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Awaken the Power of your Mind!

Updated on January 27, 2013

Everything is Energy

Become the Deliberate Creator of your own Experience

Everything you have and everything you but the result of what you have thought and felt most strongly about...

The human mind is so power-full, that when we mentally focus our attention upon the experiences that we wish to have in life, we literally begin to alter the course of our lives..thought by thought...moment to moment. Such are the gifts vested in you by your creator.

Everything, including thought and a form of energy. Each thought that we have is emitted in energetic waves from the spiritual point of origin, through the physical conduit, your e-motions (energies-in-motion)...out into the universe, which then responds by conforming itself in various ways in order to mirror back to you in physicality, the blueprint that it received from you...via the emotions triggered consciously or unconsciously, by said thought.

We all have the ability to project thoughts into the future. We call this ability 'Imagination'. Unhindered Imagination is a powerful tool of creation because the human mind is a magnet that indiscriminately draws unto the thinker...those thoughts which he or she FEELS most strongly about.

The key word here is 'Indiscriminately', for the Mind does not discriminate between which thoughts that the thinker might judge as desirable or as undesirable...and the universe is unbiased as to whether or not the emotion is positive or negative...the bottom line is this... The Mind will indiscriminately draw to the thinker...those thoughts which he or she Feels most strongly about...whether that feeling be pleasant or unpleasant.

The good thing about this design is that your feelings are controlled by your thoughts, and your thoughts are controlled by...guess who? You...unless, of course U relinquish your control to the image makers by mindlessly absorbing what ever 'programming' is featured on the Tell-Lie-Vision.

Once we are aware of the latent power of our own minds, we can totally take control by being more aware of what we think about and more cautious of what we allow our minds to absorb. We have a built in communication system between our spiritual and physical bodies that lets us know our proximity to our goals. The way that we feel at any given point in time, is indicative of the quality of the future experiences that you are attracting to ourselves. So if you don't like the way that you are feeling...change what you are thinking about. Your thoughts and emotions are intricately connected, and by taking control of your thoughts, you can totally take control of your emotions, as well as play an interactive role in the orchestration of your own life.

If we choose to sit before a television for several hours a day, we are 'choosing' to give control of our most valuable creation tool to whomever is controlling the programming. Have you ever asked yourself why they call television shows "programs"???...maybe you should.

When we zone out while watching tv, the subconscious mind, which is the level from which we create, is very vulnerable and receptive to the subliminal messages imbedded in these programs for the purpose of persuading and influencing you to buy certain things, and to think and act a certain way, ultimately becoming a certain person. Your world is being shaped by someone who knows the workings of your mind better than you do. It is time for mankind to "Know ThySelf".

The first step in deliberate creation is to decide what experiences you wish to have, then to continue to feed the vision through thought and emotion until it is made manifest. Most people try to use physical action to make things happen, and though we can make things happen in this way, it is usually not a joyful experience. We end up feeling a sense of futility, as we can never seem to do enough. This is because the physical experience is not meant to be a struggle to obtain that which is already granted, but the sensual In-joyment of that which we have learned to create, joy-fully, in thought.

If we could rid our minds of all undesirable thoughts, we would rid our lives of all undesirable experiences. A wise person once said that 'thoughts become things'...and they were right. When you project your thoughts with such clarity that you actually feel excited emotion about it, you are launching a creation. This creation exists now, and is as real as the things you see around you in the present moment. If, as you are moving through time and space in your daily life, you are able to remain focused upon and excited about this creation that you have launched...the time span between your thoughts and manifestations would become so short...that there would be no doubt in your mind...about the power of your mind.

Imagination is a spiritual mechanism for creating an energetic point of magnetic attraction that is different from where and who you physically are. This mental faculty exists because what U wish attract unto yourself is almost al-lways different from where and who U currently are, and if U think only of what Is... then U will only attract more of the same.

If U are happy with your present circumstances, then by all means give more attention to your reality, but if there is anything in your experience that U find unpleasant, simply remove your thoughts from it, Imagine what you would love to experience instead, and what you do not want will soon go away,..this is universal law.

Because most people are unaware of the fact that we are the creators of our own life experiences, most people don't give clear, conscious, deliberate thought to the total picture of their lives. We do not have clear visions of ourselves in their desired future. How we want to we want to feel...where we want to be, etc...? But instead we give our strongest emotions to the things that we fear and worry obligations, health concerns, past issues, etc...and we end up creating, by default, a mixture of all the things that we have allowed to occupy our minds and affect our emotions. But I'm sure that if we all knew better...we would all do better.

As children, many of us were encouraged not to use our imaginations as much as we would have liked to, and for some not at all. Our parents, pastors, teachers etc...meant well when they gave us this advice as adolescents, but we have to accept that though they may have meant well...they may have been misinformed. After all, God gave us an imagination for a reason, and that reason is to help us co-create our own realities. Though we all share one world, we each experience it differently according to our individual perception.

To play an active role in creating your life, It is necessary to take some time each day to mentally create a pleasing picture of the life that you desire in your mind's eye using your imagination, regardless of your present circumstances. This picture should be so attractive to you that you have no trouble holding your thoughts upon it, and as you hold your thoughts upon aware that you are moving through time and space toward it. When you have such a picture clearly established in your mind, it becomes so real that the vision itself will Inspire, motivate , and guide you to take the necessary actions that will lead you to the ultimate experience that you wish to have. The actions that you are inspired to take in such a situation will all ways be joyful.

The joy that you feel comes forth from within. There is a greater, truer, more total you that exists in the Inner dimension, and this inner being communicates with us through our emotions. When we make clear statements of what we want, our inner being begins guiding us towards it... through positive emotion.

Though they are experienced in various degrees and we call them by many names, in truth, there are only two emotions, one feels pleasant, and the other feels unpleasant. Pleasant emotions such as peace, love, joy, or enthusiasm come forth from our inner being to help us know when we moving toward what we desire. Unpleasant emotions such as fear, doubt, jealousy, or anger come forth to alert us when we are moving toward undesired experiences. As you become aware of the emotional guidance system within you, you will never think a thought, speak a word, or do a deed without first determining whether or not that thought, word, or deed is helping or hindering you along your path. For the guidance that comes forth from within that which you can trust above all else.

So set forth a vision of your future self. Focus upon it long enough to gain greater and greater clarity about it, and the vision itself will Inspire you to the action that will lead you to it, via your emotions, This inner being re-presents the harmony between what are... and what you wish to be....I hope this has been help-full.

In-Joy the Journey!

Copyright © 2013 Mcway, T.



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