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August's 22 New Moon Luna Tarotscopes 2017

Updated on August 15, 2017
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Charmaine is a poet and freelance writer who offers a Cartomancy service. Charmaine loves ideas and using a holistic approach to life.

August's Luna Tarotscopes (Aug 22 - Sept 20)
August's Luna Tarotscopes (Aug 22 - Sept 20) | Source


You and I are going to get reacquainted with the natural effects, rhythm and synchronicities of the planet and sky by following our own personal experiences of the New Moon to New Moon which is from Aug 22-Sept 2017 Sydney, Australia’s Timing. (NY timing is one day earlier.)

I am a new student of the lunar cycles. This will be my first casting of the New Moon month to month phase. You may wonder why I have decided to do this? I feel I would like to be a part of those who wish to come back to our human (humane) roots and begin to become better synchronized with the Earth’s universal rhythms. I will do my part by offering to cast a Tarot reading for the New Moon phase for each of the zodiac signs

To me, the Tarot cards are an ancient tool of the human collective consciousness. While initially the tarot was used for entertainment’s purposes within the Poet’s parlour during the Renaissance period, the Tarot’s purpose has evolved into the universal story teller, the illuminator of life, relationships, life purpose and existential angst. To me, the tarot cards can provide a novel outlook on worn out perspectives; and, I just love its simultaneous serendipitous nature. It’s like a box of chocolates-you never know what you are going to get

Moon's folklore
Moon's folklore | Source

Moon Folklore

Before we launch into the New Moon Luna Tarotscopes, I thought you might like to know the Moon has forever been surrounded with many a folklore. Some of the folklore has gone along these lines: -

*some people believe that the 5th day after a Full Moon is the perfect time to conceive a child

*they say a way to increase your wealth is to place your surplus coins into the opposite pocket when you first see a Crescent-shaped Moon.

*they say this is the best time to mow your lawn, plant underground vegetables/plants, prune, and kill off weeds, when the Full Moon appears through to the last quarter

Moon Phases
Moon Phases | Source

Moon Phases

There are a number of phases to the Moon other than the New Moon phase. Here are some of those moon phases and how they apply to our daily lives: -

* the New Moon supports one to start afresh and find new avenues for new beginnings

*the Waxing (growing) moon is when it is best to lay down the foundation to what you aspire to

*the first quarter moon is for when you are ready to take on your challenges

*the waxing (growing) Gibbous moon is when it is time to consider change.

*a Full moon is a full time and needs to be celebrated

*the Waning (shrinking) Gibbous moon is when it is time to turn inward and for saying good bye to what isn’t supporting you.

The Moons Travel Cycle

The Moon is said to take 27.3 days to travel around the earth. In the first day, the Moon moves 12 degrees in the sky and completes a cycle from the New Moon to the New Moon in 29.5 days.

To learn what the Universe has in store for you and I, we need to return to the power of the moon cycles.

Something Special About this coming New Moon

We have something extra special happening with this New Moon. We have a Black Moon, which amongst other things, will cause a total eclipse.

The presence of the Black Moon is said to grant us an auspicious occasion particularly if you want to take a BIG LEAP in your life. Especially, into something that is fresh and new. Not to forget if you want to finally put the past to rest.

Our senses will be heightened with the Black Moon. What does this mean? It means that, if you are ready to receive intense insights, have more vivid dreams together with experiencing more heightened synchronicities, this is YOUR time. You will have the clarity you need if you ask the questions you need the answers for, quietly within your mind, prayer, or meditative stances.

Know, too, if you have felt rejected, disempowered or ostracized, this Black Moon’s energy will catalyse healing of these matters for you.

The Black Moon is associated with the creative life force of the Divine Feminine. That is, the feeling and intuitive sides of yourself.


The New Moon Luna Tarotscope Spread

I will use the New Moon tarot spread to let you know what potentially lies ahead of you; what you are about to tackle; and what plans you can effectively put into action and make happen.

The Luna Tarotscope is from the New Moon of Aug 22 to the following New Moon Sept 20 for each of astrological zodiac signs.

