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Awesome People

Updated on May 9, 2009

How to find a Heart of Gold

On a social networking site,

I saw their contributions that felt quite right.

There was a stumbleupon collection of sites.

Then there was a Facebook sign up.

It came from an Astrologer Suzanne White.

She herself amazingly replied to me many times from her newsletter.

I quickly joined up Facebook to use her New Astrology Application.

Very few trolls lurked there,

you could happlily post there and be acknowledged which was very nice.

Some of the contributors showed over many times

that they could be trusted with your emotions.

I was misunderstood once.

I do not really like to twist words.This is a typical thing too prevalent.

Teachers have shown the way.

I have had exercises,

I have had thoughts,

I have had lovely groups to go to see.

My daughter has had a teacher show that there are non ghoulish books to read.

My son has had teachers accept him and even reward him where others wrote him off.

Many self help teachers have CDs,videos,Dvds, and books that change your attitude.

Authorities do have those that can help.

Sometimes you get a leader that inspires so seamlessly that years can pass,

in which you can live and love,and laugh and do great things as if it was how

things should always be.

A government department may work with the rules so that together you can have

an outcome that makes sense,and your expectations may not be that you are expected to

learn a whole new set of department and policy changing rules every two months or less.

There is computer technology around, and equipment may not be user friendly.

Your children are such a joy, that they will often mean you will not have to wait two hours on

the phone to finally get a helper that does not really understand your problem, and

may even get you to ring another place that is not their firm.

Sometimes you find someone that says they know a little, then they prove what a genius they

are, but you wonder how anyone else is supposed to fare.

Workers can sometimes make you cry when they leave.

They may be nice to you and to the customers and they may attract a lot of people to your

shop just because everyone else like to be around them.

Sometimes you feel so good because things get done without even them

needing to be asked.

It is amazing how much they may enjoy life and get to afford something great.But

maybe they are the ones who do not smoke, gamble, or drink too much.

Parents and Family can help support your life.

Whilst you may gallivant around

exploring your country or the world,

you cannot do this normally when grown up as no one is there to look after things at home.

Your mum may understand your business plan where

it would be hard to discuss with any other.

Your Dad had set up all sorts of memorable nights

where people would sing and eat and make Xmas nights and New Year busy

and hospitable.

All sorts of Awesome people exist,and have existed.

Sometimes it could be yourself,

it may attract such people,

sometimes it could be steps you take to make such people.

Sometimes you have to get to take existence seriously,

and then do find all aspects of yourself, not just physical,

not just mental,

and what exactly is spiritual/but that is what you need too?

Practical people make the world go around.

I have done courses in Liquor management and to do with Fireworks,

but what could go wrong you think?

Well many people cannot handle their liquor and get into fights,

into their car, or they do things or say things that they should not to their partner

or friends.

Fireworks may be abused .People that do not know of positive aspects of Fireworks and

good people who handle them abuse by their smallmindedness too.

Jars may not mean much to some, but to others they are a boon.

Storage,of spices and sauces may not be useful for those living on

Fast Foods.

Awesome accessories for practical people.


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