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Awaiting for the resurrection of humanity from evil.

Updated on February 15, 2016

The time is nearing!

Evil will be eradicated from earth by Divine forces soon!

It seems that the evils of "Kaliyuga", the dark age is on the peak. When anybody reaches the summit of mountain, has to climb down automatically. He cannot remain there forever. In a similar manner, even the evil forces has to climb down after reaching the peak. This is the 'deadline' for them. It is going to happen sooner than later. There is always a balancing power in creation. Like the ocean is contained within its periphery, every thing in nature should adhere to their territory. Hence they will not cross those lines excepting during a Tsunami or earthquake which may trigger 'high tides'. For us, the events in the globe may appear 'threatening'. God watches everything with a serene look. Ultimately, His will prevails"

The world has seen many anachronistic rulers, dictators and despots. What happened to the earth or heaven? All of them vanished without any trace. The man who wield a weapon will be killed by the same weapon" is a proverb in India. God watches the play of evil for quiet some time. When evil exceeds the limit, the Lord won't keep quiet. In many Indian epics and scriptures, this has been highlighted through many events. God abides his time. He never inflict punishments instantly. Hence there is one more proverb, "a kin will met out punishment at once whereas God will wait for the appropriate time.

Now, let us ponder why there is some gap between evil act and the resultant punishment? First of all, we have to understand the theory behind 'law of karma'. No doubt, Newton's laws are equally applicable in spiritual realm also. Every one gets equal and opposite reaction, but the law of karma is dealt in a mysterious way. Every human being is a mixture of good and evil. There is none who is 100% perfect other than God. There is none 100% evil in creation. Even the demons have affection towards kith and kin and sometimes they go out of the way to help some in some strange circumstances. The love or affection, shown by the demon to their offspring are actually fraction of the pure love of Divine but they are embroiled in worldly ties. Hence we can not pronounce them one hundred percent evil. History is replete with many autocrats and dictators in the past. Still, they loved some or some people loved them.

Jesus said, "forgive seventy times seven" and not hundred times. Why? One can tolerate evil only to certain extent and at the same time, 'forgiveness' will transform even a hard core criminal. Also in the Bible, it is revealed that "All are One, Be alike to everyone". The main problem with human tendency is 'we condemn the evil in others and not it one self". Hence Jesus said, not to look at the bad in anybody. Instead examine yourself and remove your evil propensities! This teaching is found in almost all the scriptures of the world.

Here, I am reminded of a beautiful episode in "Ramayana". Mother Sita, who accompanied her husband Sri Rama to the forest, once saw a beautiful golden deer. She wanted the deer in her ashram. Hence she requested Rama to catch it for her satisfaction. Rama told her, "Golden deer is rare. It may not be real, It may be the handiwork of demons living in the forest. Hence do not desire to possess the deer. But, at this time, Sita has not listened to Rama's sane advice. She persisted. Hence Rama told his brother Lakshmana to guard Sita during his absence. After a long chase, Rama could not catch the deer and he aimed an arrow at the direction. The arrow struck the deer but the demon who assumed the form of golden deer fell down crying, "Hey Lakshmana! Hey Sita several times in the tone of Rama!

Sita heard the pathetic cry of Rama and urged Lakshmana to rush to Rama's protection. Here also, Lakshmana told her, "Rama can never be overpowered or defeated by any. This is really a mischief of the demon. Hence do not worry. Rama will be back soon! It is the fateful hour for Sita! She has not listened to Lakshmana and shouted with wrong words to obey her..Sadly, Lakshmana had to part against the instructions of Rama! This is how fate plays its game. One can not act upon his own conscience. He has to perforce some wrong actions goaded by adverse circumstances. But, before leaving, Lakshmana has drawn a long line with his arrow and requested his sister in law, not to cross the line under any circumstances!

All these are really the acts of mysterious fate. But, this is the will of the supreme Lord. The demon king Ravana, who wanted to abduct Sita, disguised himself as a recluse and came to the Ashram where Sita stays. He begged for alms. Sita came out and saw a recluse begging for alms. It is the duty of housewife to give alms to the mendicants when they ask for food. She brought food and try to hand over the same to the recluse within the line drawn by Lakshmana. But the recluse (Ravana) requested her to come out since it is not fair to accept within the boundary.(Ravana had tried to cross the line earlier but fire prevented him from doing so) Without aware of the danger lurking, she stepped aside and Ravana waited for the above golden opportunity lifted her along with the earth below and took her away in his air bound chariot. Lakshmana came in the presence of Rama. Rama questioned him for leaving Sita alone! This is how various events of the great epic unfolded.

The incarnation of Rama is meant to destroy the evil on earth. But evil was concretized in the form of demons like Ravana and others. By slaying them, Dharma could be restored at that time. All the events of Ramayana was pre-planned by the Lord to kill the demonic forces, Knowing well Sita will be abducted by Ravana, Rama moved away from the place! Ultimately, in a great battle, Ravana was killed and Sita was rescued! But, in this age, evil is enshrined in the mind of almost all the people. Hence God has to enact a greater drama which will unfold soon on earth!.


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