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Authentic Spiritual Living

Updated on March 21, 2010

Who is in the mirror?

Who is in the mirror?
Who is in the mirror?

Authentic living?

"Great men are they that see he spiritual is stronger than any material force,
that thoughts rule the world. Ralph Waldo Emerson

I enjoy revisiting the wisdom of our ancestors. For true wisdom is timeless, and also embodies universal truths. Several years ago I came upon the idea of authenticity, or being true to oneself and renouncing something that is no longer working. It has a strong spiritual component in my estimation, as it asks us to contemplate how our physical world is aligned with our spiritual purpose.

Lama Surya Das has written some wonderful books addressing the need for us to step out of our ruts and readdress our lives in a more spiritual context. Finding the need to transform our inner selves is a call from within to align ourselves more directly with our higher purpose.

Hanging onto our patterns of behavior that no longer serve us leaves us no room for the growth we need to move forward in our lives. If we cling to judgment or expectations, we lose touch with our divine nature. By remaining attached to form, we also lose touch with the inner workings of our lives.

Are we the products of too much ritualized living? Do we live as though making changes becomes bothersome, tedious work? Are we like Sisyphus, doomed to roll a rock ceaselessly up a hill each day, only to know it will come crashing back and need to be rolled back in the morning? Are we living life like we had endless time to do so?

Many do not understand that one of the most basic laws of the universe is that we need to empty ourselves, break ourselves down from time to time, in order to allow more room for the new. If we do not consciously allow this process to unfold it gets foisted upon us in the form of some kind of collapse. This is evidenced by manifesting illness, disease, loss, divorce, or bankruptcy.

Think about the idea of buying cans and cans of spaghetti sauce and filling the shelves with it week after week after week. If you never use it, but you keep storing it up on the shelf and stacking it up eventually one day the pile collapses onto the floor (or your head) telling you that there is no more room for these cans to be stored! You will either have to find a new place to store them, (removal) or they will keep spilling over onto you and your world. Where is there room for other kinds of cans of food, when you have overloaded the shelves with just this one type of item?

Life either asks you to make room for something new, or it collapses on your head, making room in one way or another! Each loss makes more room for more gain. Such is the same with seeking an authentic life. You can revisit your life and decide what needs to be sifted off and what you want to make room to embrace. You make by choosing to embrace a piece of it that can be found inside you, and was there the whole time, but needed to be uncluttered!

The demons we think we see in our lives are of our own making. We are the architects designing our own authentic lives moment by moment. Choosing to see life as a beautiful scene unfolding and observing the beauty found in the midst of it is one way of starting to live authentically. The wisdom of the ancestors is accessible to us all, if we but choose to clear away the clutter and begin to live more from spirit.

We are very powerful beings, isn't it about time we believe it?


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    • profile image

      7 years ago

      Very encouraging words...I am tired of helping Sisphus roll that damn rock uphill everyday, ie...the endless cycle of overeating out of habit; not so much hunger.

      By the way, I ate all those cans of spagheti sauce WITH NOODLES for fear of no other place to put it???!!!