose that fact to people is we can't experience the truth for you. You can be told the truth, you may even believe it when your heart, but if you don't EXPERIENCE THE TRUTH, you'll never own it as your own.

It may start with an unsettling feeling that something just isn't quite right with the way things currently are.

Does this sound like you?

"I know Corporations rule the Government", but what can I do?

"I agree that we don't have a Government of the people, and for the people", someone needs to do something about it.

"How can so many people be starving and hurting in the worst way imaginable across our planet, yet others ride around on multimillion dollar private yachts and planes, living lives of wasteful and immoral extravagance"?

The Good News: It's about to change. But I can't experience that truth for you.

Finding and Experiencing the Truth of a New World's Birth


Allow Your Heart to Guide You to the Truth

STOP sitting there waiting for someone else to fix things.

STOP ignoring the little voice inside of you imploring you to grow spiritually, and to seek out and learn the truth for yourself. Start loving yourself unconditionally, forgive others, love others, look for ways to be of service to others and our planet.

IT'S NOT YOUR IMAGINATION. It's your higher self, your inner guidance, your spirit guides, and they are all pulling for you. They want the best for you.

BUT, you have to find the truth in your own way and in your own self, if you search for it you'll find it and begin to EXPERIENCE IT EMOTIONALLY AND SPIRITUALLY AND PHYSICALLY.

It's okay not to blindly follow the masses who are comfortable in their hassle free zone of placation, there is more to life than "getting/scraping" by, or just working for money to have and control material whatever level of "prosperity" you have attained.

Life is NOT about material wealth, or power over others, or control. It's about much more than that. I wish you success and rejoice in the happiness you'll find when you truly "Experience the Truth"

Love and Light. Godspeed.


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    • Willow Raine profile image

      Willow Raine 6 years ago from Under the Umbrella Tree

      I absolutely love this.

      It resonated very loudly with me, especially considering the trials I am experiencing right now in my life.

    • cherylone profile image

      Cheryl Simonds 6 years ago from Connecticut

      Really great and though provoking hub. I love it. Thanks for making all of us stop and think!

    • Ardie profile image

      Sondra 6 years ago from Neverland

      Well this one surprised me after the wax cat Hub! We got a thinker here ;) Great to see you still writing and throwing these things out there.

    • profile image

      Sunnie Day 6 years ago

      Wonderful hub your way of thinking..

    • procreate-light profile image

      procreate-light 6 years ago from Charlotte NC

      dmop, GDiBiase, Faith,

      Thanks so much for the comments and for your thoughts. We are all doing our part to help spread the word and what I hope and believe is wisdom.

      Love and Light, Greg

    • dmop profile image

      dmop 6 years ago from Cambridge City, IN

      Great article, I couldn't agree more that we each have to search for our own truth. I find it odd that most people put so much stress on material things and pay no attention to their own inner voice. I voted this up, interesting, and useful.

    • GDiBiase profile image

      GDiBiase 6 years ago from Portland, ME

      Awesome hub! So very true. We stay with the group even when they seem to just be stumbling along. We put on our nike's and drink the purple koolaid together. How sad. We must strive to think and learn for ourselves, not follow the masses. Thanks for sharing

    • profile image

      Faith Reaper 6 years ago

      Oh, WOW, such an amazing hub!!! You have spoken here so much truth to be sure. The truth is always best when spoken in love, no matter how much it may hurt. When my daughter was very young and standing in front of the oven, I told her "No, No, No, Hot!" And guess what, she touched it, and that was one of her very first words, "Hot!" She would have not discovered what hot is, unless she touched that front of the oven. The Truth (His Word) when spoken, never comes back void! I will enjoy reading your hubs. Voted Up, awesome, beautiful, interesting and useful --- In His Love, Faith Reaper