Remember, with all divination arts only take away with you, with what you personally resonate with. The rest? Leave it behind. I would like to remind you that Tarot readings is an art form not a science. Tarot readings are interpretative and not 100% full proof, however, still a useful tool for the story it reveals.

Black Moon
Black Moon | Source

Aries Luna Tarotscopes

1.What is Gestating?

I feel within you, there is a part of you strengthening your connection and philosophy to your spirituality and/or what divinity means to you and your role in relation to it.

You may feel hollow.

All you know, is you want more out of life. In order to do that, you are willing to, or, at least, contemplate what it would mean to leave all that you know or what you have built up, behind. This makes you feel either sad or feel like keeping yourself to yourself. Confidence levels could be shaken. Whichever way, your feel you are ready to turn your back on the life you have led and you are preparing to set up on a new trail.

2.What is Hidden?

Up till now, you may not realize how active you have been in chasing your plans and goals.

After a quiet contemplative period, you are on your way to making changes. One of those changes could be changing your job. Changing your job means being part of a new group of people with new or different beliefs and attitudes.

I feel you need to stop-think-plan. If you do this, it will help to dissolve or subside any challenges that come to greet you.

3.What Needs to Be Shed?

2 Cups tells me what needs to be let go of is the desire for a new relationship; desire for a soul mate; or, stepping away from coming between two people in a relationship.

Sometimes the person we are in exceptional synchronization with may not be our soul mate, this time around. Instead, this good fit person would be better suited as a good friend or business partner. So, I feel it would be beneficial to rethink what a soul mate means to you.

4.What needs to Begin?

Plans need to be finalized. That may mean, enhancing yourself in a new way. That could mean a new job. That could mean taking on a on line study to improve your qualifications or skills. Or, you could find on line to rebuild your confidence levels on the job or in your personal life.

If by chance you do happen to find a new lover along the way, it will have the seeds to form a lasting stable relationship. So, tend well.

No one is going to hold you back-only yourself. Therefore, be your own best friend and cheerleader.

Peace to You.

Taurus Zodiac Sign
Taurus Zodiac Sign | Source

Taurus Luna Tarotscopes

1.What is Gestating?

Oh No! Same scenario but different people. You are trying to think of how to get out of this situation; or, get away from this group of people that have either betrayed you or are forcing their beliefs and way of life onto you. You are being silenced by this group.

The scenario? You can’t speak up or defend yourself. What is gestating below, is the building up of ways of how to stand up for yourself.

2.What is Hidden?

You have a big heart and have a great understanding of others. However, in the past you have burned. You have trusted the wrong people with your finances. It was someone who had authority over you in some way. This mistrust is causing problems. To me, the set-up lesson here could be, to see how you can rebuild your trust with your Knight of Pentacles again. This time you may be nicely surprised.

3.What Needs to Be Shed?

To get you through this set-up lesson, you will need to find a way to desensitize yourself, or, suspend/sacrifice your creativity/meditative practice

We all experience emotional insecurities from time to time. Just be mindful that you don’t become too needy or clingy as it could drain your partner, family or friends.

You may have thought life is about being having a large group of friends. Sometimes bigger is not better. Think about concentrating on building a few close quality friendships.

4.What Needs to Begin?

What needs to start happening is you dusting yourself off and start getting out there and enjoying your life again. A lucky phase is in the offering.

Be mindful you don’t get tossed around by the choices and beliefs of others.

A systematic and orderly approach will get your further this month. It doesn’t mean your imagination will be lacking. In fact, your imagination will be brimming with ideas if you let it in and happen. Your creativity will produce both relationship and material goods. Just take your time making decisions.

Peace to You.

Gemini Luna Tarotscopes

1.What is Gestating?

A King Cups is either going to appear in your life or you are going to be developing King Cups traits.

The King Cups is someone that is great father material. The King Cups is caring, sensitive and has big shoulders for you to cry on. He is creative. Do you too have a desire to become a musician? Poet? Artist? Pastor? You could make money from a creative pursuit, if you desired it.

