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Review of "God: Fact or Fiction? Exploring the Relationship Ship Between Science, Religion and the Origin of Life."

Updated on April 24, 2015

Author's Love Publicity, Right?

It's a well known fact that as authors we enjoy getting publicity re our books. If you have a book still in you which you would still love to write, I'm sure you know what I mean.

Popular Blog Site Te at Trianon Reviews My Book

I was delighted to receive a very detailed review of my book is week the popular blog site, "Tea at Trianon" . What a wonderful surprise! Their review of my book, "God: Fact or Fiction?" was a direct result of meeting the blogger at our Eucharistic Convention in Auckland, New Zealand. When I told her I'm an author and trying to get onto the major TV network EWTN she offered to review my book for her blog which gets 10,000 hits a month. I was delighted by her offer and was surprised when earlier this week she told me that the review was complete and up on her blog. The main theme of her review is that it is refreshing that I unabashedly show the reasonableness of faith in the light of science. She finishes her review with:

She says that "God Fact or Fiction?" shines with candor and thoroughness, demonstrating how faith and science are not in opposition to each other, rather they are complementary, for learning about the complexity of God's creation gives glory to Him.

Concluding Remarks of Book Review

"The wonders of the primordial world have never ceased, since they are renewed in every new baby. It should be clear just from cursory observation that the elaborate design of the cosmos has its origin in a superior Intellect, for the odds of such complexity coming together spontaneously all by itself would defy all reason and logic. Roberts discusses the odds quite deftly, in a way that might be particularly engaging for teenagers, especially those with lots of questions. Roberts' book not only encourages inquiry but stimulates it, making one want to learn more about the wonders of the universe and the God who made them."

Brendan Roberts, a New Zealander, is author of five books which can be found on Amazon as eBooks. His website is


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