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Awakening intuition

Updated on July 10, 2015

Great thinkers from Immanuel Kant to Carl Jung have emphasized the importance of intuition in their personal and professional life. According to Jung, intuition is one of four major functions of the human mind along with sensation, thinking, and feeling. Intuition is intimately connected to the unconscious and the subconscious mind. It is how the unconscious and the subconscious mind communicate with the conscious mind. That is why it is such an amazing source of creative power, wisdom and understanding. It transcends the realms of experience or reasoning.

Essentially, intuition depends on our instincts, which come from unconscious mind and our life experiences, which come from subconscious (preconscious mind).The subconscious mind is a storehouse of information that is gathered by our five senses. So, what is stored in the subconscious mind as memory is quite significant because it can help refine our sense of intuition. Since the information to be stored in the subconscious mind is gathered by the five senses, how precisely and completely they gather particular information is equally significant. In other words, using our senses mindfully will help refine our sense of intuition. Therefore, to gather information effectively one requires unbiased attention and observation.

Intuition has great importance in our life because it is an alternative source of instinctive knowledge that can offer us inner guidance in life. We all possess this instinctive knowledge to varying degrees. And we have the capacity to develop our faculty of intuition further.

How to develop skills of intuition–

  1. 1. Quiet the mind – Practice regularly to calm mind by using breathing or meditative technique that you prefer. Be mindfully aware of your thoughts that arise in the mind, and roam about. And let go of the inclination to think, analyze, and know everything. This practice will connect you with a greater knowledge, which usually communicates through symbols, feelings and emotions. Since the intuitive cues are quite subtle, they can be better recognized if the mind is calm and composed.
  2. 2. Meditate – Meditation helps us get quiet and stay in the present moment. The key to increase your intuitive power is to stay in the present moment as intuition is present in the Now. So, practice meditation regularly to tap into the power of intuition.
  3. 3. Thrust hunches – So, many a times, we have hunches or gut feelings about something without a valid reason, compelling us not to do something or to do something. If we intently listen to them, we may be saved from something unpleasant occurring, or we may come across something quite pleasant and surprising. At first, trusting such hunches may be scary but they may lead us to an opportunity. Since intuition is our inner guide, we should learn to trust it.
  4. 4. Be aware of surroundings – Intuition largely depends upon the information our conscious mind gathers, which is stored in the subconscious mind. If correct and proper information, stored in the subconscious mind, is available, individual will find better solutions by taking advantage of the insight provided by the intuition. The key to this is to take notice of things in our surroundings to filter sound and correct information.
  5. 5. Deepen focus and concentration – With steady practice, good focus and concentration can be achieved by binding our consciousness to a spot. Focus cures our inner conflicts and when we are fully focused, we can’t be two minds about something. Our ability to focus intently makes us identify intuitive cues easily. In addition, it makes us able to filter correct information about realities of our surroundings. Musicians, athletes, yoga practitioners and some others have good concentration and focus, as result of which they have more intuitive power.
  6. 6. Interpret dreams – In sleep, our conscious mind is at rest and, therefore, the inner self has the opportunity to bring intuitive information through dreams. When we are working on a problem, we can seek an answer to it through intuitive guidance as dreams in sleep. Work on the problem just before sleep asking for an answer in dreams. And go to sleep while doing so. The answers will come symbolically in dreams, which need to be interpreted correctly. Keep a journal by your bed and record the dreams as soon as you get up. But remember to be patient as the answers may not be clear. You may find more clarity with time.
  7. 7. Use affirmation - Affirmations are a great way to tap into the power of your subconscious mind to help you reach your conscious desires. They should be used when the body is relaxed. Affirmations should be concise sentences stated in a positive way. Another important guideline is to always use the present tense when creating your affirmations. For instance, - I trust my intuition. I can easily access my intuition. My intuitive voice is consistently accurate.

The bottom line –

The faculty of intuition is present to varying extents in everyone as it innately exists in the unconscious mind. But we don’t take full advantage of the power of intuition because mostly we are not aware of its subtle presence and thus cannot avail of its guidance in life. About 15% to 20% of people have a well developed power of intuition. Nevertheless, it is significant to know that the faculty of intuition can be further developed. Having good intuition skills will allow us to make better decisions and choices in life. They will enhance our personal, social, and professional relationships by better understanding other people.


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    • Dr Pran Rangan profile image

      Dr Pran Rangan 2 years ago from Kanpur (UP), India

      The clues or intuitions are quite subtle and a mind that is calm but aware of things around it can interpret them easily. So, the foremost requirement to recognize the intuitions is to keep the mind stress free.

      Thanks for your comments.

    • vasantha  T k profile image

      vasantha T k 2 years ago from Bangalore

      Thanks for sharing this information, I find it difficult to react to the clues/ intuitions immediately, as it happens before I can realise it .

    • Dr Pran Rangan profile image

      Dr Pran Rangan 2 years ago from Kanpur (UP), India

      Thanks for your nice comments. It is true that our intuition plays a significant role in knowing the true self of others.

    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 2 years ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      This is a topic close to my heart. I do have a sharp intuition according to my life partner, especially when it comes to interviewing a new tenant for our rented cottage on our property or a writer who wants us to publish their work by investing our time. It's very necessarily today because as publishers or landlords we can be open to abuse believe me. Voted up!

    • Dr Pran Rangan profile image

      Dr Pran Rangan 2 years ago from Kanpur (UP), India

      Thanks for appreciating my hub.

    • thumbi7 profile image

      JR Krishna 2 years ago from India

      'we have hunches or gut feelings about something without a valid reason, compelling us not to do something or to do something' .

      I think this has happened to me many times.

      When I was in fifth standard, one night I started crying and was so scared of something impending. My parents got so worried.

      Next day morning, we got the news that my grandfather passed away same night

      That was not intuition. But I very strongly felt something is going to be wrong.

      Great article

      Voted up and shared

    • Dr Pran Rangan profile image

      Dr Pran Rangan 2 years ago from Kanpur (UP), India

      Thanks for your encouraging comments.

    • James Vicmudo profile image

      Arvin James Vicmudo 2 years ago from Philippines

      the human mind is truly full of mystery. You're article is well written and stems from psychological roots, it was certainly very informative.

    • Dr Pran Rangan profile image

      Dr Pran Rangan 2 years ago from Kanpur (UP), India

      Thanks HealthbyMartha for reading and liking my hub.

      Thanks Dana for your nice comments. We mostly think that we can read our dreams but they may carry hidden messages, which take time for us to unfold. Some messages may prove to be quite intriguing at times.

    • Dana Tate profile image

      Dana Tate 2 years ago from LOS ANGELES

      I have had many dreams, which, I knew were trying to tell me something, or, giving me answers to something that disturbed me. Most of them I could never figure out because they seemed so bizarre. I have tried praying for insight to my dreams, due to the fact that some were re-accruing, which disturbed me even more.

    • HealthbyMartha profile image

      Martha Montour 2 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Another good article about following and developing intuition!

    • Dr Pran Rangan profile image

      Dr Pran Rangan 2 years ago from Kanpur (UP), India

      Thanks for your valuable comments. I agree with you.

    • Oztinato profile image

      Oztinato 2 years ago from Australia

      I wonder if atheists think there is a gene for intuition! There are many spiritual aspects to human consciousness

    • Dr Pran Rangan profile image

      Dr Pran Rangan 2 years ago from Kanpur (UP), India

      Thanks for liking my hub.

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 2 years ago

      Great hub, very informative. Some people just don't know what to look for, or doubt what they get. This is a great guide, voted up & shared.