This King Cups could be someone from your past.

The presence of the King Cups can also mean that you will be facing a challenge from not speaking up directly in order to meet your needs. While you deal with this you may find yourself at times the demanding one while other times you become silently resigned to what is. Just be tender and patient with yourself until you learn which is the best way for you to respond. The middle ground will come.

2. What is Hidden?

Are you feeling exhausted? Maybe its eat, sleep and work at the moment. But you have earned it as you have been earning hard and producing hard.

Work has really taken up most of your life. You probably find when you are out at a get-together, you are short in conversation unless it focuses on your job or what project you are diligently attending to.

You could easily give up on being physical which could lead to weight gain; or, it could affect your work in some way that you find yourself unemployed. Opportunities could also pass you by if you let your initiative fall too low. The only way you may get going again, if someone prods you into action. If this is what is happening, it could spread difficulties in your life.

3.What Needs to Be Shed?

To cope, you may have had to block out other concerns or people situations to feel as if you have a satisfactory level of finances/material goods in your life. This may have come to you at a cost. You probably have been alone either physically, emotionally or belief wise to achieve the level of comfort or refinement you desired. But, don’ take on this singularity into the next month. I wouldn’t be surprised if you already are having urges to experience a lot more freedom in your life.

You deserve a holiday or some luxury item to celebrate all the hard work and effort you have put in lately. Don’t deny your good fortune. Value it. Respect it. But now? It’s time to plant new freedom seeds.

4.What needs to Begin?

What I feel will happen this New Moon, this Black Moon? You will be getting ready to buy that beautiful home, start-up that business, get engaged, or have that house warming party you’ve been putting off the last 12 months.

Peace to You.

Cancer Zodiac Sign
Cancer Zodiac Sign | Source

Cancer Luna Tarotscopes

1.What is Gestating?

What needs to stay quiet in the darkness of the New Moon? The Fool Tarot card.

What will be sifting and sorting within your psyche, is the renewal of innocence and trust in your life which is being gently nurtured by a new sense of hope. So, allow all of that dynamic, lay fallow, brew and take shape. Don’t focus on it. Just get busy with your outer life.

I feel your imagination wants to and needs to, fly in all directions. You may feel there is a wild wind blowing right through your heart and mind. The internal change may be picked up by others as a sense of uneasiness around you. Such people may then try to corner you or push you into things that you don’t want to do or pay attention to. Therefore, just be mindful if you are choosing something because someone said so, or you are choosing it because you want to.

2.What is Hidden?

Through difficult times you have had to learn how to both protect yourself as well as learn how to become more useful to other people. You may not realize this but you are able to give clear headed advice or solutions. You have learned to be a wonderful networker and a go-to person, if anyone in your neighbourhood needs a good Real Estate Agent or Accountant/Financier etc.

Could it be possible to sprinkle your eyes with a little smile? Being taciturn or laconic is holding you back. So, shine out your inner light. It will come more easily when the New Moon waxes (grows) again. Otherwise it could spread difficulties in your life

3.What Needs to Be Shed?

What you need to mourn and not take with you into the new month, is a way of life or perspective that is keeping you clinging to the shore line. It may be where you cling to outmoded biases where you cannot meet another halfway.

I feel you need to act more decisive this month to benefit. Leave any aloofness behind, though.

If something is revealed and causes you unexplainable grief, mourn it and then put it to the side of things. Start planting new seeds for a new way to begin.

4.What needs to Begin?

If you can give yourself permission to give freer rein to the activities of your subconscious, you may just find some useful or surprising ideas. Explore them. Play with them. Don’t block them off. You will be able to make good use of these ideas.

Your psychism is high. Find the appropriate tools to rein it in for your highest good.

There may be someone or something you will need to sacrifice.

If you have become addicted to drugs or alcohol, it’s that part of yourself signalling to you that you have lost your divine connection to your heart. However, the upside is, where the wound is, is where you will be able to do the greater good for others, once you are up on your feet. Prayer and meditative techniques/tools will determine the quality of the seeds you will be planting to sprout in your near future.

