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Awakening The Powerful Serpent:The Kundalini

Updated on February 23, 2017

kundalini Rising

The word Kundalini actually means coiled and is described as a dormant sleeping snake. A ball of energy resting at the base of your spine in a triangular shape near your sacrum bone. The coil is measured at three and a half feet. When awakened, this energy shoots up the spine opening all chakras and activating the third eye. Plus opening the most powerful crown chakra. In most people this energy is asleep, but it can be aroused through a number of practices, like yoga, Tantra, meditation and Deeksha. Which is the transmission of energy from an awakened person to a unawakened person. Many people want to awaken the Kundalini, they long for enlightenment and a clear path to life's purposes. Some people have aroused the Kundalini and have felt overwhelming emotions of love, compassion and peace. Most people looking for enlightenment practice Kundalini yoga, which uses movements and exercise to awaken the Kundalini. During deep meditation you may experience awakening the kundalini. The kundalini is envisioned as either a Goddess or as a sleeping serpent at the base of your spine.The Kundalini can also be awakened by chanting, deep sacred breathing, concentration and chanting the cosmic word OMmmmm. This is the sound the universe makes, this simple chant may be enough to awaken the sleeping serpent within you. You can also chant Nam Myoho Range Kyo, this a Buddhist chant. The experience of kundalini enlightenment is one of the most amazing experiences you will ever have. You can literally feel the so called serpent or dragon coiling around your spine, while climbing up. It will activate and open all your chakras along the way. After some time and intense sessions of meditation you will feel the kundalini open your crown chakra and that feeling is incredible. Some have said to see a white light during this experience, some say its difficult to keep control. This may not happen immediately and you may have to practice meditation for some time before it will happen. It can take some people weeks and some people years. Unfortunately there is no time frame for this, patience and persistence is key. Don't worry, You will know when it happens, during and after the kundalini experience, people begin to understand the cosmos better.They are able to see things clearer, they are enlightened, they are serpents, they are the shining ones!


kundalini Awakening

For those of us who are looking to awaken the Kundalini here are seven steps that will help guide you in awakening the serpent. Before you start the seven steps, you want to make sure you are sitting properly. You can sit in the Lotus Position, the half lotus position, or Indian style. Sit on the ground, make sure your spine is straight. Seven Steps: Step one, you want to inhale and exhale eleven times, slowly. After eleven rounds of inhaling and exhaling, you want to take your thumb and close your right nostril' with your open left nostril you want to inhale slowly filling your lungs to capacity. Next cover your left nostril with your middle finger and exhale slowly as possible, do this eleven times. Step two, pull your lower abdomen in and up, do this exercise twenty one times. Step three, you want to inhale as slow as possible, holding as long as possible, then you want to exhale as slow as possible, hold the lungs as empty as possible, repeat this cycle twenty one times. The first three steps are preparation for your body, you are preparing the body for kundalini rising

The forth step you want to cover your face with both hands, your thumbs should be on your ears. Your index/pointer should cover your eyes, the middle finger should be positioned right under the eyes and the ring finger should be on your nose. The pinky finger should be on the lips. This exercise connects all five senses. Next you want to lock your nose closed with the ring finger, for as long as you can. Do not use your middle finger it will lock your nose to tight. Caution, do not black out from holding your nose to long. Just lock your nose as long as possible and release, do this exercise twenty one times. Step five, you want to hum intensely for seven minutes. The humming represents a flute being played softly to awaken a coiled snake in a basket. Your kundalini rises from the base of your spine, the humming will awaken it. Step six, raise your hands towards the sky with open palms, your hands are the gateway to receiving energy, raise them high and bow down seven times. Step seven, sit for a few min and send loving and compassionate vibrations all over the world, healing loving power. Now it may take you a few times to awaken the Kundalini, everyone is different. Never forcefully open your kundalini, it may be to much for you to handle. Practice and gradually open it. I know we all want to be enlightened right now, but give it time. We are all entitled to enlightenment , it will come with time, namaste.


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