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Updated on October 23, 2015
Kyrill Poole via Wikimedia commons
Kyrill Poole via Wikimedia commons

If there’s one thing that being spiritual has taught me is that there are many adversities that you will face. Many negative people and situations you will encounter. You might be the strongest person in the world but life throws us road blocks that will shake you to the core. Sometimes you are often left questioning the true meaning of life. You might even ask why you are going through so many upsetting things while your best friends or acquaintances seem to have their life in order and you wish you could be them. That’s all EGO.

For many years before my awakening I struggled with this partly due from my experiences of being bullied and also because I was young. I’m still young by the way, wink wink but I mean I was younger and saw things differently. I know many people will read this and some may have preconceived notions about spiritual individuals. You might think we are unable to relate to your own personal experiences. Trust me when I say we can. See being spiritually comfortable in your skin doesn’t mean your life is peaches and cream. You must work on the inside first so that the outside becomes a beautiful temple people look towards and smile. One of my main roadblocks was NOT being comfortable with my physical appearance. As a child I always had what was considered the perfect weight. Things changed when I turned 11 and the growth spurt thing happened. I started to have weight issues. I never let anyone know how I felt but somehow I felt like a walking billboard that has the words “HEY LOOK AT ME” because many children my same made sure I was the target of their cruel jokes. Being called FAT is not easy for anyone. Doctors may try to have a scientific approach or health fitness experts may label us as lazy. The fact of the matter is that we are imperfectly perfect.

I could do many things just like the other kids my age. In fact, I was rather good at soccer and loved to tumble in the playground. Fast forward into my high school years I went through a phase in 10th grade where I was extremely unhappy and weighed around 180 lbs. but that was already considered overweight due to my height. Can you believe we label people as having normal weight, over weight, obese, and morbidly obese? Ridiculous, I KNOW! Often people who are not comfortable in their Spiritual skin may resort to extreme measures to desperately become invisible. So I had this genius idea that I could burn fat really quick by starving myself and working out extra hard. My only meals were at home but I ate breakfast. I always restricted myself from eating everything on my plate and sometimes just ate a morsel. I would drink more water to stop the hunger. At school I would skip lunch and go straight to the library and wait there until the hour lunch break was over. In the afternoon I found myself very hungry and ate everything on my plate but never said anything. Later in the evening I would work out extremely hard. I went from 180lbs to probably 150lbs in about 6 months and looked rather gauntly and just felt tired all the time. My mom knew something was wrong because I looked sick. It wasn’t until I looked at my yearbook pic I could actually see the effects that this behavior had on me. This didn’t last long and before 11th grade, I resumed back to eating normally and maintained the weight somewhat. I have the courage to speak about this now but if you would have asked me about 12 years ago I wouldn’t have opened up. Some wounds take years to heal. Now I laugh at the foolishness of trying to blend in with the rest of the “normal” people. Never once did it cross my mind that I was beautiful the way I was or handsome if you want to use that word, that’s fine too.

I hope I didn’t bore you with my incessant personal life experience but rather I hope you can relate to it. See being comfortable in your spiritual skin is loving and accepting who you are. Today’s society has become so obsessed with looks that it’s unrealistic. The pressures put upon us to look a certain way or size. You see it in many formats like store mannequins, super models, TV, internet ads, there’s this whole stigma that you must be super thin and have washboard abs to be what is considered “beautiful.” Going shopping doesn’t help either as all the clothing designers would make pants only up to size 40 waist and the rest of the clothes had super small sizes. It doesn’t stop there, pressures are ever where as an adult. You want to have the fancy cars, the designer handbags, the designer clothing. I think everywhere you turn you will find someone falling for this trap called DELUSION. See none of this matters. When you become truly comfortable with who you are as a person you will stop comparing yourself to others and embrace every facet of your soul. Who you are. I’m not saying it’s wrong to be healthy but do it for you or your family to live longer. I truly get it but if you are being judged or bullied by someone, don’t do it for the wrong reasons to make them happy. I’ve learned you can spend a lifetime trying to gain others approval but regardless of what you do there’s never any satisfaction. Here’s some tips of things that helped me become spiritually comfortable in my skin:

  • STOP COMPARING – Stop looking at people and idolizing them and trying to be like another. You’re spiritual not just physical. Embrace your individuality
  • .BE HEALTHY – You can eat healthy and frequent the gym but if you live in the gym and obsessed with the gym, that you put your family on the backburner, you have some growing to do spiritually.
  • TREAT YOURSELF – From time to time you need to pamper yourself. Whether it’s a new pair of shoes, a day at the spa, a boating or fishing trip, buying new clothes.
  • STAND UP – Stand up for yourself if people or family is making you feel worthless remember YOU ARE WORTH IT!!! Don’t tolerate abuse of any kind and distance yourself from these people and situations. The bigger person will always walk away. Remember their opinion is a reflection of who they are not you.
  • SPEAK UP – Many live in fear to say something or express how they feel. Don’t feel embarrassed and know you are not alone. I can’t tell you how many people are probably going through the same exact things you are at this very second.
  • LOVE OTHERS – Give someone compliments, show recognition, public speaking, somehow spread your love and give others hope.
  • MAKE GOALS – Make goals of what you want to accomplish but if it takes longer, hasn’t happened, or if you fail….remember it is a life lesson. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off and keep going.
  • GROUPS – Whether its FACEBOOK groups, support groups, surround yourself with a group of people who share you same values and beliefs. You know….YOUR TRIBE!

Don’t let someone be the switchboard operator of your calls. You can accept, transfer, or have a voice message left on how you make your calls in life. You can accept what someone tells you but not let it dictate your choices. You can transfer what they tell you and turn it into something positive, or you can let their calls go straight to voicemail. You will check that message and either choose to save it in your memory or delete it entirely and keep marching ahead. When you are called by the divine on your spiritual path that will be the most important call you receive and you will know because being awakened changes your life entirely and for the better. It’s an awesome experience and quite like a roller coaster. I’m proud of who I am and comfortable in my skin.

Many of you reading this are going through so many personal and professional issues. I know it’s not easy but we are all in this together. Somewhere in the world, someone is going through the exact same problems. Love yourself enough to see the truth. In the end, it won’t matter what you looked like physically, how much money you had, how well educated you are, what titles or certificates you have displaying. All that matters is how well you learned your life lessons, how well you loved yourself and others, how well you built a spiritual foundation, and how comfortable you were in your spiritual skin. You are a sparkle of the divine, a splash of the space galaxy, and a shimmer of hope. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Being happy is not a question of the material things you have but the spiritual food that makes you full and happy. Your spiritual skin is the inner and outer self being balanced. Are you comfortable with YOU? Blessings in love n light. x


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    • Haroon Shehzad profile image

      Haroon Shehzad 2 years ago from Punjab Pakistan

      Nice article raymond