A life enhancing way for you to get things done over the next month? Is to combine your charm with your leadership skills together with givingness. That is, being willing to adjust to others.

Plant seeds of honesty in your dealings, especially that related with your investments.

Peace to You

Leo Luna Tarotscopes

1.What is Gestating?

What is gestating below the surface, is the healing and recovering of the grief, the pain, the hurt you feel inside your heart. Maybe how you have coped, is to not to let your grieving tears fall over your cheeks. You probably still blame the other person for the quarrel or chaos. But what I feel is happening, is that there is a dawning, or a shifting of that part of you that played a part in the quarrel or chaos, so that, accusing the other is starting to disseminate and take on another look. Whatever is happening within the darkness of the New Moon, don’t focus on it. Just allow whatever is happening to take its own time. It knows what to do.

2.What is Hidden?

You are realizing there is a limitless road of possibilities so much so that its overwhelming you. You want to go here and there to do this or that. Emotionally, you could be like a see saw and this movement could be reflected in your life. For instance, your work hours keep getting changed and therefore your pay time changes which upsets when you can pay your bills etc. You may feel you are sitting on quicksand.

When the New Moon waxes (grows) again, become aware of this pattern and how it is spreading unnecessary problems in your life. See where you can nip it in the bud.

3.What Needs to Be Shed?

Thinking other people have it better is not serving you. Comparing and contrasting your personal life situation with others, if unequal and/or not to your liking, will only grow to become the green-eyed monster, which can cause much unpleasantness or fear in some.

If you have stopped believing in yourself, mourn it and say good bye to feeling less than others.

You have beautiful strengths which you are not acknowledging to yourself. You know bigger is not always of better value or more beautiful.

The consistent everyday use of your talents and skills shows strength, dependability and reliability.

We all need anchors in our lives. So, let us also be an anchor for someone else and their life.

4.What needs to Begin?

If you haven’t been congratulating yourself or getting a group of friends or workmates together to go out, start doing it. It will be life enhancing.

Get ready! Soon you are going to be in the spotlight. Good times to be had.

You may need to make some decisions quickly. Don’t fret, that you will make a blunder. You have the innovativeness and foresight to make sound judgements. This judgement ability has been earned through the challenges you’ve had to deal with in a pragmatic way together with the inspirations you have received from your own personal connection to Divinity. (whatever Divinity means for you)

Peace to You.

Virgo Zodiac Sign
Virgo Zodiac Sign | Source

Virgo Luna Tarotscopes

1.What is Gestating?

Deep down you are feeling a sense of loss. I feel it’s more emotional than material. You feel full of regrets and remorse for what was. But, do not fret, there is a deep inner shift happening under the darkness of the New Moon, where your psyche is going to work to get you to recover from this feeling of loss.

Your life may have felt empty without that one person or family member/s but there is an energy shift taking place which will be in universal sync. There will be a return old friends, family members/relatives; or, you will receive an invitation to attend a secondary or tertiary reunion. So, let your inner psyche well alone while it quietly gets to work in making this happen for you. Just get on with outer life, okay?

2.What is Hidden?

You may or may not aware of this but people see you as an opponent and there is a competition going on around you where each person is vying to have their ideas or beliefs upheld or taken on by others. The fight is stiff; and you are right in the middle of the fight. This 5 wands could also mean that the fight/conflict is between your heart and mind. This could spread difficulties in your life. This dynamic will push you out of your comfort zone and force you to see life through another pair of eyes. If you are up to this challenge, and can overcome it for now, you will advance soulfully. Therefore, I would do what I can where I can with what I have, to prevent further escalation, especially when the New Moon waxes (grows) again.

3.What Needs to Be Shed?

What needs to be symbolically mourned and shed is the negative pessimistic attitude you are seeing the world through. People will consciously or unconsciously step up to play the role of spotlighting all your weaknesses so that they will uncover all your dirty laundry in public to highlight your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. These people are, in a backhanded way, letting you know that this humiliation and shaming experience will continue, if you don’t stop perceiving the worst in other people and your world. So, the pessimistic way needs to come to an end. Do not carry the pessimistic way forward into the New Moon month, with you.

