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Await for the most glorious time on earth! It is sooner than later!

Updated on June 24, 2017

Virtues veiled.

There seems to be no improvement in human virtues!

Many billions of years have elapsed since creation happened. We are more concerned with secular knowledge than spiritual wisdom. We feel that it is enough to lead a happy and comfortable life without flexing a single muscle. The smallest ant is very active to procure its feed by hard labor, trekking much distance on land. They mainly gather food for the entire colony than for its own consumption. This is happening since the beginning of creation. But look at the changes in the thoughts of human beings! They have become greedier with ego and selfishness. They want to hoard everything for their own consumption and they are least bothered about the sufferings of poor. This is the highest achievement due to technological innovations. Before the advent of Communication and Information technology, people retained some virtues but after the invention of mobile and internet, the virtues were given the go by while they foster many vices hitherto unknown. Even children, youngsters and middle aged people fall prey to the attractions of instant dissemination of multimedia from around the globe. The Western cultures promote vices quickly. Free mixing of both sexes of all ages already spelt grave concern in society. Hence the mobile and internet has become a dangerous pastime for present day children of all ages in each country. This has become a fancy around the globe.

Virtues are valuable than Gold!

Mind pollution leads to environmental pollution!

Mind pollution is the major cause for environment pollution. The next generation of people faces very grim future. Where are human virtues and values? Hence the need of the hour is the serious intervention of the creator in the affairs of man. So long, eh has left them to choose their own course which resulted in grave crimes and torture of innocent children, young girls and others at the hands of terrorists who are operating around the globe! The expansion of terrorist networks is due to the communication gadgets that were invented in the last few decades! Anybody sitting anywhere in a remote village could communicate with anyone in the far end of the globe beyond the seas. This is the achievement of satellite communication! But many people are sad today due to the above inventions. Instead of helping the ordinary citizens, it helps the terrorists and queer minds. Hence no political leader could contain the fire of terrorism affecting the poor citizens in their territory. Again there is no amity between the Nations and Countries. They are divided by race, religion, culture, language and creed! Most of the leaders of the countries today are not honest and they are cunny to cause harm to the people beyond their territories’ Not only that, the poor citizens within a country are harassed by the authorities due to their selfish gains. Hence, there is Civil War erupting in each county, where people want to throw out dishonest and selfish politicians. The Arabian Peninsula undergoes severe stress due to the aforesaid reasons. People migrated to Arabian countries in quest of employment are finding it difficult to pull on there. At any moment, there is a threat of great war in which most of the countries of the world will participate!

Golden Age approaching!

The Golden Age is approaching!

Finding that the situation on earth alarming, many eminent sages who lives incognito have devised plans to diffuse the crisis built up. The sage Visvamitra and Sage Amara are engaged in their best efforts to plant positive energies all round the globe where vices tries to extinguish virtues of good natured! As it happened during the period of Rama and Krishna, the demonic forces now let loose in the form of terrorists are going to face severe destruction in the hands of holy godly forces. War between the holy and vice is imminent and once the eruption is over, harmony and peace will be brought back on earth!

Normally, the age of Kaliyuga or Dark Age is not to end very soon. But finding the escalation of evil in the world beyond normal levels, it is the plan of god to curtail the normal span of Kaliyuga and bring the order of Sathya Yuga sooner! These revelations are mentioned in many of the religious scriptures of the world. Hence the Mayan calendar abruptly ended in 2012. Many people feared about the end of the earth for some time now. But there is going to be a transition from evil to good and this is the reason of escalation of Natural calamities like frequent earthquakes and floods in most of the places around the world. Even in the predictions of Nostradamus, a great spiritual leader of illustrious reputation will emerge from the East who will lead the entire humanity in one single race and bring forth Peace and Harmony around the globe! People will become virtuous and corruption will be reduced to a great extent. Leaders will be virtuous and honest and a reign of Truth will envelop the globe for thousand years. But many of us may not believe that things will improve soon. But there will be Light at the dark end of Tunnel. In Islam, there is a mention about “Mehdi”. In Bible too it is revealed by Jesus, “The one who has sent me will himself arrive”. But interpretations of many scholars have distorted the primal message and many believe that Jesus himself will come. But Jesus was referring to the “Father in Heaven”. But none of us will believe such prophesies until they become Reality! May the rule of Heaven happen in earth and the Golden Age dawn soon! Amen!

The age of Truth, Sathya Yuga!

What goes down will come up soon!

Do you believe that the human race will witness Golden Age soon?

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