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Auto correction is part of the creation but man has to self regulate himself!

Updated on July 12, 2016

Creation...five billions years took for mankind.

Auto correction is embedded in creation!

In the creation, there is autocorrecting mechanism embedded within it. But in the case of human beings, the self-correction is left their choice. Thus he can choose to uplift himself or remain stuck. If he does not exercise caution, there is a chance to slide into abysmal depths. Human being is combination of three forces. It is hidden divine base, the human and demonic elements. Though everyone is a combination of all these three parts, the percentages vary from individual to individual. Very few people in the world are predominantly divine and they are the holy persons, sages, saints and prophets. I have not included ‘Avatars” in this list since they are one hundred percent Divine donning a human form.

Ecology and Nature can set itself right, though it takes considerable time. Nature undergoes lot of changes due to vagaries of weather, atmospheric pollution, and deforestation activities of the ignorant set of people. The mushrooming of industries everywhere around the world has spoiled the purity of earth resources, underground water and atmospheric pollution due to letting out exhausts and fumes in the case of oil and petroleum industries. Man has become a greatest threat to nature and ecology. He systematically hunts endangered species both on the ground and in oceans. One example is “blue whales”. Nature lovers are sad to view the systematic hunting of blue whales in the Japanese sea. The main reason is ‘greed’ and selfishness. While all other species do not transgress their limits, man is unique in trespassing in other’s territory and transgressing everywhere including space, ocean, hills and lakes and he has not left even the desert sand also! Now the space contains litters and debris left out during space missions, both manned and unmanned. When the space ships complete their normal life span, they are left in the space to disintegrate and remain as pieces of debris!

Man has hastened Dark Age.

Man spoils the Eco system and reaps disasters!

The ocean is the worst affected eco system by the greed of man. In several places, he drills the earth with deep bore wells for crude oil and gas, and in other places. He constructs high raise structures of more than hundreds of stories. The earth’s crust is subjected to uneven pressures at various places and the resultant force is let out in the form of severe earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, huge tidal waves, tornadoes and typhoons. There is no use blaming god or nature. It is his own making! There is a term, self-control which man never resorts to. In several poor countries, due to utter poverty, people never care for hygiene. This often results in breaking of epidemics like cholera, dysentery, and other serious health havocs. When they don’t have meal for one time, how they will deal with such eventualities? Illness and wellness of society is the outcome of banal thoughts and good thoughts. “Sow a mango, reap a mango” is the golden rule for human race. But majority of the population plants bitter seeds and they blame later that god is cruel.

Each one has to pay back in the same coin. This is one of the ‘irrevocable laws of the universe! Corruption has become a social virtue rather than evil. Hence, the people who swindle the nation, thousands of crores are treated as heroes in political and public domain. They get five star treatments in other countries. But, they are no less than ‘fraudsters and goons. They present themselves before foreign media as though they are law abiding citizens! They are making fun of democracy and freedom, whereas a minor thief is getting the worst punishment in jails. While proclaimed offenders go scot free, petty thieves get beatings that will last a life time! In the above circumstances, where is law and Justice anywhere? Law has become very low!

Evils of Dark age is predicted in scriptures!

These are the ‘hall marks’ of Kaliyuga or Dark Age as mentioned in several ancient scriptures! The happenings everywhere around the globe are following a set pattern peculiar to Dark Age!

Dharma or Righteousness is shown as a cow in the scriptures which stand on all four legs during the golden age and on one leg, very precariously during the Dark Age. This indicates that at least 25% of the world population are good people, love god, fear sin and follow the ethics laid down in the scriptures. For the sake of such pious people, there is still rain and fertility on earth. It is written in one of the ancient writing that “even if there is one holy man in a region, for his sake, there is rainfalls all around, which will benefit even the bad elements. When the riot waters his crops, there will be simultaneous growth of weeds too, which uses the same water for its growth. Hence, society invariably contains both good and bad elements in appropriate proportions. Hence one can not eliminate evil from the society altogether. It is like asking only for cool climate throughout. The alternating heat and cool makes our life tolerable. Hence, changes are essential elements which are part of the life on earth. It is like, ‘day and night, wellness or illness, prosperity and poverty etc. Without misery and grief none can enjoy! It is said that “PLEASURE IS THE INTERVAL BETWEEN TWO PAINS’


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