4.What needs to Begin?

What seeds do you now need to plant for your new future to be?

You need to get a plan, get it into action so that your finances in particular, are consolidated.

You have to set up, protect and stabilize what you hold dear to you. Whether that is having a loving and affectionate relationship? Or, whether that is collecting power and wealth so that your future looks good and stable.

If you are unhappy with what you have realized, you can project that onto others. Even feeling that you are possessed by a Spirit. You may think you are possessed by a Spirit because you feel you have either a few rights in your life or you have little control in your life. See what you can do to increase your effectiveness. Even thinking the night before of what you are going to do the following day is a step forward in feeling you have control over your life. Follow that up with writing out a list of what to do, so you can mark off all the items or at least three items minimum the following day. This will create a feeling of having spent a good day in control. Start little then work your way up to attend to bigger items in your life.

Peace to You

Libra Luna Tarotscopes

1.What is Gestating?

What is gestating within your psyche is an adjustment which is working to toughening you up. You haven’t been a very good defender and protector of you are better able to stand up better for yourself.

This King of swords won’t lead you astray. He employs detachment and fairmindedness in his dealings. You may find yourself coming up with a word or catch phrase that will deeply affect another’s soul

2.What is Hidden?

Do you know your relentless search for something better is spreading challenges in your personal life

Just be mindful to be grateful for what you do have. Remind yourself how wonderful your backyard is; and do not keep looking over into your neighbour’s yard. If you want to become that Business manager, aim for that. Take up a MBA. Or, restructure your business. Then again reinvent yourself for your workforce. Just don’t pack up and run away, okay?

3.What Needs to Be Shed?

During the New Moon to New Moon phase, you may find yourself putting to an end, that part of yourself that immediately follows orders, works diligently and doesn’t ask questions.

You may be working too hard or working at a dead-end job. You have perfected your job. Through perfecting repetitive duties, you have streamlined the job and its produced results, which is grace in action. However, the tediousness of your job may be tempting you to cut corners, too. Don’t take this way with you into the new month. Just put an end to it. Symbolically mourn the loss. Say goodbye to that step by step performance for now.

You want something more. You need something more and different.

4.What Needs to Begin?

When change happens, more conflicts rise to the surface.

Conflict is the destructive side of new beginnings. For the new to take place, the old has to simultaneously dissolve. Not everyone is happy during this process. The key here is to plant seeds for adaptation, adjustments and moderating ways. You need to find the median, between extreme experiences. This process is the important part. Not the resulting goal.

You may find yourself obtaining assistance from a trusted source while planting the seeds to soothe tensions and offer solace.

Peace to You.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign
Scorpio Zodiac Sign | Source

Scorpio Luna Tarotscopes

1.What is Gestating?

What needs to be left in the quietness of the darkness of the New Moon is the development of new boundary goalposts for how to discern who to trust and confide in and who not to trust and confide in. You may have been forced to deal with the wrong people for you. These people have either directly or indirectly extracted your personal information which they have twisted and taken out of context to create negative scenarios around you. Lots of gossip. These people are hurting you and what they don’t realize one day it will come back to bite them. It might take 5 or 10 years, but their time will come.

2.What is Hidden?

You may be experiencing outings, weddings, reunions are being delayed or cancelled or they become too wearisome.

Either yourself or those around you are contributing to breaking up the sense of safety, security and privacy of your home life.

And you have consciously or unconsciously have taken on the role of disruptor or scapegoat. A war between tribal (family) values and beliefs versus (individual) beliefs and values.

Be mindful that somewhere in your life you are oversaturated with something that is for, good or ill. What this is doing is spreading underground problems for you and your life.

3.What Needs to Be Shed?

What needs to keep on gestating in the quietness of the darkness of the New Moon, is the getting ready of your wisdom (what you have learnt from your past) as you make your way in the world. Your soul is reawakening to accessing and remembering its own purpose and identity so that in some way you can guide, teach, mentor another, or, be involved in the healing arts. Your voice is being reshaped to a pitch and energy level where others will want to listen to you. So, just let this incubatory period take care of itself. Trust.

4.What needs to Begin?

The energy of the Empress is gestating within your psyche. So, if you want to fall pregnant during this month, get practising! The Empress’s presence is indicating it is a favourable time.

The Empress favours commitment and stepping up the depth of your current relationship. So, for some that may mean being committed instead of a now and again relationship. Or, it can mean taking the relationship through to the wedding or civil union stage.

If you thought you didn’t have talents, this will be the period (if you do your research) of discovering some of your finer talents.

If the unknown was held with superstition or fear, you are now open to the idea of exploring the spiritual realm of universal laws and synchronicities.

Peace to You.

Sagittarius Luna Tarotscopes

1.What is gestating?

What is gestating in the quiet darkness of the new Moon, is that your psyche is redefining what belonging to and fitting in means to you now in context of a family, a family business, community, an institution, a corporation. It involves a sift and sort of traditional beliefs and values. There may be a renewal of what it means to have a stable home and stable home life. Don’t worry about this process. It will take care of itself. Your psyche will resolve and dissolve what needs to happen in its own scale of time.

1.What is hidden?

Some people see you as the rules and regulations person who sternly exercises his/her power and authority. This is spreading difficulties for you in your life.

The Emperor Tarot card may even indicate that there is a particular person like this in your life. This person will be demonstrating what power and authority looks like in your community, organization or corporation.

If you have difficulty in handling authority or power, it can come back to you in the form of strangers criticizing you; and you taking the stance that you are right and everyone else is wrong.

It is a balance of learning to trust other’s judgements together with trusting your own judgement. So, when the New Moon waxes (grows) again, take a closer look at this.

2. What is Hidden?

6 Cups represents the dynamic that needs to be mourned and then dropped. Don’t take this attitude, belief or remembrance with you into the New Moon month.

With the 6 Cups here, it says to me, that you need to stop looking back to your past and wishing it was like that again. Stop thinking an ex friend, ex-lover, ex-partner or ex-soulmate is going to come back into your life and make everything alright again. Just symbolically mourn what was and then turn away from the rear-view mirror and look ahead and take your first step in the new direction

3. What Needs to Begin?

To help make this phase of your life take off, you need to trust someone and confide in them. It could mean having a talk with a Pastor, Priest, Counsellor or a rock-solid friend.

Need to plant the seeds that each person individually adds to the collective wisdom. Some people may do this at a faster speed, with others doing it a slower pace but it doesn’t matter.

You have realized a lot of destruction can be caused to an honest person when you lie to them. Plant the seeds of having a willingness to have an open mind to others.

Blessings and forgiveness of the hurts caused by others will be a source of personal healing.

If you feel like throwing in the towel, please don’t. You may be in an all or nothing mood. Just relax more, let your witty self come out to play more. Show your less serious side. Give it a try, hey?

Peace to You.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign
Capricorn Zodiac Sign | Source

Capricorn Luna Tarotscopes

1. What is Gestating?

Friends have proven to be unreliable and you have been left down so much that if you were offered help in some way, you would be wary. Try again. It will be better. Take a calculated risk. With the 7 Cups Tarot card here, it says to me that there are going to be opportunities for you this New Moon month.

What is gestating in the quietness of your psyche is a shift in your ability to discern. A rebalanced look at which personal desires are the most important to you versus the practical needs of a situation, person or organization, will come up. This change needs quiet time. You don’t need to consciously focus on it. Realignments and readjustments are happening within your psyche.

2. What is Hidden?

There is something you have fallen blind to within yourself. The need to protect yourself or stand up for yourself is spreading difficulties in your life. You may find people all of sudden start to raise objections to your lover, friends, family or work environment.

With the 7 Wands here, it says to me a situation has been set-up for you to learn how you can stop being taken advantage of. A stalker may turn up in your life. A stalker on an energetic level reflects the psyche’s fear of feeling vulnerable and worried about falling victim to another person and having no control over their life. When the New Moon waxes (grows) again, take a conscious step at teaching yourself to develop confidence through restraint rather than full on brawling or fighting.

3.What Needs to Be Shed?

If you have been fighting a person or a cause, it could be time to lay down the sword of words and logic to cease a clash with those in authority. Where you can, take back the taunts or harsh words. Symbolically mourn this ending and then turn your back on this Ace of Swords by taking a step in your new direction.

4.What Do I Need to Begin?

If you have chosen a pathway of misleading or being deceptive when you have been in a position of authority of people at work or in a business partnership, start to rebuild your trustworthiness.

Where you can, plant the seeds of action with integrity. Plant seeds of where you can be held accountable if someone held a magnifying glass to your life.

Peace to You.

Aquarius Luna Tarotscopes

1.What is Gestating?

What is gestating in the quiet of the darkness of the New Moon, is you opening up to either a new love relationship or deepening an existing one. Your sensitivity is being tweaked underground.

With the presence of the Ace Cups here, it tells me that your fertility is heightened. Your dreaming world or psyche receptivity is also more in tune.

2.What is Hidden?

Life or work will see you step up onto the ladder of victory, of success. Friends or co-workers are looking up to you and the path you are leading upon.

Be mindful this feeling of victory doesn’t fall over into arrogance or abruptness as this will spread challenges for you in your life.

When the New Moon waxes (grows) again, take a closer look at this and see where you can dissolve this into an awareness that you are a channel for luck and good fortune. It is to be shared through you and other people. Your time is, now, so cherish it.

2. What Needs to Be Shed?

The Queen of Wands tells me that you have been stepped up to either a Supervisor, Manager or Owner of a Company. If there is an unyielding, dominating attitude or behaviour in action, it isn’t serving you any longer. It needs to stop. Symbolically mourn this and shed it.

4.What Seeds Need to be Planted?

With the presence of the Knight Cups here, it says to me an old friend could show up in your life again. He/she will remind you to examine the needs of your heart-self needs so that if you decide you can be happy for the long run, then choose to enter into the relationship with that person.

The Knight Cups will help you plant character trait seeds so you can better discern who is of right or wrong character for you.

If you can juggle your ability to win friends over with honey (rather than vinegar) together with injecting a dash of fun and spontaneity, your lovability will grow.

Peace to You.

Pisces Zodiac Sign
Pisces Zodiac Sign | Source

Pisces Luna Tarotscopes

1. What is Gestating?

You may have been experiencing a loss of security and/or financial loss. Don’t despair, a healing is taking place in the darkness of the New Moon. I feel there is a discernment process going on that will let you know what is Fool’s Gold advice and what is real Gold advice. Become more sensitive to your inner guidance when it pops up as a solo nonsensical idea versus turning it into something workable on the material plane. Don’t focus on it. Just get going with your physical life. Your psyche will take care of everything here for you.

2.What is Hidden?

Your personal yearnings for variety and change will show up in financial instability. You may decide to let go of a full time career and take up a freelancer’s role. Wandering the commercial market, you want to experience it all. This will spread difficulties in your life.

3.What Needs to be Shed?

To cope and get on with life you may have taken on an opportunistic way of life or chosen to become a very quick decision maker.

A old boyfriend or brother could show up in your life ready to protect you but in his way, not your way. When the New Moon waxes (grows) again, become aware of how you have handed your power over. You don’t have to do this anymore. Symbolically mourn the loss of handing your power over and let it go.

4.What Seeds to Plant Now

You need to plant seeds so that you can become shrewder or act in a more stealthily way to manifest your plans as there is someone around you where you need to protect your life plans from this month.

If you can take on a leadership role this you will personally benefit. Just remember that no one has all the answers. Because if you fall into that trap of believing you have all the answers, you could make rash decisions where your judgement is faulty. Even so, you have the reins, be prepared to deal with the unexpected.

Peace to you.

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